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Some people just slap on some lipstick and go, but other people have a true appreciation for the art and business of beauty. This particular form of art goes back centuries and is a multi-billion dollar business in the modern world. For a true beauty lover, the changes and innovations in the beauty industry that happen all the time are a fascinating thing to watch and be a part of. It's about so much more than just buying an eyeshadow palette. It's about the color story, it's about the formula, it's about the packaging, it's about the industry, and it's about the brand.

Some brands have been trailblazers for social causes or innovators in formulas. Others have created and defined trends that shook the entire world of beauty and influenced it for years. Some even created entirely new products that set new standards in the business of beauty.          

The beauty world definitely has its icons, villains, heroes, and controversies. There is endless innovation, but also endless drama. It's a truly fascinating business, and the people involved at all levels have single-handedly built brands and also destroyed them.  

If you are a true beauty geek, see how well you know the products, scandals, and successes of your favorite brands!

_________ is known for almost all of their products coming in stick form.

Milk Makeup is a modern brand known for their easy to apply, finger-friendly stick products. They offer everything from bronzer to highlighter to cleanser to serum in stick form.


Which brand set the stage for the beauty world's takeover?

MAC was the first international prestige brand to bridge the gap between professionals, collectors, the casual makeup wearer, and consumers. If you are a long time makeup fan, there is a chance that MAC was some of the first non-drugstore makeup you ever bought.


This brand was started by a YouTube beauty influencer; can you tell us which one is it?

Makeup Geek is a makeup brand founded by Marlena Stell. She is one of the original beauty YouTubers.


__________ is a brand that takes a Geisha-inspired approach to beauty.

Tatcha is an expensive prestige brand known for its Geisha-inspired approach to makeup and skincare. Their Silk Canvas Protective Primer is a cult favorite.


Which brand makes setting powder that has been used for nearly a century?

Coty Airspun Powder is a longtime cult favorite. It costs less than $10 and was a popular choice of movie stars in the 1930s.


Which of these brands is sold only at Walmart?

Flower Beauty is the makeup line of Drew Barrymore. It is very affordable and available at Walmart.


Which of these celebrities have their own makeup line?

Many celebrities begin their own makeup brands. Sometimes they create innovative and high quality products, and other times it does not go so well.


Which iconic older makeup palette was discontinued in 2018?

Urban Decay Naked Palette made matte neutral eyeshadows a cool elevated staple. It became an instant hit in 2010 and after inspiring a whole line of palettes and countless other brands, it was discontinued by Urban Decay in 2018.


The brand Guerlain is from:

Guerlain is an old world Parisian brand that offers luxury products at high prices. They were founded in 1882.


The beauty brand _________ was accused of selling repackaged ColourPop makeup at a higher price.

Kylie Cosmetics is the brand started by Kylie Jenner. It has had its share of controversies, including the unproven accusation that she was putting her name on repackaged makeup from a cheaper brand and doubling or tripling the price.


Which of these companies has been around the longest?

Estee Lauder has been in business since 1946. Their products are often refined and known for their anti-aging ingredients.


The famous Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette was created by:

Huda is a Dubai-based brand founded by American blogger, social media personality, makeup artist, and entrepreneur Huda Kattan. Her Desert Dusk eyeshadow palette is inspired by sunsets in the desert.


Which brand makes the product "The Brow Wiz"?

Anastasia Beverly Hills is a brand known for their cult eyebrow products. They are also known for their famous "Modern Renaissance" eyeshadow palette.


Which brand is known for making a wide foundation shade range an industry standard?

Fenty Beauty is Rihanna's makeup brand. It broke ground in the beauty industry by launching with a foundation line with 40 shades ranging from very fair to very deep.


Which of these brands can you purchase at drugstores?

Physician's Formula is one of the more expensive brands available at the drug store. Their bronzers and highlighters are cult favorites.


Which beauty brand is known for a minimal, modernist, no fuss approach to makeup?

Glossier is a cult beauty brand known for their barely there products, most of which you can apply with your fingers. Their most famous product is the brow mascara called Boy Brow.


__________ is a vegan beauty brand.

Elf is a highly affordable brand available at many drug stores. Their products are also all vegan.


Which brand is known for bold colors and a controversial founder?

Jeffree Star has been a long-time polarizing internet figure. His make-up line is known for its bold and unique colors. However, some consumers, influencers, and others in the industry have chosen to distance themselves from his brand due to his many scandals.


Which of these brands is an indie brand?

ColourPop is an indie e-commerce makeup brand based in California. They are known for the high quality and affordable pricing of many of their products.


______________ came under fire for making the notoriously problematic "Subculture" Eyeshadow palette.

Anastasia Beverly Hills has a cult following around their eyeshadow palettes. However, their Subculture Palette came under fire for being patchy, super powdery, and very difficult to use.


Which beauty brand often comes under fire for over-promotion through social media influencers?

Morphe is a bit of a controversial brand. Some people love their products, and other people hate them. They are also known for almost constantly collaborating and working with influencers and giving them discount codes.


Almost all beauty brands are owned by a few companies, true or false?

Of nearly 200 beauty brands, all are owned by seven companies. For example, Estee Lauder, Clinque, Smashbox, La Mer, and Glamglow are all owned by Estee Lauder Companies.


The face of which brand came under fire for announcing that she would not vaccinate her child?

Former reality star Kat Von D is the face of her Kendo-owned beauty brand. Her brand is known for its alternative approach to beauty using bold colors.


________ is famous for their cult blush called "Orgasm."

NARS cult blush in the shade "Orgasm" is a long time favorite. Many people also love their face products, which come in a wide range of shades.


Which prestige brand is the work of a self-made entrepreneur?

Pat McGrath is a British makeup artist and entrepreneur considered to be one of the most influential makeup artists in the world. Her brand of prestige makeup is valued at $1 billion.


Who makes the cult favorite "Better Than Sex" Mascara?

Too Faced is a longtime favorite brand for many makeup junkies. Their Better Than Sex mascara is one of the most popular out there.


Which of these is a K-beauty brand?

All of these brands are Korean skincare brands, or K-beauty brands. K-beauty is known for its advancements in skin care and multi-step standard routine.


Which of these brands is more expensive?

La Mer is a luxury brand with an unusually high price tag on its products. For example, they offer a $120 cushion foundation.


Kendo is a beauty brand incubator. Which of these brands are attached to them?

Kendo is a beauty brand incubator with numerous highly regarded beauty brands under its belt. These include those listed above, as well as Bite Beauty and Ole Henriksen.


_________ is known for their cult favorite "Glow Tonic" product.

Pixi Beauty is a brand known for its toners. Their cult favorite Glow Tonic is a glycolic acid toner.


Which brand is known for their high-priced eyeshadow palettes?

Natasha Denona is a luxury brand known for their high-quality eyeshadow palettes that often cost more than $100. They have, however, been criticized for releasing eyeshadow palettes where too many of the shades are similar.


Which brand makes the famous "Great Lash" mascara?

Maybelline is a drug store staple that has been used for generations. Their Great Lash mascara is a classic that's still loved today.


____________ is known for its award-winning tinted moisturizer.

Word-renowned makeup artist Laura Mercier has her own makeup brand. Her tinted moisturizers are award-winning cult favorites.


Which makeup retailer has its own house brand of makeup?

Sephora is a beauty retailer with stores around the world. They offer their own house brand of beauty products, which is more affordable than most of the brands they offer.


Who makes the famous lipstick shade Ruby Woo?

Mac Cosmetics' Ruby Woo lipstick is a universally flattering red that's been a staple for decades. It's loved for its matte long-wearing formula.


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