Quiz: How much do you know about San Francisco's ambitious composting plans?

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San Francisco has the most ambitious composting plan of any other U.S. city. Take our quiz to learn what San Francisco is doing and how it may inspire you to start your own composting project.

Which of the following is a compostable material?

Food products are compostable; plastic and aluminum are recyclable.


What is composting?

Composting is the process of breaking down of organic waste into material that can be used as fertilizer.


What is another name for mature compost?

Mature compost is the remaining substance after the breaking down of organic waste. Another name for mature compost is humus -- not to be confused with the food product hummus.


From 1988 to 2000, how much has the U.S. composting industry increased?

In just 14 years, composting in the United States quadrupled!


With commercial composting, how long may it take to break down the organic material?

Commercial composting is a much faster process than what you might do in your backyard. It may be possible for commercial composting to be completed in as fast as a couple of weeks.


What is the use of the end product of composting?

The end product is valuable fertilizer and may be sold.


How are vineyards involved in the composting process?

The fertilizer produced from the composting process is very beneficial to local vineyards.


What U.S. city composts the most?

San Francisco, Calif., has the honor of being the top composting city in America.


How much garbage is collected every day in San Francisco?

Three hundred tons of organic garbage is collected daily in San Francisco.


What is the name of the mayor who spearheaded San Francisco's ambitious environmental plan?

Mayor Gavin Newsom led this tremendous effort.


What type of community outreach is being done in San Francisco?

Community outreach programs are used to inform new residents about the city's ambitious environmental plan.


Which city is the runner-up composter in America?

Boston, Mass., is the second most composting city in the U.S.


What does Boston plan to do with the gas that escapes from the breakdown of organic waste?

The city plans to use the gas that escapes from the decomposing process to power as many as 1,500 homes.


Where will Boston decompose its organic waste?

The city of Boston is designing a state-of-the-art indoor composting facility.


Which of the following is NOT a green activity?

Carpooling and planting trees are both green activities. Pouring chemicals down a sink is a poor disposal method.


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