How Much Do You Know About the Famous Warriors and Commanders of WWII?

By: Heather Cahill
Image: Parnall, C H (Lt) via Wiki Commons

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From the presidents who gave orders to the soldiers on the battlefield, there were many important people during the time of World War II. The heroes on the battlefield fought their hardest to save innocent people and protect their fellow soldiers. As WWII was one of the deadliest wars in history, some made it through the conflict, but many did not. Honored by memory, their names and faces will never be forgotten. If you know about the most famous of them all, then this is the quiz for you.

To start, you'll want to know your stuff about the military: the branches, the ranks and other facts about it. Then you'll want to know the people: what they did, what they were most known for and who they were are all important things to recognize. Names like Louis Mountbatten, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Jack Churchill are all quite notable at the time of the Second World War. Think of the pilots, sailors and combat experts who fought long and hard for their countries.

Military and World War II experts, you'll be sure to ace this one with ease. Remember the warriors and commanders of one of the largest wars in history with this quiz!

This commander was part of the Indian Army at one point. Who is he?

Who was a commander of the Mediterranean fleet in World War II?

Which commander was part of the royal family?

This hero started a charity after the war. Who is he?

Is it true or false that Llewellyn Chilson received more than 10 medals for his war efforts?

Who was nicknamed the "Ghost"?

What did Havildar Lachhiman Gurung lose?

This commander was also the 34th President of the United States. Who is he?

Which commander was held as a prisoner of war?

Witold Pilecki fought for which country?

Which general led the most amount of men in the American forces during World War II?

Of the following, which person was known for trying to assassinate Hitler?

What did Charles Joseph Coward famously do?

Which person became a general right after the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Can you name the branch of the Navy that William Overstreet Jr. was part of?

One of these commanders took part in the Solomon Islands campaign. Who was it?

Which branch of the military was Ira C. Eaker part of?

Charles Portal was a commander in which branch of the military?

What British pilot was known for the feat of shooting down 20 aircraft during World War II?

Is it true or false that Richard Bong was known for being a very talented pilot?

Of the following commanders, who was also the leader of France?

What did Dirk Vlug achieve in World War II?

Which fighter from the Second World War had the most medals of any other soldier in the United States military?

What was the name of Charles Carpenter's plane?

What nickname was the famous Tommy Macpherson given?

James Hill did what in North Africa?

What was Aubrey Cosens famous for?

What weapon helped Warren Crecy defend himself?

Fritz Christen manned what weapon on his own?

Is it true or false that Eileen Nearne was a spy during the war?

What weapon did Fazal Din use to kill the officers attacking him?

Of the following, who was trying to retire but asked to stay for the Battle of Britain?

Which famous commander is nicknamed "Monty"?

A commander planned the Invasion on Normandy. Who was it?

Who was known as "Mad Jack"?

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