Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Modern US Navy?
How Much Do You Know About the Modern US Navy?
By: Gavin Thagard
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The history of the United States military can trace its roots back to the American Revolution, though the Navy played a much less important role in conflicts for the first century that the United States existed. However, that quickly changed as the 20th century approached, and by 1880, a strong Navy was the future of homeland defense. How much do you know about the modern U.S. Navy that formed? Take this quiz and find out for yourself!

The modern U.S. Navy was born in the 1880s, but many historians would consider the Navy still in its infancy throughout the end of the 19th century. It wasn't until the two Great Wars that the United States started to put together a Navy unlike any the world had ever seen before. By the end of WWII, no country would come close to matching the power of the United States at sea, as the U.S. produced the most dominant boats on the ocean. 

Are you ready to take this quiz and see how much you know about the modern U.S. Navy? Are you going to be able to name some of the most important innovations for the Navy and the people who helped bring them about? 

If you're ready for a challenge, set sail with this quiz and see where the course takes you! 

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After which war did the United States Navy go into decline?
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Which foreign country was involved in the Virginius Affair?
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Which former Secretary of the Navy appointed the first Naval Advisory Board to rebuild the Navy starting in 1881?
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What was the first protected cruiser launched by the U.S. "New Navy"?
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What does the "D" stand for in "ABCD" ships?
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Which protected cruiser launched in 1885?
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What was the name of the squadron set underway in 1889 for the ​training of the "New Navy"?
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How many battleships came out of the Indiana-class?
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Which president ordered the Great White Fleet to sail around the world?
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Which class of ship was the oldest to take part in the Great White Fleet?
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Which U.S. naval ship sank in the Havana Harbor. leading into the Spanish-American War?
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Who commanded the Asiatic Squadron during the Battle of Manila Bay?
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Which squadron defeated a Spanish fleet at the Battle of Santiago de Cuba?
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Leading into WWI, what was the only country with a larger navy than the United States?
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Where was a canal built to allow ships to cross from the Carribean to the Pacific Ocean?
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Where was a U.S. naval base built to protect the Panama Canal?
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Which foreign ship launched in 1906 made older naval battleships obsolete?
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What was the first class of U.S. ships built in the "dreadnought" style?
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Which country tried to send illegal arms to Mexico in the Ypiranga incident, forcing the United States to set up a naval blockade in 1914?
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Which president signed into law the Naval Act of 1916?
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What year was the Naval War College established?
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Which famous scientist served as the president of the Naval Consulting Board established in 1915?
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Where did the United States Navy set up a large minefield to stop German U-boats in WWI?
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What was the name of the first non-nursing enlistment rating for women in the Navy?
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What was the name of the treaty signed by the nations which were victorious in WWI that limited naval construction?
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What was the United States' first aircraft carrier?
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What organization was created in 1921 to oversee the creation of U.S. naval aviation?
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Who is credited with helping enact the Two-Ocean Navy Act?
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Which U.S. Navy base was attacked, launching the country into WWII?
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Which U.S. naval battle in the Pacific Theater during WWII crippled Japan's fleet?
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Which U.S. battleship saw the surrender of the Empire of Japan?
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Which year were women allowed to be permanent members of the Navy?
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Which president was involved in the "Revolt of the Admirals"?
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What was unique about the USS Enterprise?
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Commissioned in 2017, what is the largest aircraft carrier in the world?
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