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Anatomy is a marvelous thing, but it's so complex! In this quiz we'll test your knowledge of basic human anatomy - the fascinating, the shocking and the confusing! When you're done, you're going​ to have a better understanding of your body!

What is the width of your arm span​ equal to?

The width of your arm span - your wingspan - is the same your height! That's why basketball players have such long arms.

Who has unique fingerprints?

Primates, and koalas have unique fingerprints. No one else in the animal kingdom does! That means that we can tell which primate​ was at the scene of the crime. Of course, humans are primates.

What does the circulatory system do?

The circulatory system is responsible for moving blood, oxygen, and nutrients around the body. The system consists of blood, the heart, vessels and veins.

What's in the lymphatic system?

The lymph system contains all these components. It plays a role in the body's defenses and removes excess lymph fluid.

What is the body's control center?

Did you answer "the groin"??? You're in big trouble, mister. It's the brain!

What do the lungs emit?

The lungs emit carbon dioxide. This is released into the air when we exhale. The lungs also remove oxygen from the air.

How many cells does the human body have?

By some estimates, the human body actually has 100 trillion cells! Are there even that many stars in the sky?!

What comprises more of our bodies than cells?

There are actually 10 times more bacteria in our bodies than cells! Makes taking a probiotic seem redundant.

What does the bone at the end of our spines suggest?

That extra bone means that we probably used to have tails. That's why they call it a tailbone!

What are the tubes that connect a woman's ovaries to the uterus?

An egg travels through the fallopian tube to the uterus. If it is fertilized along the way, a baby might come along in about nine months!

How much of the world is left-handed?

About 11% of the world is left-handed. Does that mean they're smarter? I think it's an "old wives' tale."

Approximately how many bones does a baby have?

Babies have approximately 300 bones in their bodies. But adults only have about 206 bones! What the heck happened?

What is the fastest growing nail on your body?

The nail of the middle finger grows the fastest! That brings a whole new meaning to giving someone the finger!

How big is the human bladder?

The human bladder is about the size of a softball. Makes sense that you run to the bathroom after drinking a super-sized iced tea!

How much of the human race has 20-20 vision?

A third of the human race has perfect vision! That means that two-thirds of the world does not have perfect vision before correction. You're not alone!

Do nails and hair keep growing after we die?

People used to think that nails and hair continued to grow after death, but it's simply not true. That would be pretty gross if it were true.

How long can humans survive without food?

Depending on weight, health and other factors, humans can survive one to two months without food. But it probably wouldn't be pleasant!

What's the most common blood type in the world?

O is the most common blood type. It is valuable because it can be donated to both types A and B.

Can you tickle yourself?

People can only be tickled by others. If you can predict the tickle, then you can't get tickled.

What's the name of the indentation between your nose and upper lip?

The philtrum is that special spot above your lip. No one knows why we have it, but the Greeks thought it was an erogenous zone.

What is the integumentary system?

The integumentary system pertains to your skin. The skin is your body's largest organ! It defends us and helps to regulate temperature.

How many vital organs do we have, which are essential for living?

We have five vital organs - necessary for survival. These include the heart, brain, lungs, liver and kidneys.

What percentage of human bones are in the hands and feet?

Over 50% of human bones are in our hands and feet! Makes sense, considering how complex these are, and how many functions they perform.

Who craves fat and salt the most?

Some studies show that men crave fat and salt more than women. Women tend to crave sweets and chocolate!

How many people probably share your birthday?

It's estimated that about 10 million people share your birthday. You can no longer consider it YOUR special day.

The esophagus and rectum are part of which system?

Of course, the digestive system processes the food we all love to consume. Other parts of the digestive system include the mouth, stomach, intestines and anus.

Which is the largest internal organ?

The liver is actually the largest internal organ. It is also the heaviest organ, vital for survival.

Approximately how many muscles do you have?

You have about 650 muscles in your muscular system. There are also three types of muscles which help you to move and function!

Which of these do bones connect to?

Bones connect to all these things! The skeletal system helps us move, but it also produces blood cells and calcium!

How many functions does the liver have?

The liver has many functions. These include breaking down drugs, detoxifying chemicals, secreting bile and filtering the blood.

How many breaths do you take a day?

The average human takes about 20,000 breaths a day! Thank goodness for our powerful lungs.

What percentage of your body weight is water?

50% of your body weight is water. So don't pay too much heed to the scale!

What do you call the moon-shaped white portion of your nails?

The lunula is the white portion of your nails. It's called lunula because it's shaped like a moon!

The hypothalmus gland and pancreas are part of which system?

Other glands in the endocrine system include the pituitary, thyroid and thymus. The endocrine system is responsible for secreting hormones which regulate body functions.

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