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The Jungle Book isn't enough to pass this quiz. We're going to explore some of the most marvelous, and dangerous, animals of the jungle. Ready for jungle fever?

What percentage of the earth is covered with jungle and rainforest?

Only 6% of the earth is covered with jungle and rainforest. Even so, half of all species live there.

Jungle is characterized by ______ .

Jungles are defined by all these characteristics. Makes sense that there are so many critters that like to live there.

Are jungles and rainforests the exact same?

Jungles and rainforests are similar, but not the exact same. Rainforests have a canopy of trees that won't let light in.

The floor of the jungle is covered in _____ .

The floor of the jungle is like a moving mat of insects. These insects eat up anything that falls to the ground or dies.

Which of these is the top predator of the rainforest?

Both jaguars and cougars are considered top predators in the rainforest. The ocelot is another top predator.

What is the largest animal in the rainforest?

The tapir is the largest animal in the rainforest. It's sort of a cross between a pig and an anteater.

The rainforest is home to the world's _____ rodent.

The rainforest is home to the world's largest rodent, the capybara. It is also called a chigüire or "carpincho."

Do anacondas live in the rainforest?

Anacondas love the rainforest, as do other reptiles. The bushmaster, a poisonous snake, lives there, as does the Caiman species of snake.

Can frogs be poisonous?

Frogs can most definitely be poisonous. The rainforest is famous for housing the Poison Dart Frog. These guys are famous for having brightly colored bodies.

Rainforests are famous for this kind of bird.

Rainforests are famous for their brightly colored macaws. They're also home to the harpy eagle.

Do primates live in the rainforest?

Primates love the rainforest, and there's a lot of hang on and swing from. There are spider, howler capuchin and squirrel monkeys.

One famous jungle fish is the ______ .

The piranha is a famous rainforest fish. This freshwater fish is notoriously deadly.

What is the most lethal predator of the African jungle?

The jungle leopard is the most deadly. It's considered the top predator, and it lives up in the trees.

What is the largest animal of the African jungle?

Both of these animals are considered the largest of the African jungle. The okapi is also known as the forest giraffe.

Does the African jungle have crocodiles?

Crocs love the African jungle, or any jungle. The Nile crocodile is one of the most famous reptiles, but so is the rock python.

In the African jungle, you will find ____ .

The African jungle is home to many birds, including the gray parrot and crowned eagle. The crowned eagle is actually considered a hawk-eagle.

Which primates live in the African jungle?

Both gorillas and chimpanzees live in the African jungle. Bonobos, baboons and colobus are also famous primates.

The deadly fish of the African jungle is the _____ .

The tiger fish is a lethal fish of the African jungle. They have large, terrifying teeth, and they don't make for good swimming companions.

Do termites like the jungle?

Termites love the jungle. They're most famous for living in the African jungle.

What is the top predator of the Asian jungle?

Both the tiger and the leopard are the top predators of the Asian jungle. The Siberian tiger is the largest cat in the world.

Which of these is a type of jungle bear?

Both the sun bear and the sloth bear live in the Asian jungle. The sloth bear is an insectivorous bear that lives in India.

The flying fox bat lives off _____ .

The flying fox bat is a fruit-eating bat. It's most common in the Asian jungle.

The largest animals in the Asian jungle include _______ .

All of these animals are considered the largest in the Asian jungle. The Sumatran rhinoceros and water buffalo are quite common in the Asian jungle.

The cockatoo is a kind of _____ .

The cockatoo is a kind of parrot. It's common in the Asian jungle as is the black eagle.

Do cobras live in the jungle?

Cobras love the jungle, particularly the Asian jungle. The Burmese python can be found here, as well.

Do freshwater crocodiles live in the jungle?

There are no freshwater crocs in the jungle, as they only live in Australia. But there are plenty of saltwater crocodiles.

The orangutan prefers _______ .

The orangutan prefers the Asian jungle, as do gibbons and Macaque monkeys. Langurs and tarsiers can also be found there.

Bettas, common to the jungle, are ______ .

The Betta, common to the Asian jungle, is also called the Siamese Fighting Fish. It can be quite territorial and deadly.

Jungles are found ____ rainforests.

Jungles are found surrounding rainforests. The jungle environment is a bit easier to live in than the rainforest, as there is more light.

Both the jungle and the rainforest are ______ .

Both the jungle and the rainforest are quite warm. They also have high rainfall.

Should lions be called "The Kings of the Jungle?"

Technically, no. Lions are found in grassland and in the savannah. Tigers should probably hold the title.

Tarzan was famously raised in ______ .

Tarzan was famously raised in the African jungle. He was brought up by apes who taught him to swing from trees, according to the story.

One of the most important fruits of the jungle is ______ .

The fig is one of the most important and plentiful fruits of the jungle. There are over 800 varieties of them.

Where do koalas live?

Koalas are sometimes mistaken as jungle animals, but they are not. They live in the eucalyptus trees of forests, mostly in Australia.

Did domesticated chickens once live in the jungle?

Yes, domesticated chickens once were red jungle fowl. They were pheasant, indigenous to the jungles of Asia.

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