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You can play baseball for a long, long time and never win a World Series – just ask the Chicago Cubs about that one. Any idea how long the infamous Cubby Curse lasted? Other teams, though, like the Yankees, seem to win the Major League Baseball championship every two or three years. Do you remember the last time they won consecutive championships?

The World Series isn’t just any title series. It’s the culmination of spring training, long summer games, and frantic fall playoff runs. It’s also the crowning achievement in what’s often called “America’s favorite pastime.” Do you recall the last time a team from America’s Heartland nabbed the title?

Not every team gets to share in the glory of a major league title. We’re looking at you, Seattle fans. Do you know which other teams have been blanked in their chase for baseball immortality?

How much do you really remember about the clubs that have seized the Series? Can you name the teams that have won more titles than anyone else? Step up to the plate and take a swing at our World Series quiz. We’ll soon see if you can pick the champions from the major league losers.

Which team has won the World Series more often than any other?

The Yankees are one of the best-known (and most despised) dynasties in all of sports. They've won the Series 27 times in 40 appearances, most recently in 2009.


Which team has the second-most number of championships?

The St. Louis Cardinals are baseball royalty. They've won the Series 11 times and took home their last title in 2011.


The San Francisco Giants have made how many Series appearances?

Like the Yankees, the Giants are frequent participants in the Series. They've made it to the Series 20 times, and they last won in 2014.


True or false, have the Giants LOST more Series than they've won?

The Giants are no strangers to immense disappointment. In their 20 appearances, they've won 8 times ... but lost 12.


Which team took home the Series in 2017?

After beating the Yankees in the AL pennant series, the Astros clashed with the Dodgers in the World Series. It took them seven games, but Houston won the title for their hurricane-weary city.


What was the last team to win three consecutive World Series?

From '98 to 2000, the Yankees were on a roll, winning three Series in a row. As if that wasn't enough, they'd also captured the title in '96.


When was the last time the Dodgers managed to win a Series?

For a team that's made so many appearances in the Series, the Dodgers are stuck in a terrible rut. They haven't won a Series since the days of Kirk Gibson … all the way back in 1988.


What was the last team to sweep the World Series?

In 2012, the Giants tore through the Series and dominated the Tigers, winning in four games and making a mockery of the championship.


The Kansas City Royals won the title in 2015, _____ years after they won their first title.

The Royals won the title in 1985 with a guy named George Brett leading the way. Then, KC fans had to wait three decades to see the confetti fall on their team again.


The Orioles won their last Series title in 1983. When was their last appearance?

The Orioles are mired in a frustrating drought. They won the Series in '83 but haven't even had a glimpse of the title series since then.


In 1995, Tom Glavine was the MVP of the Series. He played for _____.

Glavine was the star pitcher for the Atlanta Braves during their 1995 Series title run. During the '90s, Glavine racked up 164 wins, making him the second-winningest pitcher in the NL.


True or false, have the Dodgers lost twice as many Series as they've won?

The Dodgers are the kings of World Series disappointment. Sure, they've won 6 titles … but they've lost 13, tied with the Yankees for the most blown Series of all-time.


How many times have the Diamondbacks won the Series?

In 2001, Arizona made its investors look very smart -- the team won the Series. At the time, it was a brand-new expansion team that didn't even play its first game until 1998.


Which team did the Diamondbacks beat to claim the championship?

Can you even imagine a more glorious start to a new club? The Diamondbacks might have only one title to their credit, but they earned it the hard way -- they beat the Yankees in seven games.


Of the teams in the TOP FIVE number of Series appearances, are most of those teams from the NL or AL?

The top five teams (in total Series appearances) are led by the NL, with three teams, with two AL teams. The top AL team (Yankees), of course, often seems to render other clubs' accomplishments weak by comparison.


The Red Sox have made how many appearances in the World Series?

And they call this a rivalry with the Yankees? The Red Sox have only appeared in 12 World Series, putting them at sixth in all-time appearances.


In 2014, a manager named Bruce Bochy led which team to a Series win?

Bochy was the manager of the San Francisco Giants when they won the Series in 2014. He also won titles with the team in 2010 and 2012.


How many current teams have NEVER made it to the World Series?

In the entire modern pro baseball league, just two teams have never made it to the title series. We're referring to the Nationals and the Mariners. Maybe in your next lives, guys.


True or false, have the Red Sox LOST more World Series than they've won?

The Red Sox tend to triumph when they make it all the way to the Series, which they've won eight times. Four times, though, they've gone home with their heads in their hands.


Which Chicago team has more World Series appearances?

The White Sox have made it to the big series five times in their long history, and they won in 2005. But the Cubs have 11 appearances to their credit, and in 2016 they broke their long "curse" and won it all for the first time in a very, very long time.


Prior to their 2016 World Series win, when was the last time the Cubs won the title?

For 106 years, Cubs fans languished in the fires of Loserville, unable to will their favorite team to victory no matter how hard they tried. When the Cubs finally won in 2016, Hell actually froze over a tiny bit.


Which team won the 1994 World Series?

Sorry if we dredged up bad memories for you. In 1994, there was no World Series due to a contentious strike executed by frustrated players.


Which team has more Series appearances, the Phillies or the Pirates?

Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are two NL stalwarts that regularly contend for the pennant. Both teams are stuck on seven Series appearances, but the Pirates have won five … the same number that the Phillies have lost.


True or false, have the Blue Jays won every Series in which they’ve appeared?

True, the Blue Jays have only appeared in the Series twice. But they're undefeated in the Series, which they last won in 1993.


How many times have the Mets won the Series?

The Mets mostly glare at the Yankees in jealousy. However, twice in the team's history they've come out on top. They've been to the series five times total.


How many times have the Brewers made it to the World Series?

The Brewers put together one magical season, in 1982, when they made it all the way to the Series ... but never before or since.


In 1984, the Tigers won the Series. Who did they beat?

The Tigers brought a bit of relief to long-suffering Detroit sports fans in 1984 by winning the Series over the Padres. The city's most recent pro sports title came courtesy of the NHL's Red Wings, in 2008.


Which MLB team has the longest World Series drought?

For about seven decades, the Indians have suffered a Series drought. Pair the Indians with the Browns and the city seems cursed by pro sports ineptitude … but of course, LeBron and the Cavaliers did bring Cleveland a title in 2016 during the NBA Finals.


How many teams have never WON the World Series (but may have made an appearance)?

Eight teams are stuck knowing that they've never won the Series. They are the Rangers, Brewers, Padres, Nationals, Mariners, Rockies and the Rays.


When was the last time the Mets won the World Series?

Mets fans are past the point of exasperation. They've been watching the Yankees add to their piles of trophies, but the Mets haven't won a Series since 1986.


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