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You may know the house cats that many people keep as pets, but do you all about the big cats?

Big cats are found throughout the world. These animals are all closely related to each other. While many species are doing well, unfortunately, some species are very endangered. What is your favorite big cat?

Do you know what each big cat looks like? How about where in the world they live? Maybe you know the diet of these mighty animals? Big cats have distinguishing features that can help you identify which species they are. If it has spots, it might be a cheetah! If it is a beige color, it might be a cougar. 

Do you know the scientific name for all of the big cats? How about which cat is the fastest animal in the world? Do you know which cat is only found in Siberia? Which big cats can you find in your country? You'll be quizzed on all types of information about the big cats!

Big cats are crucial to our world, and we have the privilege of getting to see these beautiful animals. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, but they play a crucial part in the ecosystem. So, if you're a big cat expert, jump on this quiz to see your score!

The fastest land animal in the world is a ___________.

The cheetah can reach speeds of 75 mph!


Another name for the _________ is a puma.

Other names for a cougar include Florida panther, mountain lion, red tiger and catamount.


In the Western Hemisphere, the ________ is the largest cat.

The tiger and the lion are larger than the jaguar. However, in the Western Hemisphere, jaguars are the biggest.


The ________ is considered to be the King of the Jungle.

Most of the lion population currently lives in Africa.


The _________ is the largest wildcat on Earth.

The tiger is also the largest member of the Felidae or cat family.


The __________ sports a big head, short legs, and a long body.

Males can weight up to 200 lbs and are larger than the females.


_________ are the fourth largest cat.

The closer to the equator the cougar lives, the smaller the cat is.


The ________ can be found in the Americas.

The jaguar can be found in North, South, and Central America.


Who was the famous lion killed in 2015?

In 2015 Cecil was killed illegally in Zimbabwe by a U.S. dentist.


_________ are not aggressive cats.

Because cheetahs are not aggressive cats, frequently a predator steps in and swipes their kill.


________ farms exist in Africa and Asia.

These farms exist solely to breed tigers for their body parts.


The _________ inhabits Siberia.

It also inhabits Asia and occupies territory below the Sahara Desert in Africa.


What big cat has a long chest, small head, and a tiny waist?

A cheetah also has a long tail, which helps it turn when running.


_____________ are the only ones that prey on cougars.

Humans, many times in a canned hunt, are the only predators of a cougar.


Although some _________ have been spotted in the American southwest, they had virtually disappeared in the 20th century.

Jaguars are now listed as a 'Near Threatened' species by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).


Second, only to humans, the _________ occupied more land than any other mammal in history.

Humans are at fault for the lion's loss of habitat and diminished range.


Panthera tigris is the scientific name for the __________.

Tigers have made the endangered species list.


_________ like to hide their kill in a tree.

The leopard has a varied diet that includes reptiles, hoofed animals, and birds.


What big cat mates all year long?

Females have their first litter by the time they are two. The females mate with different males.


________ can be found throughout Canada.

Cougars can also be found throughout the United States, South America, and Central America.


The __________ is considered an American big cat.

Jaguars used to roam all over North America after they crossed the Bering Land Bridge approximately 2,588,000 to 11,700 years ago.


Panthera leo is the scientific name for the ___________.

Lions evolved in Africa approximately 800,000 to 1 million years ago before they spread out through the Northern Hemisphere.


What big cat hunts day and night?

Tigers like big hoofed animals, as well as domesticated livestock such as cows and horses.


_________ cubs are raised in a den and stay with mom until they are two years old.

The leopard mating season starts in January and February. Half of the cubs born do not survive to their second birthday.


The cheetah has _______________.

Besides the cheetah, the fishing cat, flat-headed cat, and Iriomote cats also have semi-retractable claws.


The __________ relies more on sight than smell to hunt.

Cougars love to stalk their prey before they kill it.


____________ like to live in the rainforest.

Jaguars will live on open land, forests, swamps, grasslands, and scrub areas in the mountains.


Many lions live in a group or ___________.

A pride is made up of related females, their children, and a few adult males.


Which big cat is recognizable by its black vertical stripes on orangish-red fur?

Most black marketers involved in illegal tiger parts trade are from China.


The ___________ is dwindling fast in Asia and is considered to be 'Critically Endangered.'

Leopards are disappearing because their habitats are being taken away, along with being targeted for the illegal wildlife trade.


The female _________ raises the cubs on her own.

The cheetah moves her three to five cubs to a new den frequently to keep them from predators.


Cougars tend to live ___________ years in the wild,

The cougars' habitat is varies from forests, to swamps, to mountain terrain.


What big cat is also known as the "King of Beasts?"

The male's lion face and mane is a recognizable symbol all over the world.


A ___________ is frequently confused with a cheetah or a jaguar.

The black spots on a leopard's and jaguar's fur are called rosettes, however, a leopard's rosettes are smaller and closer together.


The _________ has lost over 90% of its original habitat.

The tigers are also hunted and poached aggressively, making them members of the endangered species list.


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