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From drugs to sex to rock n' roll, it's been a busy week in Hollywood. Some celebs came out smelling like roses... others, not so much. How much do you know about the past week's celebrity news?

Niall Horan, from boy band One Direction, said that he's too busy making music to do what?

Poor Niall, he's all wrapped up in his studio work making masterpiece music. So he has no real time to cultivate his love life. Or so he says!


Following his DUI arrest, Tiger Woods admitted to cops that he'd taken which drug the night of his arrest?

Woods admitted to police that he'd taken Xanax. He'd also probably taken Vicodin. Combined, the two drugs can cause serious problems with motor skills and even cause coma or death.


What did singer Ariana Grande do in the past week?

In May, a terrorist attacked Grande's performance in England. Shaken but undeterred, she organized a benefit concert and resumed her world tour, but with tighter security.


What did Katy Perry have to say about her years-long feud with Taylor Swift?

Perry apparently wants to end the long-running media feud. Of Swift, she said: "I love her and God bless her."


Dr. Brandon Rogers, a contestant on "America's Got Talent," died in a car accident. The friend who was driving at the time told police what?

The friend told cops that he simply fell asleep at the wheel. The violent collision with a tree trashed the car and killed Rogers.


Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte took to social media to share which news?

Lochte, who made most of his headlines out of the pool in the last Olympics, took to social media to share pictures of his newborn son. Unsurprisingly, he used far too many exclamation points.


Actor Jamie Foxx was spotted driving around in a Bugatti. What color was the car?

Foxx rolled around in an all-gold Bugatti. The shiny, shiny car is valued at more than $2 million.


Johnny Depp claimed that his former management team did what behind his back?

Depp claimed that his former managers took out more than $40 million in loans... without his knowledge. The ex-managers fired back, saying that Depp definitely knew about his dire financial circumstances.


Nick Gordon, the former boyfriend of the late Bobbi Kristina Brown, was arrested. Why?

Gordon was arrested on domestic violence charges against his current girlfriend. Gordon was previously found responsible for Brown's death.


Olivia Newton-John's daughter, Chloe, lashed out against people who criticized an online picture of her. What were people saying about the picture?

Chloe, Olivia Newton-John's daughter, was angry that people were saying she's too skinny. She lashed out with a typo-laden diatribe.


During filming for "Bachelor In Paradise," DeMario Jackson allegedly did what?

During filming for "Bachelor In Paradise," Jackson allegedly committed sexual misconduct by having a (filmed) sexual encounter with a contestant, Corinne Olympios, who may have been too intoxicated to properly consent. The situation is under investigation.


How did Corinne Olympios respond after allegations of sexual misconduct emerged during filming of "Bachelors In Paradise"?

Olympios did exactly what you'd expect -- she went out and found legal representation. Some members of the production crew waved off the allegations. Other members of the cast were reportedly stunned by the turn of events.


Soundgarden's lead singer, Chris Cornell, committed suicide in May. The toxicology report was released -- what did the report indicate?

Cornell had several prescription drugs in his body when he hanged himself. He was reportedly slurring his words shortly before he ended his life.


Which celebrity announced that she's pregnant?

Julia Stiles announced that she's expecting her first baby. She became engaged to Preston Cook back in 2015.


Boxer Floyd Mayweather was all smiles this week. Why?

Mayweather was ecstatic as he announced a fight with Conor McGregor. Mayweather could bank -- drum roll, please -- around $300 million from the fight.


Former Disney star Bella Thorne and Scott Disick were seen together recently, but Thorne said which issue turned her off?

Bella and Scott went to Cannes together, but then she "canned" Scott. Why? Not just because he's way older, but also because he was partaking in too many substances.


"Teen Mom" star Jenelle Evans is releasing a new book that details her struggles with what?

Evans scooped her own book by chatting away about her former heroin habit. She said that at one point, she was shooting up the drug four or five times per day.


Cameron Diaz went on record as to why she hasn't been working lately. What reason did she give?

Diaz said that she'd sort of lost herself and didn't know who she was anymore. We'll tell you who you are: Cameron Diaz, that's who!


Actress Alison Brie said that for an "Entourage" audition, she was asked to do what?

Brie said that during her "Entourage" audition, producers asked her to take off her top. She later clarified that she was wearing a bikini top beneath her shirt.


Amber Rose struck back at Piers Morgan regarding which vital topic?

Rose was extremely miffed at Piers Morgan for mocking her pubic hair. Rose adamantly defended her hairy fashion sense, saying that society's norms aren't for her! She had posed to promote a festival about gender equality and health matters.


Kim Kardashian says that the social media world is difficult and her husband, Kanye West, needs more practice at which skill?

Kim says that she and Kanye tried to make some really cool pictures in Tokyo, but Kanye's photos were terrible. She says his photography skills need work.


News emerged that Prince Charles was mad at William and Kate right after their royal wedding. Why?

According to a new biography, Prince Charles feels overshadowed by the glamorous pairing of William and Kate. He would like to have the spotlight for once. After all, he is the prince!


Katy Perry went online and made public comments about which issue?

Perry decided it would be a good idea to publicly rank her past lovers. John Mayer was at the top. Diplo was sad that he was ranked third.


As the "Bachelor in Paradise" drama played out, Corinne Olympios released a statement. What did it say?

Olympios released a statement that read, "I am a victim," of sexual misconduct on the show, and that she was still trying to sort through everything that happened that night.


At a concert in Stockholm, singer Justin Bieber had to ask fans to stop doing what?

During his Stockholm show, an unruly fan threw a water bottle at Bieber's head. To his credit, he simply asked people to stop chucking things at him. The issue revolved around his refusal to sing the song "Despacito."


Tennis star Serena Williams is very pregant. She posted a picture of herself wearing what item of clothing?

Williams has the big baby belly and is excited to share it with her fans. She posted a social media picture of her posing in a very patriotic American flag swimsuit! A one-piece, we might add.


Katy Perry discussed the evolution of her new look and image. She told the "New York Times" that she's not what?

Perry said that some people look at her New Age transformation and question her sincerity. But she's "not a con artist."


While visiting North Korea, former NBA star Dennis Rodman presented Kim Il Guk (sports minister of the country) with a book. Which book was it?

Rodman presented Kim Il Guk with a copy of Donald Trump's "The Art of the Deal." The reaction? Slight bewilderment.


Sports broadcaster Erin Andrews opened up about which issue?

Andrews gave an interview to "Health" magazine in which she discussed her cancer diagnosis. The star is reportedly now healthy and moving on with her life.


Dani Mathers, the "Playboy" Playmate who got in trouble for taking pictures of an elderly woman in a locker room, opened up about the backlash to her actions. What did she say?

Mathers was contrite in her statements. She's sorry that she hurt the woman's feelings and says she's learned a good life lesson.


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