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Ceramics have been around for most of human history, but there's much about it that you probably don't know. In this quiz, we'll test your knowledge of all things ceramic. By the end, you'll be ready to reenact​ that hot scene from the movie "Ghost"!

The oldest human-made ceramics date back to when?

The oldest ceramics date back to as much as 29000 B.C. A ceramic figurine was found in the area now known as the Czech Republic.


Ceramics are _______?

Ceramics are man-made, but using many materials taken from the Earth.


What is the decrease in the size of a clay object due to firing and drying?

Yes, it's called shrinkage. There's so much more that I could say about this, but I'm just gonna let it go.


What are utilitarian ceramics?

Utilitarian ceramics include dinnerware and pottery. These are the goods that we use every day.


Which of these is a white, highly vitrified ceramic?

Porcelain is white and highly vitrified - meaning it's glass-like. It's translucent when it's very thin.


Which is a low fire ceramic?

Earthenware is considered a low fire ceramic. That means that it is baked at a low temperature.


Ceramics are used in which of these?

Ceramics are so tough and lightweight that they're actually used in body armor. Crazy but true!


Which is a high fire ceramic?

Both porcelain and stoneware are high fire ceramics. That means that they need to be baked at a high temperature.


Are there ceramics in your electronics?

Yes, there are ceramics at work in your electronics. They're in the insulators, resistors, superconductors and so much more!


What is the glaze in ceramics?

The glaze is the protective coating on the ceramics. It not only protects the clay, but also adds character, color, and a finish thats anywhere from shiny to matte..


What is dunting?

Dunting refers to the cracks in the ceramic that can take place during the cool-down after firing. Nobody wants to see dunting!


In what do you fire ceramics?

The kiln is used for firing ceramics. Some kilns can reach temperatures of 2455 degrees Fahrenheit!


What is the most convenient?

The electric kiln is small in size and quite convenient. Many artists choose to have one in their studio.


Ceramics are basically what?

Ceramics consist of anything where you extract materials from the Earth and then fire them to make an object.


Which of these is considered to be ceramics?

These are actually all considered to be ceramics. And of course, pottery as well.


Dental crowns are what?

Many dental crowns are actually ceramic! Your dentist is actually a potter!


What is the British term for someone who makes pottery?

The British call someone who works with pottery a crocker! Did Betty Crocker work with ceramics?


Which is true about ceramic knives?

The blade of a ceramic knife will stay sharper for longer than a steel knife. The only problem is that it can break when dropped on a hard surface.


What is greenware?

Unfired pottery is called greenware. Once it's been fired, it cannot be rehydrated or reshaped.


Ceramics have high ___________.

Ceramics are known for having high harness. That's why they're so durable and great for everyday use!


What is true about ceramics and corrosion?

Ceramics are actually resistant to corrosion. This is another element that makes them so durable.


Glass is which of these?

Glass is what is known as an amorphous ceramic. That means that its atoms have no specific order.


What is the first firing a pot undergoes to prepare it for glazing?

The first firing is the bisque, which creates a very fragile item. At this point, the ceramic piece is called a biscuit.


Which of these is a pottery method developed in Japan?

Raku is the Japanese pottery method that originated in Japan. Today, it's a marvelous way to achieve color when working with copper.


What do you call a suspension of metallic oxides, clays and other materials with water?

These are called stains, and they add remarkable color! This is done on the surface of the clay and glaze.


What do you call the slow process of clay becoming ceramic?

This is simply called ceramic change. Once clay goes through the change, it can't be reversed.


What is one of the strongest coloring oxides?

Cobalt is one of the strongest coloring oxides used by a potter. It's famous for being used in China to paint the blue and white ceramics.


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