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Each autumn in America, sports fans transform from listless zombies into rabid screaming lunatics, as college football kicks off across the land. Every spectator looks to the stars and wishes for just one shot at the ultimate prize – the national championship.

In our title game quiz, we’ll see if you really know anything about the teams that have won a national title. Can you name the team that’s earned more championships than any other? And do you know which universities have spent the big bucks and gotten almost no return on their pricey gridiron goofballs?

Did you know that the state of Nebraska has no professional sports teams… but that the state’s college football team has won five national titles? Can you name the QB that led them to the apex of the sport in 1995?

From the Big 10 to the Pac 12 and, of course, the SEC, college football packs stadiums from coast to coast every fall Saturday. Can you name the Midwest team that’s snagged the most trophies? And do you recall the Florida teams that have – and haven’t – taken home the biggest title in all of college sports?

If you think you know your BCS from your FBS, keep clicking. We’ll see if you can score touchdowns in our college football title quiz, or if you shank the PAT off the goalpost.

Which college football team has won the most national championships?

In recent years, Alabama has made a joke of the rest of college football, dominating the competition in the title game. The university has more titles - they claim 17 - than any other.


Which school is second on the list of all-time titles?

For decades, Notre Dame was a powerhouse on the gridiron, racking up eight titles. These days, the Fighting Irish often struggle just to break into the top 10.


The title-winning LSU _____ have had a very good run of success in the 21st century.

The LSU Tigers have found a lot of recent success in the SEC. They were the first team to win multiple titles in the BCS format. Then they kicked their weirdo (but championship) coach Les Miles to the curb and found themselves staring into the abyss.


Texas A&M is a huge football school that's won _____ national title(s).

Every year, the Aggies dump untold millions of dollars into their football program. The net result? One national title… in 1939, the year Hitler invaded Poland and started World War II.


How many national titles do the Oklahoma Sooners have?

The Sooners are a perennial powerhouse, and they are almost perpetually a top-ten team. They currently have seven titles to their credit.


In 1997, the national title was split between two teams, Michigan and ______.

The 1997 title is still a contentious issue. That year, the AP voted Michigan as the champ…. but the Coaches poll went for Nebraska, creating a split title.


Dabo Swinney won a national title as head coach of ______.

Swinney is the savvy head coach who downed Alabama in the 2016 playoffs. In doing so, he prevented Alabama from netting yet another title… for a year, anyway.


Which team did Ohio State beat to win the 2002 title?

In double overtime, Ohio State held on to beat Miami for the 2003 Fiesta Bowl crown. The victory put OSU at 13-0 for the year.


Which team has claimed the most titles via the newfangled playoff system?

The playoff system has only been around since 2014. Alabama has won two of those titles, while Clemson and Ohio State have each won one.


Woody Hayes was the legendary coach who led _____ to five national championships.

For 28 years, Hayes was the iconic coach at Ohio State. In that time, he captured five national titles and 13 Big Ten titles.


In the 1995 season, QB Tommy Frazier led which team to a 62-24 over Florida in the Fiesta Bowl and claimed the national championship?

Frazier was the star QB for a Nebraska team that some pundits call the best squad in football history. Due to blood clot issues, he never played in the NFL.


How many national titles did Nebraska win during the '90s?

In the '90s, few teams could match the power of Nebraska, led by coach Tom Osborne. But the Huskers have barely registered on the national radar for the past 20 years, except for when they fire (yet another) head coach.


Which team had one of its national titles stripped?

In 2004, USC won the title… but later, officials determined that star RB Reggie Bush violated NCAA rules. The team was stripped of its title and Bush had his Heisman taken away, too. Head coach Pete Carroll wisely fled to the NFL, where he now cheats, er, coaches with the Seahawks.


When was the last time Oklahoma won a national title?

Oklahoma always seems to be a part of the title race but in recent years has rarely broken through. They haven't claimed a title since 2000, and before that, 1985.


How many national titles has LSU won since 2000?

LSU has three titles in its history. Two of those are very recent -- 2003 and 2007. Before that? 1958.


Vince Young was the star QB who led which team to a title over USC in 2005?

In 2005, Vince Young was the Texas QB who miraculously guided his team to a win versus a powerful USC squad. The 41-38 victory is often called one of the best title games ever.


"Bear" Bryant was the savvy coach who led ______ to six national titles.

Bryant is sometimes regarded as the best college coach ever. In 25 years as Alabama's coach, he won six national titles and took home 13 conference titles, too. But a guy named Satan, uh, Saban is plotting to knock Bryant off his perch.


Which team has more titles, Florida or Florida State?

Both Florida and FSU claim three national titles… and all of them are recent. Every one of those six titles has been won since 1993.


In 1988, coach Lou Holtz led which team to a national title?

In 1988, coach Lou Holtz led Notre Dame to a perfect 12-0 record and won the national title. The Irish beat West Virginia in the Fiesta Bowl to take home the championship.


How many times have the Washington Huskies won the title?

The Huskies have fielded some powerful teams over the years. But only once in their history (1991) have they managed to break through for a championship, over Michigan in the Rose Bowl.


Clemson won an amazing title game versus Alabama in 2016. When was Clemson's only other title?

Clemson likes to space out its titles for maximum enjoyment. The school won its only other title back in 1981.


There's still not a unified title system after a century and a half, but who holds the very first title?

Princeton claims the first national title, from way back in 1869. Princeton claimed the title in several following years, as well.


In 2008, QB Tim Tebow led ____ to a national title by beating the Sooners in the BCS Championship Game.

Tebow was the star QB for Florida during an amazing run of success, and his two touchdown passes helped knock out the Sooners. Tebow also won the Heisman Trophy in 2007.


When was the last time Army won a national title?

Perhaps it's appropriate that Army last one a championship during the last year of World War II. Since 1945, though, the team has been stuck in a title drought.


In which decade did Penn State last win a national title?

Led by the now-disgraced Joe Paterno, the Nittany Lions won two titles in the '80s. But following harsh NCAA sanctions, the program is showing signs of life in the fallout of a child sex scandal.


The Miami Hurricanes have won how many national titles?

The Hurricanes have often been a force to be reckoned with, especially in the '80s. To date, Miami has five national championships.


Minnesota has four national titles to its credit. When was the last time they won the championship?

With four national titles on their resume - or seven, depending on who you ask - the Golden Gophers should be part of college football's elite. But Minnesota's glories are as dusty as the Great Plains on a hot July day - they haven't seen a title since 1960.


Prior to its win in 2005, when was the last time Texas claimed a national title?

Although the program has one of the biggest budgets in the nation, the Longhorns saw most of their success in the '60s, with their one title in 2005 standing as an aberration in a long history of futility.


How many national titles has Central Florida won?

After going undefeated during the 2017 season -- yet being stiffed for a playoff bid -- Central Florida officials claimed that they were the national champ... but no one else really recognizes that claim. The team's bowl victory over Auburn proved that UCF could play with the big boys of the SEC.


In 1998, Tee Martin was the ______ of a Tennesse team the won the championship.

No, you didn't hear much from Tee Martin after 1998. But that year, he was the QB who put the Volunteers over the top, as they bested heavily-favored FSU for the title.


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