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"Yo shorty, don't make me get up in your grill about that hustle. Just keep grindin'." Hip-hop isn't just a music scene -- it's a whole subculture. How much do you know about hip-hop slang?

What's "cabbage"?

Cabbage is another word for money. Other terms include dough, chips, paper or trap.


What does it mean if something is "da bomb"?

If something is great, it's "da bomb." This is one of hip-hop's most enduring slang terms.


What's an example of something that's "wack"?

Something that's wack is bad. So your traitorous friend? He's totally wack.


What does it mean if a woman is "phat"?

"Phat" is a hip-hop term for a very attractive woman. It also can just refer generally to something that's cool.


Which of the following are you most likely to find in your "hood"?

The "hood" is short for the neighborhood, where your friends (and your enemies) all hang out, living their lives.


What's another word for "hella"?

Hella is just a fancy word that means "very." "Man, that sandwich was hella delicious!"


What does "O.G." stand for?

"O.G." stands for original gangster. If someone is O.G., it means they're a veteran of the gangster scene.


What's a term for when someone has a ferocious scowl?

If someone throws on a "mean mug," it means they've got that scary street scowl. The mean mug is often used as a form of intimidation.


What's a hip-hop term for gems and jewelry?

Many hip-hop celebrities champion the acquisition of bling -- the gems, jewelry, and riches that make up the wealthier side of life.


If someone tells you to "peep" something, what do they want you to do?

"Yo, peep this, O.G." If someone asks you to peep, it means to listen up or observe.


Who's your "bae"?

If you're heading off to see your bae, you're going to visit your significant other. Bae has largely replaced "boo" in hip-hop.


What's "off the hook"?

If something is "off the hook," it's amazing. "Yo dawg, that Method Man comeback tour was off the hook!"


What's a hip-hop term for something that's excellent or fashionable?

"Look at the rims on that thing. That's one def Caddy!" Def is a term that's used to describe anything that's cool or fashionable.


If you're looking "iced," you're wearing which object?

It's all about the bling. If you're feeling icy or "iced" you're decked out in all of your finest diamonds.


What does it mean if something is "fly"?

If you're attractive, stylish or just downright cool, you're "fly." You're also dope, slammin' and ill.


What's a hip-hop term for a type of music and also slang for intoxication?

"Crunk" has multiple meanings. It's a subcategory of hip-hop music, and it's also a term for getting drunk or high.


What's a hip-hop term for friend?

Forget about your bad day. Go hang out with your homeys and ride around the hood in your fancy BM (BMW).


What's a hip-hop term for sexual activity?

In hip-hop, if you're hot for your significant other, you're going to "get busy." It means you're getting down to business.


What would you most likely do with your "dome"?

Your dome is your head. You'd probably do some thinking with your dome … or just put a nice hat on it.


If you have a good rap beat and great lyrics you have a good ______.

Every good rapper wants to be known for her smooth flow, when she's devising epic rhymes on top of a pumping beat.


What's a hip-hop term for a broken down car?

A hooptie is that beater car that's clunking down the street. No O.G. wants to be spotted in an ugly hooptie.


What's the "plug"?

In hip-hop, the plug is the local drug dealer. And if you're dealing with a serious plug, you're scoring a serious quantity of drugs.


In hip-hop, "hustle" generally means you're making money through what trade?

If you're on the hustle, you're working hard. And you're probably working in the illegal drug trade.


True or false, is it generally a good thing to "trip" in front of your best friends?

If you be trippin', you're out of control or acting in a completely unreasonable manner. No one wants to see their friends trip.


"Snowflake" refers to which of the following items?

If gangsters are chasing snowflakes, they're not sticking out their tongues to catch ice crystals falling from the sky. "Snowflakes" refer to cocaine.


In hip-hop, "dime" refers to _____

Dimes are perfect "10s," the most physically attractive people you can imagine. Everyone wants to "get busy" with the dimes.


A "shotty" is a type of _____.

Don't step in front of a shotty. "Shotty" is slang for a shotgun.


What's hip-hop slang for murdering someone?

You don't wanna be on the other side of the "murk." It means you're about to be killed. "Murk" is a blend of the words "murder" and "kill."


If you "throw down," what are you doing?

In the middle of an epic rap battle? Time to throw down and put on the best performance of your life.


True or false, is it a good thing if you "run your jewels"?

Oh, you don't want to be the one to run the jewels. It means you're surrendering your possessions, perhaps to a very threatening person.


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