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These days, the apocalypse is definitely in. From sitcoms like NBC's "The Last Man on Earth" and Hulu's "Future Man" to Netflix's dramatic "Altered Carbon" to the British offering "Hard Sun", AMC'S "The Walking Dead" franchise, USA's "Colony", MTV's "The Shannara Chronicles", and back to Hulu with "The Handmaid's Tale", the end of the world is in fashion. Everyone wants to imagine how things will look after the bombs fall, the zombies come, the robots are unleashed, the plague spreads, and the sea levels rise.

One thing all of these tales have in common is the idea that at least some of us are going to survive the big one, whatever form it takes. While this isn't impossible, the real question is what steps each of us can take to affect the odds. Will we be Mad Max or Furiosa, taking on the forces of chaos and injustice, or will we be one of those skulls piled so carelessly by the side of the bombed-out road? 

Will we be Katniss Everdeen, striking back against a post-apocalyptic tyrannical regime, President Snow, running the darn thing, or one of the tributes who is simply wiped out in the first five minutes of the Hunger Games? Good decisions now will help affect how that question is answered - so let's see just how ready you are for the end of the world.

What’s the first rule in disaster preparedness?

The first rule in disaster preparedness is to always make a solid plan. Share this plan with family, friends and neighbors.


In an disaster situation, how long should you expect to wait for emergency help?

In a disaster situation, you can expect to wait for emergency help for about 72 hours. That's why you need to have enough supplies on hand for that length of time.


True or False: When you are outside and a tornado strikes, you should run to your car.

When you are outside and a tornado strikes, you want to find the nearest basement or shelter. You never want to be trapped in a car in a tornado.


Teach your children to call _______.

It's vital that your kids know how to call 9-1-1. Show them the motions both on their cellphones and on the landline. Of course, tell them to only call that number in a real emergency.


The most powerful earthquake to date took place in _____ .

To date, the most powerful earthquake to strike took place in Chile. The Valdivia Earthquake rated 9.5 in 1960.


Keep enough supplies at your home to last your family roughly how long?

It's suggested that you have enough supplies on hand to last you for at least three days. The basics that you need include food, water, first aid supplies and clothing.


When buying food for emergency prep, what is the key?

For obvious reasons, you want to make sure that you select non-perishable items. This includes canned and packaged foods.


How long does it take an avalanche to reach 80mph?

It takes an avalanche only 5 seconds to reach 80mph. Be sure to always know when avalanche warning are in effect in your area.


Be sure to create an emergency plan for your _____.

Your pet requires their own emergency plan, as well. On your emergency contact card, be sure to have the number of a trusted vet or animal shelter. Also make an emergency kit with pet supplies.


Where is the Ring of Fire?

The Ring of Fire is located in the Pacific Ocean. Just about 90% of all earthquakes occur along the ring.


Your first aid kit should include which of these?

You want to make sure that your first aid kit has a comprehensive selection of items. Bandages and sanitizing agents are key.


What is a three-day supply of water for each person?

One gallon is the amount of water that is needed per person, per day. Half of this water is allotted for sanitation.


Molten lava can reach what temperature?

Molten lava can reach temperatures of 2,000°. The lava of Mount Kilauea in Hawaii reaches 2,120 °F.


A normal, healthy person needs how many quarts of drinking water per day?

A normal, healthy person requires at least two quarts of drinking water per day. In hot, arid climates, this amount will increase.


True or False: If the power goes out, it's okay to use camping heating equipment indoors.

This is absolutely false. It's very unsafe to use camping heating equipment indoors, including gas barbecues and generators. This is due to carbon monoxide.


When storing a flashlight or radio, don’t forget what other item?

When storing a flashlight or radio, be sure that you have extra batteries on hand. Only select battery-operated devices.


True or False: Humans play a role in natural disasters.

It is true that our behaviors here on earth affect the weather. That's why taking care of our planet is more important than ever.


Be sure to store matches where?

It's important to store matches in a waterproof container. Use a plastic bag that can be fully sealed.


Where was the world's worst natural disaster?

The world's worst natural disaster took place in China in 1931. The Central China Floods killed 3.7 million people.


When creating your emergency supply kit, it’s important to remember _____.

Food and water are essential, but you must also remember sanitation. Be sure to have toilet paper, wet cloths and paper towels.


After a disaster, you'll be glad to have spares of which of these?

It's important to have at least one day's worth of spare clothing for each member of the family. Long pants and long-sleeved shirts are recommended.


Is it true that Cameroon had a killer cloud?

Cameroon famously had a killer cloud in 1986. Lake Nyos released a cloud of carbon dioxide which killed 1,700 people.


What is a great website to teach your children about disaster preparedness?

The Red Cross has a wonderful website that can help to teach your kids about disaster preparedness. Check out the "Masters of Disaster" section.


What is potable water?

Potable water is drinking water. Having the necessary amount of potable water on hand is key.


In what year was the most violent volcanic eruption?

1815 was the year of the most violent volcanic eruption in history. It took place on Sumbawa Island, and if created crop failure around the world.


Be sure to set up an emergency _______.

Having an emergency contact, or more than one, is essential. Be sure to put the names and numbers of these contacts on an emergency contact card.


True or False: You should have a landline phone.

So many people don't have landlines anymore, but this is truly not safe. If disaster strikes and your cell phone does not work, the landline is going to be essential.


How long should you boil water to purify it?

When purifying water, be sure to boil it for one full minute. Once done, set it aside to cool.


When chlorinating water, add how many drops of liquid chlorine bleach per gallon?

When chlorinating water, be sure to add 6 to 8 drops of regular, unscented bleach per gallon, then let it stand. The active ingredient in the bleach should be sodium hypochlorite.


True or False: If the Yellowstone Caldera erupts, it would lead to world famine.

The Yellowstone Caldera is a super volcano. If it would erupt, it would have such a cooling effect on the climate that it would lead to world famine.


How many wildfires break out in the United States each year?

Roughly 100,000 wildfires break out in the US each year. Most natural wildfires are created by lightning.


Should you try to treat flood water?

You should never attempt to treat flood water. It is always loaded with toxic chemicals.


Always know where the ____ valves are.

It's important to always know where the gas, heat and water valves are in your home. In an emergency, you may need to shut these off.


When you turn off the gas, who must turn it back on?

Keep in mind that once you turn the gas off in your home, a professional must turn it back on. Don't attempt to do it yourself.


True or False: Making and practicing a plan will help you handle an emergency.

Without question, making and practicing a plan is going to help you to make the right decisions when disaster strikes. You owe it to yourself, and to your family.


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