Quiz: How much do you know about disc golf?
How much do you know about disc golf?
By: John Miller
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Disc golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States. It's often free to play, and just as important, it's a fun way to spend time outdoors. How much do you know about disc golf?

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Disc golf is like traditional golf but it uses ____ instead of round balls.
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Disc golfers throw discs to which sort of target?
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True or false, disc golf is a contact sport?
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If a disc golfer completes a par 5 hole in just four throws, she made ______.
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What happens if you throw your disc "out of bounds"?
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Where do you take your first throw on each hole?
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True or false, if an obstacle is in the way of your next throw, can you alter the obstacle to make more room for your throw?
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What is a "marker" disc used to mark?
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True or false, all discs are essentially the same?
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Most disc golf courses have how many holes?
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How much do new discs cost?
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For most purposes, there are how many categories of discs?
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The longest disc golf holes usually have which par?
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Disc golf discs are usually made from which material?
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A "sidearm" throw is better known as ____.
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The first recorded rounds of disc golf happened in which country?
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Which type of disc has the sharpest edge?
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In competitive disc golf, after arriving at a thrown disc, how long does a player have to make the next throw?
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Many discs have a numerical rating printed on the surface. The rating refers to ______.
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Which sort of disc has the greatest flight stability?
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