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She ruled a nation and left her mark on British history, but how much do you really know about Elizabeth I? The Virgin Queen has captured our imaginations for centuries. In this quiz, we're going to see how much you remember from your British history class. So put on your ruff and follow me to the mother country.

In what year did Elizabeth first wear the crown?

Elizabeth came to power on January 15, 1559. She was called Good Queen Bess by some.

Who was Elizabeth's father?

Henry VIII wanted a male heir, but instead he got Elizabeth I. Not a bad trade-off.

Which of these were nicknames for Elizabeth?

These were all nicknames for Elizabeth. The Virgin Queen is perhaps the most famous.

Elizabeth was queen of __________.

Elizabeth was Queen of England, Wales and Ireland. Who ruled Scotland? A mystery.

Who was Elizabeth's nemesis?

Elizabeth's nemesis was Queen Mary I. She was imprisoned for abetting the Wyatt's Rebellion against Mary.

Elizabeth married how many times?

Elizabeth was never married. She also never had children. That's why she was called the Virgin Queen.

How many pairs of gloves did Elizabeth have?

Elizabeth actually owned 2,000 pairs of gloves! She was a clothes horse, to say the least.

Elizabeth was the only English queen to do what?

Elizabeth was the only English queen in history to never marry. Many men did try to marry her, though.

In what year was Elizabeth born?

Elizabeth was born on September 7th, 1533. This took place at Greenwich Palace.

Who was Elizabeth's mother?

Elizabeth was the daughter of Anne Boleyn. She was one of Henry VIII's many wives.

Who was Elizabeth named after?

Elizabeth was named after her two grandmothers. They were Elizabeth Howard and Elizabeth York.

Which of these was an actual rumor?

This was just a rumor. There is, in fact, no evidence that this was true.

What was Elizabeth's motto?

Elizabeth's motto was Always the Same. In Latin that was Semper Eadem.

How old was Elizabeth when she became queen?

Elizabeth was 25 years old when she became queen. She was crowned at Westminster Abbey.

Elizabeth was which religion?

Elizabeth was Protestant. In fact, her father founded the Church of England.

Elizabeth covered her face with what?

Elizabeth had smallpox in 1562. She covered the scars using a mixture of white lead and vinegar.

What was Elizabeth's favorite dress color?

Elizabeth preferred both white and black. These colors symbolized purity.

Did Elizabeth wear a wig?

Elizabeth definitely wore wigs. They were very much in fashion at that time in England.

What did Elizabeth use as counsel?

Elizabeth was a firm believer in astrology. She had a counselor who went by the name of John Dee.

Who did the Cult of Elizabeth portray the queen as?

Elizabeth was portrayed as goddesses in paintings and in descriptions of her. This contributed to the Cult of Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was fluent in which language?

Elizabeth could speak all these languages and many more! She is said to have spoken Welsh, Irish, Flemish, and Cornish as well.

What happened to Elizabeth's mother?

Anne Boleyn was beheaded for incest. She was one of two beheaded wives of Henry VIII.

What is true about Elizabeth and Mary Queen of Scots?

In truth, Elizabeth and Mary never met, even though Elizabeth was imprisoned by her. They were cousins.

Elizabeth wore a locket with whose picture?

Elizabeth wore a locket with a picture of herself, and a picture of her dead mother. She hardly mentioned her mother during life.

How did Elizabeth die?

It is said that Elizabeth died of blood poisoning. This was in 1603.

Where was Elizabeth buried?

Elizabeth was buried at the same place where she was crowned queen. This was at Westminster Abbey.

Where was Elizabeth imprisoned?

Elizabeth was imprisoned in the Tower of London by Mary Queen of Scots. She thought she would be killed.

Elizabeth's reign was known as what?

The years of Elizabeth's reign were known as the Golden Age. This is because she brought England much prosperity and culture

Elizabeth liked to do what?

Apparently, Elizabeth I liked to swear. She would often use curse words when she was angry.

How old was Elizabeth when she died?

Elizabeth was 69 when she died. This was an impressive age for her time!

How long did Elizabeth reign?

Elizabeth reigned for an impressive 45 years. That would be from 1558-1603.

How many suitors did Elizabeth have?

Apparently, Elizabeth had many suitors. She was known to be quite notorious!

There were rumors that Elizabeth was which of these?

There were actually rumors that Elizabeth was bald. This has never been proven.

Elizabeth was a great advocate of what?

Elizabeth did a large amount of good in helping the poor. She started the 1601 Elizabethan Poor Law.

Elizabeth was good friends with whom?

Elizabeth was not friends with these people! But how cool if she had been friends with Robin Hood.

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