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For an ultra-lazy cat, Garfield has done pretty well for himself -- morphing from simple comic strip character to a movie and TV legend. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of this fat feline.

What is Garfield's favorite food?

Garfield has an Italian palate, preferring savory lasagna over other dishes. He is also a big fan of sleep -- but hates spiders, raisins and Mondays.


What is the name of Garfield's owner?

Jon Arbuckle is the proud -- sometimes -- owner of Garfield. He is a cartoonist who lives alone and has a lot of trouble with the ladies.


What is the name of the dog Garfield lives with?

Garfield has a love-hate relationship with Jon's dog Odie, but Odie is too dumb to know it. A yellow beagle, Odie is a loyal pet, despite Garfield's harsh treatment of him.


Who owned Odie before Jon?

Back in the day, Jon lived with a roommate named Lyman. Lyman owned a dog, but left it behind when he moved. Jon decided to keep the dog rather than give him away.


Which of these is Garfield's special lady?

Garfield has a romantic relationship with a pretty pink gal named Arlene. Known for the big gap between her teeth, Arlene appears often in the Garfield comic strip, but less commonly in other media.


Where does Garfield think Nermal belongs?

Nermal is the world's cutest kitten. He often shows up to rub his cuteness in Garfield's face, but Garfield gets revenge by shipping the cat to Abu Dhabi.


What kind of critter is Pooky?

To prove that even Garfield has love in his heart, Jim Davis drew him a teddy bear named Pooky. Even when he hates everyone else, Garfield always loves Pooky.


Where do Jon's parents live?

The Arbuckles live on a farm out in the country. Jon often goes back to visit. His brother Doc Boy still lives on the farm and loves to call Jon a city slicker.


What does Irma do for a living?

While much of Garfield's adventures take place at home, he and Jon sometimes wander out to Irma's Diner. The waitress sometimes even gets their order right -- in between shaving her legs at the table.


Who is Herman Post?

Is there a more fitting name for a mailman than Post? Herman Post is Jon's mailman, but his efforts to make his deliveries are often thwarted by Garfield and his sharp claws.


What is the name of Garfield's vet?

Veterinarian Liz Wilson is always after Garfield to lose weight. She and Jon have a relationship at various times in the Garfield universe.


What is the name of Garfield's favorite clown?

Far too often, Garfield is awoken by local TV star Binky the Clown. The funny man opens each episode of his Bozo-esque show with a screeching "HEEEEYYYY KIDS!!!"


What trio of bears drives Garfield crazy?

The Buddy Bears are a trip of bestest bear buddies that always get along. Garfield can't stand them, but he can sometimes get revenge on them by making them disagree with one another.


Where was Garfield born?

Perhaps Garfield got his love of lasagna from his birthplace -- an Italian restaurant called Mama Leone's.


What is the name of Jon's often tormented neighbor?

Poor Mrs. Feeney is cursed to live next door to Garfield. The furry feline not only torments her, but also goes after her dog every chance he gets.


What year did Garfield become a TV special for the very first time?

Garfield appeared in a series of 12 animated TV specials between 1982 and 1991, starting with "Here Comes Garfield." He was so popular during this period that he also showed up in stuffed animal form suction cupped to countless car windows.


When did Garfield get his own cartoon series?

"Garfield and Friends" premiered in 1988 and was the first series to feature the famous feline. It ran until 1994 before it was canceled. Another series called "The Garfield Show" premiered in 2009.


What kind of animal is Orson, the leading character in "U.S. Acres?"

Each episode of "Garfield and Friends" was split between the cat and a farm cartoon called "U.S. Acres." Living at the farm were Orson pig, Roy Rooster and a truly terrified duck named Wade.


Who voiced Garfield in the 2004 movie?

Garfield finally came to theaters in 2004. Voiced by Bill Murray, he hatched a plan to finally rid himself of Odie before changing his mind. Jennifer Love Hewitt starred as Liz the vet in the film.


Where is the 2006 film "Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties" set?

Jon is mistaken as the heir to an English manor in the 2006 film, leaving Garfield to rescue him from others who want to claim the inheritance.


Where does Odie go in the 1982 special "Here Comes Garfield?"

Garfield's very first TV special found Odie captured by a dogcatcher and taken to the pound. While trying to save him, Garfield gets locked up as well, and has to rescue Odie before he is put down.


What does Garfield dress up as in his classic 1985 Halloween special?

Garfield dresses as a pirate in the 1985 special, and takes Odie trick or treating with him so he will get more candy. Later, they run into some ghost pirates and things get a little too spooky.


Where does Jon go in the 1986 special "Garfield in Paradise?"

When he wins a trip for two, Jon takes Garfield along to Paradise World disguised as his son. They later find Odie stowed away in the suitcase. The trio is forced to contend with angry natives and a volcano before they can finally make it home.


Who saves the day for Garfield during his 1989 Thanksgiving special?

Thank goodness for Grandma. After he is forced to go on a diet the day before Thanksgiving, Garfield is having a pretty terrible holiday. Luckily, Grandma shows up and saves the day for the entire family.


What does Odie give Garfield for Christmas in the 1987 Garfield Christmas special?

In the classic Christmas episode, Odie makes Garfield a custom back scratcher. Garfield himself makes the entire family happy when he finds some old love letter written by grandpa for his wife.


How many newspapers was the cartoon appearing in by 1988?

A TV special called "Happy Birthday Garfield" aired in 1988 as a tribute to the series. JIm Davis himself appeared to share that the comic could be found in more than 2,000 newspapers around the world.


What role does Garfield take on in the 1989 TV special "Babes and Bullets?"

Garfield plays a private eye named Sam Spayed -- a play on the old Sam Spade detective movies. The special won an Emmy in 1989 for Outstanding Animated Program.


Who does Jon nearly marry in the 1991 special "Garfield Gets a Life?"

In the 13th in a series of Garfield TV specials, Jon falls hard for a woman named Mona. They pair are ready to make it official, until Jon discovers Mona is allergic to cats and he must let her go if he wants to keep Garfield.


What animal plagues Garfield, Odie and Jon on a camping trip in the 1984 special "Garfield in the Rough?"

Garfield is dreaming of a vacation in the 1984 special, but is not very pleased when Jon takes the family camping. Things get even worse when a panther escapes from the zoo and ends up at the campground.


What year did Jim Davis publish his first Garfield comic?

Garfield has been around so long it's hard to believe the first comic didn't appear until 1978. Today, it remains one of the most widely-syndicated strips on the planet, and has spread to media from books to TV to movies.


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