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So, you know your trees, but do you know how to harvest them? That's what the world of forestry is all about! Not only is it about using the trees for certain purposes, but another important factor is to replace the trees that were cut down. If you think you know all about the world of forestry, then this is the quiz for you!

Do you know what gas trees convert CO2 into? Do you know what forestry gradings are used for? Do you know what defoliators are and what they do? As a forestry professional, it's important to know how trees work and what affects them. The fate of the forest is in your hands!

Do you know what machinery is used for forestry work? Can you name the term of measurement used for logs in forestry? Do you know what type of device is used for measuring trees? Forestry without tools could be a difficult task. It takes a lot of manual labor, but the tools make it that much easier!

So, think you know where to go when the tree is being felled? If you think you do, then take this quiz to prove that you know all about the world of forestry!

What is the process of planting trees after cutting them down called?

Reforestation is the term used for this. It is vital in order to keep the forest thriving and usable for years to come. It can be thought of as replacing what you take.


Before the use of large vehicles, what was forestry essential to?

Rafting was an extremely important way of transportation that was used throughout history. In those days, no trees meant no rafting, which could cause even greater trouble.


What is the purpose of a forest railway?

Forest railways are used to transport logs and trees out of the forest. This is done through the use of a train and cabooses.


What can be used to help the growth of trees in a forest?

Fertilizer is known to be a great help in growing all types of plants; trees included. It can be especially helpful in an area of reforestation, where tree growth is extremely important to the revitalization of the forest.


Is it true or false that logs can be measured in cubic feet?

This is true. Logs are measured in terms of cubic feet, or inches. It is calculated by using the radius of the full log and multiplying.


If a forestry coworker asks for the "dib," what should you give them?

"DIB" stands for "diameter inside bark." If asked for this measurement, you measure from the middle of the trunk to the inside of the bark.


What was invented that advanced forestry in 1918?

The invention of the portable chain saw is an important one to forestry. This marked the start of automated chain saws that you could take with you, making cutting down trees that much easier.


What does it mean if a tree is "felled"?

If a tree is felled, it means that it's cut down. As the tree is known to be felled, the person who cut it is known to be the "feller". Be careful if you're there when it's being cut. Safety first!


What is one way that a forest can be exterminated, but in a controlled manner?

Controlled burning is a safe way to exterminate trees. It is most commonly done to manage tree populations and it is executed with great care.


Is it true or false that wood can have knots?

This is true. Knots in wood are caused by branches breaking off. When the log is cut, the knot in the wood can create unique designs for certain projects.


What does "AAC" stand for?

AAC is an acronym used for "annual allowable cut." This is used to tell someone how many of the trees can be cut during that year in order to keep the ecosystem healthy. This is an important rule to abide by.


What is often used to monitor a wooded area?

A management plan is often put into use to make sure that a forest is being taken care of properly. It is important for the future of the forest and gives detail about what can be done to it.


Which country has the largest forestry product trade in the world?

Canada is the country with the largest forestry product trade in the world. What might be surprising is that Sweden is the second largest! This is important to both of the country's economies.


What forest is one of the oldest examples of forestry?

Pinhal do Rei is a forest from the 1200s that was managed and up-kept by the King of Portugal. Thanks to his hard work, we can still visit the forest today. It's a great example of how forests can thrive if they're allowed the chance.


Is it true or false that "reserve" is a term that is used for a batch of freshly cut wood?

This is false. Reserve is actually used to refer to an area of trees that are not permitted to be cut. These areas are protected by law.


What do trees convert CO2 to?

Trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen so that we can breathe. This is part of the importance and benefits of ensuring that our trees are protected. Finding a healthy balance between using what is needed and sustaining is always a good choice.


Which of the following can be considered a goal of forestry?

Conservation is a huge goal in forestry, as it is important to keep our trees healthy for both ourselves and the Earth. Without them, we wouldn't be able to thrive!


If the canopy is very full in a forest, what would it be called?

This is called a closed canopy. The branches are usually so thick at the canopy level that even light has a hard time shining through to the ground. This makes it darker in these very covered areas.


To work in forestry, what should you be good at doing?

In forestry, decision making is extremely important, as you'll be determining many factors upon making one. You must always consider the effect that something may have on people, wildlife and the forest itself.


Is it true or false that second-growth is the second time that a forest has grown after being harvested?

This is true. The second growth is the name for the second layer of trees that grow after the first batch have been cut. Once they reach maturity, they can be cut as well.


What is used for putting chemicals on an area of small plants?

Backpack sprayers are useful tools for forestry professionals as they can easily transfer plenty of chemical onto an area of plants. They're often used with pesticides as well.


What is a bole?

A bole is better known as the trunk of the tree. The bole is very important in forestry, as not only can it tell you the type of tree that you're looking at, but also the age of the tree.


What is a canopy?

The canopy is the highest layer of the forest, and what you would see if you flew over one. It includes the leaves and branches of the tallest trees. The other two layers are the floor and the understory.


What can deforestation cause in some areas?

Often, forests are very good for the soil. In some places where landslides are common, forests can minimize the risk greatly of a landslide taking place. This can be grounds to protect a forest from deforestation in some places.


Is it true or false that a skidder is used to move cut wood?

This is true. The skidder is used to pull the wood out, as it could be difficult for people to pull them out themselves! It's a large machine that hooks onto the logs to take them out.


If a tree is mature, what is it ready for?

A mature tree is ready to be cut down and taken out of the forest. In contrast, an immature tree is the opposite, and it is still growing up.


What does a defoliator attack in order to kill a tree?

Defoliators attack the leaves in order to kill a tree. You may know them better as caterpillars and other tiny insects that feed on trees. While they are important to the ecosystem, they are needed in moderation. There can be a point where there are too many of them for the forest to handle.


What is used to grow trees on a specified lot?

One way to tell if you're looking at a tree plantation is by the placement of the trees. If you can see straight lines made by the trees, you're likely looking at a plantation.


"Grading" refers to what in forestry?

Grading references the quality of the wood that is cut. It is a selective process that involves finding the highest quality wood in the forest to cut and sell.


Is it true or false that timber marks are used to identify trees?

This is true. Timber marks are important to watch out for as they identify trees. They can take different forms, such as painting markers on the trees.


What is the purpose of hinge wood?

Hinge wood is used to control where a tree falls. It's a technique that is done through cutting the tree with a chain saw.


What might you use to measure the height of a tree?

A hypsometer is a gadget you'll want to have on you if you work in forestry. It works off the calculations of angles in order to determine the height.


What does an increment borer do?

An increment borer is used to take samples from the trunk of a tree. This is important, as it can be effective in helping a forestry professional to determine how old a tree is.


What is a choker used for?

The choker is a wire that you might use when skidding logs in the forest. It's wrapped around the log to make it easily to pull it out and put it where it needs to be.


Is it true or false that a windthrown tree was knocked over by the wind?

This is true. This is a term used by forestry professionals to describe trees like this. Often, these trees will also be uprooted.


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