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"I love the culture of grilling. It creates an atmosphere that is festive but casual." - Bobby Flay 

It's 90 degrees outside; the weather's perfect; and the pool's ready. There's one thing left to do, start up the grill. Are you ready to take on the task with your friends and family gathered all around? Do you think you can impress everyone with your signature steak, marinated just right? Here's your chance to find out! 

There's nothing better than a perfect, sunny day outdoors - the rays, the light, a slight breeze; but a sunny day's never complete without throwing some hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill, whether you have company or it's just the family. Of course, you don't want to go into it blind. You should know what you're doing before you get the heat going. No one likes their food burnt, after all. 

So, before you fire up that grill, why don't you fire up that brain for a little bit with this quiz? All of your guests will thank you, knowing that you're a grilling master. You might even learn a thing or two before it's over. Get started and put that grilling knowledge to the ultimate test! 

For a steak that's over 1 inch thick, what kind of heat should you use?

A New York strip has its own flavor, which many steak lovers favor over other cuts. This steak is cut from the rear-end of a steer.


Should you wash your meat before grilling?

The only thing washing meat will do is contaminate other foods, such as fruits and vegetables. If that happens, the bacteria can be extremely harmful.


What should be the internal temperature of a loin-roast?

Pork loin-roast is a cut of meat that comes from the pig's back. When cooked properly, it's tender and mildly flavored.


How long should steaks sit before checking the internal temperature?

Many people mistake a porterhouse steak for a T-bone steak. However, the porterhouse steak is a larger cut that includes both the New York strip and the filet mignon.


Which meat should you let sit before checking the internal temperature?

More people in the world consume pork than any other meat. In fact, the average human will eat nearly 30 pigs worth of meat in a lifetime.


What should be the internal temperature of ground beef when it's fully cooked?

Beef is an excellent source of protein. In fact, only 3 ounces provide most people with half of the protein they need in a day.


What should be the internal temperature of poultry when it's fully cooked?

Poultry is divided into dark meat and white meat. A chicken leg is considered dark meat, while the breast is considered white meat.


How many types of pork ribs are there?

The most common type of pork rib is spare ribs. They're cut from the underbelly of the pig.


Which is NOT a type of pork rib?

If you're not a fan of fat, baby-back ribs have the least amount. However, if you want the most meat, you'll have to try the country style.


How long should you cook a beef burger on each side?

The word hamburger comes from Hamburg, Germany. It evolved from the Hamburg steak.


How often should you press down on beef burgers while they're cooking?

Hamburgers have natural juices, along with juices from being marinated. You'll lose those juices if you press down on the burger.


How long should you cook hot dogs?

Each year, Nathan's Famous holds a hotdog eating contest. In 2018, Joey Chestnut set the world record by eating 74 hotdogs in 10 minutes.


What's the internal temperature for a medium-rare steak?

The most tender cut of steak is the filet mignon. It's also low in fat, making it one of the most popular steaks to order.


For a steak that's less than 1 inch thick, should you cover the grill?

If you enjoy a juicy steak, then the ribeye might be your best option. It's filled with flavor, along with fat.


How long should you cook baby-back ribs in indirect heat?

Baby-back ribs are cut from the shoulder of a pork loin. The name "baby-back" comes from the smaller bones.


Which needs to be cooked for over an hour?

It might seem easy to throw a loin-roast in the oven, but grilling one is completely worth it. However, you have to be willing to spend some time with it.


When is National Barbecue Month?

Summer is just starting when May rolls around. That means it's the perfect time to purchase a grill if you don't already have one.


How long should you cook sausage links?

Sausage links come in all kinds of styles and flavors. If you like your sausages smokey with a little spice, Cajun​ sausages might be the best option.


Should a tenderloin be cooked covered or uncovered?

Pork tenderloin is a different cut than a pork loin. For those hoping for a quicker meal, tenderloin is smaller and takes much less time to cook.


What should be the internal temperature for a medium-rare lamb chop?

Rich in iron, lamb is considered a red meat. It is cut from small sheep, usually under a year old.


What's the most popular food to cook on a grill?

According to most Americans, nothing beats a good hamburger when it's time to grill. Steak comes in a close second, but the price deters many consumers.


What temperature should you cook chicken breast at?

The age of a chicken can determine how well it cooks. A younger chicken will cook faster and still be tender, while an older chicken needs more time.


How long should turkey burgers be cooked on each side?

Ground turkey is often mistaken for being a lean meat. However, unless it's pure turkey breast, the meat is mixed with dark turkey meat and skin, which makes the meat fattier.


What's tricky about cooking seafood?

Most Americans don't eat the recommended amount of seafood in a week, which is two servings. On average, Americans eat less than one serving a week.


What helps when cooking scallops?

Scallops come from the animal group known as Phylum Mollusca. Other animals in this group include snails and slugs.


How long should you cook shrimp on each side?

Trawling for shrimp is dangerous for other sea animals. In fact, other animals are caught at four times the rate when trying to catch shrimp.


What temperature should you use on fish that's under an inch thick?

The most common type of salmon is pink salmon. However, they are also the smallest salmon you'll find.


What should you do to skewers before threading them?

Skewers are great for more than just seafood. In fact, mixed skewers with vegetables and meat make up shish kabobs.


What's the most popular day to grill in America?

The 4th of July is not just for fireworks. It's also the most popular day for firing up the grill.


What temperature should you cook bell peppers and onions?

Red bell peppers are the same thing as green bell peppers. They were just left on the vine longer to ripen.


Should you cover potatoes on the grill?

In the 19th century, Ireland suffered through the Great Famine when potato crops were ravished by disease. Around 1 million people died during the famine.


What should you use to cook cherry tomatoes on the grill?

Tomatoes are considered a fruit and not a vegetable. This is because they have seeds and are produced by a flowering plant.


Do baby-back ribs only come from baby animals?

Baby-back ribs are smaller than spare ribs, but that has nothing to do with baby animals. Ideally, they all come from adults.


Which meat should you NOT eat undercooked?

Undercooked meat is quite common and popular among consumers. However, according to a report by the CDC in 2011, 22% of foodborne illnesses come from meat. You might want to consider that the next time you order that steak rare.


Which is NOT a type of grill?

Most grill owners choose to use a gas grill. The second most popular is a charcoal grill.


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