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This controversial British ruler has captured the imaginations, and loathing, of many generations. For centuries he has been a figure of controversy and recrimination. Even Shakespeare had to write about him. But how much do you know​ about Henry VIII?

Henry VIII had how many wives?

Famous for having six wives, Henry VIII was also famous for killing some of them off.

How many of Henry's wives were killed in the Tower of London?

Henry VIII had two of his wives executed. That was literally a third of them! More about the fate of the others later.

Why did Henry VIII establish the Church of England?

It's interesting when someone establishes an entire religion just to get a divorce!

Which of Henry VIII's marriages was the longest?

Henry's first marriage lasted for 22 years! That was longer than all his other marriages combined.

Henry is credited as one of the founders of. . .?

He, along with Alfred the Great and Charles II, are credited with founding the Royal Navy. He was also invested in ship making.

What is true about Henry VIII's physical appearance?

Contrary to what people assume, Henry was actually quite a fit man and over six feet tall. This made him popular with the ladies.

In terms of phobias, which of these is true about Henry​ VIII?

He was so afraid of getting sick and dying, that he once left London for nearly a year when he contracted the sweating sickness. Being afraid of sickness in the Tudor​ era was a losing battle.

Which palace did Henry VIII live in most of his life?

This was located in London. Not to be confused with the Hampton Inn and Suites, by Marriott.

What was one of the prime motivations for Henry to have six wives?

Henry desperately wanted a male heir to rule when he was gone. In the end, his son would only rule England for six years.

Who was Henry's first wife to be executed?

Anne Boleyn was the first to go. She was beheaded for adultery and incest, and Catherine Howard followed next.

Who was Henry's famous daughter?

The famous female ruler was the daughter of Henry VIII. Ironic that he so desperately wanted a son, but what he got was the world's most powerful daughter!

In later life, what happened to Henry's phsyique?

The paintings that we are most familiar with show Henry as rather a large man, but this only happened later in life.

Henry was regarded as having particularly handsome. . .?

In Tudor times, the shape of a man's legs and calves was of great appeal. Henry's were praised in his earlier years.

How old was Henry when he took the throne?

At the tender age of 17 Henry took to the throne, after the death of his brother Arthur. In truth, he never thought he would be king.

How long did Henry VIII rule England?

Henry ruled till his death, for a remarkable 38 years. This was in 1547.

What did Henry VIII collect?

He had amassed the largest tapestry collections of the 16th century, which has since been dispersed or destroyed​. Now, that seems like a crime!

How short was Henry's shortest marriage?

His marriage to Anne of Cleves lasted for a mere six months. Unfortunately, he found Anne to be quite unattractive, and the marriage was never consummated​.

Whose sister did Henry VIII sleep with?

He had an affair with her sister, Mary, and perhaps left her pregnant. Read "The Other Boleyn Girl" to find out more.

How many calories did Henry VIII eat a day in later life?

Mostly in the form of meat, game and fish, Henry managed to throw back a lot of calories ... and a lot of ale.

In terms of hobbies, Henry could. . .?

Henry was adept at music and could sing from just looking at the page. He could also play the lute and harpsichord.

At the start of his reign, what were Henry's religious beliefs?

Henry made a famous break from the Catholic Church during his reign, switching to Protestantism.

Which of these languages did Henry speak?

Henry also spoke Latin and English, of course! He was quite a bright fellow.

What is true about Henry's last wife?

Katherine Parr outlived Henry. She was English of birth.

What was the cause of Henry's obesity and sickness?

Due to sustained injuries, Henry was no longer the sportsman that he once was. This packed on the pounds.

How old was Henry VIII when he died?

He was 55 when he died. He was succeeded by his son, Edward VI.

Where was Henry VIII buried?

He was buried at Windsor Castle, alongside his late wife Jane Seymour, who had died in childbirth.

What illegitimate son did Henry recognize as his own?

Henry FitzRoy was the son of Elizabeth Blount, who was the maid of honor at Catherine of Aragon's wedding.

At his heaviest, how thick was Henry's waist?

He became rather rotund, and he was bedridden with open sores upon his body.

Modern doctors believed that Henry had which of these ailments?

Many modern doctors look back at Henry's later years and believe that he had Type II diabetes, an uncommon condition at the time.

Today it is believed that Hampton Court Palace is:

People have claimed that they've seen Henry's ghost at Hampton Court Palace. That's rather spooky.

How much did Henry VIII weigh when he died?

That was an incredible weight for the Tudor age. He was in very poor health, and his sixth wife often played nurse to him.

What do scientists now blame for Henry's trouble creating an heir?

The antigen hypothesis says that Henry had trouble siring a male heir due to the nature of his blood. That's pretty scientific!

How many of Henry's wives were English?

The other two wives were Spanish and Flemish-Belgian.

How many children did Henry finally have?

There were two girls and one boy, all said and done.

Who did Henry fight wars with during his reign?

He fought wars, he built palaces and he reigned for 38 years. That's a pretty eventful life, I should say

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