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It's fast-paced; it's brutal on competitors; it's fun and entertaining; it's hockey. Are you a fan of the sport? If you are, how much do you actually know about it? After all, there are plenty of fans who don't know the game at all but just enjoy the violence. If you're a true fan, though, here's a quiz to test your hockey knowledge.

Hockey, in some form, can be traced back thousands of years to Egypt and Iran. However, it wasn't until the 18th century that the modern game started to develop in England. In fact, the United Kingdom had the first hockey association in 1876 with rules to guide the game. Since then, multiple leagues have formed with slight variations on the game. It was even featured as part of the Olympics in 1908 and permanently added in 1928. 

Over the course of the 20th century and into the 21st century, hockey has only grown as star players and die-hard fans have helped keep it alive, even as other sports rose to compete against it. 

If you're a fan of hockey, then give this quiz a shot. With this quiz, you will find out how much you really know about the game of hockey. 

What is hockey played on?

Ice rinks began popping up in 19th century. They came along with the technology to maintain natural ice.


How much is a goal in hockey worth?

No player has scored more goals in the NHL than Wayne Gretzky. He finished his career with 894 goals.


How long is an NHL hockey rink?

Gordie Howe sits behind Wayne Gretzky in goals. He had so much talent that he was named "Mr. Hockey."


How does a hockey game start?

Wayne Gretzky was nicknamed "The Great One." He was so great, in fact, that the NHL honored him by having his jersey number retired across the league.


How many players are on the ice for each team to start the game?

One of Wayne Gretzky's greatest seasons was in 1984-85 when he played for the Edmonton Oilers. Fans even voted this the greatest team of all time in 2017 in a poll run by the NHL.


Who tries to keep the puck out of the goal?

The second best team in the poll run by the NHL was the 1991-92 Pittsburgh Penguins. This team won back to back Stanley Cups.


What color is the center line in a hockey rink?

The fastest slapshot in NHL history belongs to Zdeno Chara. He once hit the puck 108 mph.


How many face-off spots are on a hockey rink?

The first ever indoor hockey game was played in Montreal. The game took place on March 3, 1875.


Where do players go if they commit a penalty?

100 goals in a season is a tall task for any NHL player. It was quite the accomplishment when Phil Esposito became the first player to do it in 1969.


How long does a player stay in the penalty box for a minor penalty?

A team can be down no more than two players in the rink. If a third player is penalized, then someone on the bench takes his place while he serves the penalty.


How long does a player stay in the penalty box for a major penalty?

Over the course of his career, Tiger Williams served more time in the penalty box than any other player in NHL history. He totaled 3,966 minutes in the penalty box.


Which penalty results in an ejection?

Behind Tiger Williams in penalty minutes is Dale Hunter. Hunter played from 1980 until 1999.


How wide can a goalkeeper's shin guard be?

The height of a goalkeeper's shin guards vary. The measurement is determined by the height of the player.


How many referees are on the ice during a game?

Kerry Fraser is one of the most famous referees in NHL history. He called 1,904 games during his career.


Which award is given to the champion in the NHL?

No team has won more Stanley Cups than the Montreal Canadiens. They currently have 24 championships.


What do hockey players hit the puck with?

Sticks used in hockey were once straight. However, around the 1960s, the curved stick became popular and is used today.


Which zone is between the attacking zone and the defensive zone?

A lockout interrupted play in 2005 for the NHL. No Stanley Cup Trophy was awarded that year.


What color is the line between the attacking zone and the neutral​ zone?

The most points ever scored in an NHL game by a single team is 16. This was accomplished by the Montreal Canadiens in 1920.


Which player takes the opening face-off?

Joe Malone holds the record for most goals scored in a game with seven. That feat was achieved in 1920.


How many defenders are usually in the rink at a time for one team?

Joe Malone also holds the record for most games with five points or more. He was able to do it on five different occasions.


Can you play with a broken stick?

You have to drop the stick until you can get a replacement, but technically you can still play.


How long can a goalkeeper hold the puck before a delay of game is called?

When a goalkeeper stops a puck from going into the net, it's called a save. Goalies are usually ranked by their save percentage.


What is getting back on defense called?

The most saves ever by a goalkeeper during a game is 92. This occurred during a playoff game in 1936.


What's it called when you knock your opponent​ into the wall?

Martin Brodeur holds the record for most saves in a career with 28,928. This took place over the course of a career that lasted 21 seasons.


What's it called when you have more players on the ice than your opponent?

Teams once could score as many points as they wanted during power plays while a player served the penalty. However, that rule was changed to allow a player back in the rink after the first point is scored because some teams were too good at power plays.


What is awarded if a player is fouled during a breakaway?

Pavel Bure holds the record for most penalty shots made in a career. He scored seven times on penalty shots.


What's it called when a player gets three goals in one game?

A variation on the hat trick is the Gordie Howe hat trick. Here, a players scores, gets an assist and gets in a fight.


What's it called when a player defends one player on the other team all game?

One of the greatest defenders in the NHL was Bobby Orr. He spent most of his career with the Bruins.


What's the area between a goalie's legs called?

There are five holes around a goaltender. The attacking team usually tries to score in one of these holes.


How long is overtime in the NHL during the regular season?

In the playoffs, 20 minutes is added to the clock in overtime. The first team that scores wins the game.


What is called if a player leaves their feet to hit another player?

Charging can result in several different penalties. It can also lead to a suspension and even a fine.


What is the name of a player who is quick to fight for a teammate?

One of the greatest enforcers was Dennis Bonvie. For his physical play, he received the nickname "Dennis the Menace."


Is it legal to hand pass?

Another top enforcer who competed in the NHL was Craig Berube. He played from 1986 until 2004.


What is called if a player raises their stick in the air and hits their opponent?

Players also can't stab or trip their opponent with a stick. These are all penalized actions.


What's it called when you pull the puck out from the corner of the rink?

The fastest goal from the start of an NHL game was made in five seconds. This occurred three different times.


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