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Whether you ride horses or have always just admired them, you have to admit that horses are exceptional animals. Beautiful, majestic and powerful, horses are a big part of our history. In this quiz, we're going to explore some fun facts about these remarkable creatures.

What is true about horses' eyes?

Horses have the largest eyes of any land mammal. No wonder they look so soulful!

How do horses sleep?

Horses can actually sleep either lying down or standing up! Seems convenient, for sure.

How do horses communicate their feelings?

Horses actually communicate with facial expressions. They use their nostrils, eyes and ears.

All North American horses are descendants of . . . ?

All American horses are descendants of European horses. Even wild horses come from European horses. Long ago, horses lived in North America, but they are extinct.

How big is a horse brain compared to a human brain?

A horse's brain is about the size of a human child's brain. But they're still remarkably smart creatures.

What is the fear of horses called?

Equinophobia is the fear of horses. It's actually not uncommon for someone who has never ridden before. Another word for this fear is hippophobia.

What's another name for a horse trailer?

Horse box is another name for horse trailer. It was invented by Lord George Bentinck of England.

When do horses vomit?

Horses actually don't vomit! Seems like both a blessing and a curse.

What do you call a female horse?

A grown female horse is a mare. A younger female horse is called a filly.

Horses are which of these?

Horses are plant eaters. That means that horses are actually vegan!

What do horses prefer for food?

Horses prefer sweet flavors. They will generally reject anything sour or bitter.

What's the average gallop speed?

The average gallop pace is 25 to 30 miles per hour. The record sprint speed is 55 mph.

How much water do horses drink a day?

Horses drink up to a whopping 25 gallons of water each day! That's a lot of peeing.

How long does a horse typically live?

Horses only live for about 25 years:( We wish that they lived longer!

How many horses are in the world?

There are about 58 million horses in the world. You can find them all across the globe.

What is the longest verified lifespan for a horse?

Good Old Billy was 62 years old when he died, making him the oldest horse on record. This was back in 1822.

What is the purest of all the horse breeds?

The Arabian horse is the purest of all the horse breeds. There are about 160 distinctive breeds in the world, depending on whose list you prefer.

When does a horse breathe through its mouth?

A horse does not breathe through its mouth. It can only breathe through its nose.

What is the national animal of Scotland?

The unicorn is the official animal of Scotland. They're known for their grace and power.

When do horses start running?

Horses can start running within an hour or so of being born! That must make mom a little anxious.

How do the Chinese feel about horses?

The Chinese revere their horses. They see them as symbols of heroics and conquest.

What is a horse's field of vision like?

Horses can see almost 360 degrees. Their eyes are also nine times larger than a human's.

How many senses do horses have?

Horses actually have a sixth sense! They call it Heightened Perception. This sixth sense is rare in humans.

What is flehmen?

Flehmen is a smelling technique, connected with sexual behavior. It makes them look like they're smiling.

Can horses see purple and violet?

Horses are not, in fact, colorblind. But they can see yellows and greens better than violets and purples.

How much saliva do horses produce in a day?

Horses actually produce 10 gallons of saliva a day! Makes sense, considering how much water they drink!

Who is Eohippus?

Eohippus is the name of a prehistoric horse, once common in North America and Europe. It lived around 50 million years ago.

For how long have horses been domesticated?

Horses actually have been domesticated for over 5,000 years. They've played a major role in human history.

What do you call a male horse?

A grown male horse is called a stallion. A younger male horse is called a colt.

Do horses dream at night?

Horses most likely dream at night because they experience REM during sleep. They usually only enter REM sleep while lying down, not while standing.

When do a horse's teeth stop growing?

Horse teeth actually never stop growing. Ever heard to "not look a gift horse in the mouth"?

Which is the horse's closest relative?

Believe it or not, the rhino is the horse's closest relative! You learn something new every day.

How are horses most comfortable trailering?

Horses are most comfortable when they face the back of the trailer. But any opening will be helpful.

During the early 1900s, what happened to the horse population?

There was a massive increase in horses from 1867 to 1920. Many horses were bred for use in World War I.

Which is true about the horse head from "The Godfather"?

The horse head was real. I know, I know. Terrifying. Sorry to tell you.

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