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Kurt Cobain left a legendary mark on not only the music industry but also on the lives of the people he touched. Gone too soon, he had his fair share of struggles and hard times that he worked to navigate through. His music speaks to many and it is highly regarded in the music industry. Many tales of his habits, ways of life and feelings have been heard.

Can you name the band that Kurt formed? What about the album that still receives endless praise? Do you know what the inspiration was for the songs that he wrote? Kurt and the bands and people that he worked with created the soundtrack to a generation. He was often regarded as the embodiment of Generation X.

Do you know the bands that he feuded with? Do you know how many children he had? Do you know what Kurt suffered from? Kurt's personal life wasn't always happy, and he had his own problems that he was forced to deal with, sometimes even publicly.

He is named among some of the most legendary rockers, speaking to his talent and ambition when he lived. There is a lot to know about the man who changed the genre. If you think you're a true fan of Kurt, take the quiz to see your score!

Which of the following bands did Kurt Cobain listen to?

Kurt was a fan of the Ramones and became friends with the band. The Ramones were behind hits such as "Poison Heart" and "Beat on the Brat."


What band was Kurt part of?

Kurt was part of the band Nirvana. He had been a part of a few other bands before, but none really took off the way that Nirvana managed to.


Where did Kurt suffer from chronic pain?

Kurt suffered from chronic pain that affected his stomach. This is part of the reason that he heavily used drugs so that he could rid himself of the physical pain that this caused him.


When was Kurt inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Kurt was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014. Kurt and the band revolutionized the genre and were praised by many worldwide.


What genre other than grunge did Kurt Cobain like?

Kurt enjoyed heavy metal in addition to grunge. The heavy metal sound greatly influenced Kurt and the band, reflecting the music that they were producing.


What did Kurt Cobain believe to be the most important part of a song?

Kurt thought that the most important part of a song was the melody. He thought it was most important to have it perfected before adding the lyrics.


Is it true or false that Kurt liked drawing?

This is true. Kurt was an extremely artistic child. He showed his interest and love for creative expression through music and art at a very early age.


Which other frontman did Kurt not get along with?

Kurt and Axl Rose did not get along ever since Kurt publicly spoke badly about Guns N' Roses. The feud continued until Kurt's death.


Who did Kurt marry in the '90s?

Kurt married his only wife, Courtney Love in 1992. She was the front-woman of the band Hole, and Kurt was her second husband.


How many children did Kurt have?

Kurt had one child with his wife, Courtney Love who they named Frances. He passed away when Frances was just two years old.


What state was Kurt born in?

Kurt was born and raised in Aberdeen, Washington. He was born in 1967 and he was an only child until his mother and father divorced and his stepmother had a baby.


In what year did Kurt commit suicide?

Kurt committed suicide in 1994. He left a note that was addressed to his imaginary friend as a child and he also wrote what he had to say to his wife and his daughter.


What song did Kurt hate?

Kurt hated the song, "Smells Like Teen Spirit" because it was supposed to be a parody of the Pixies. The song was inspired heavily by the band Bikini Kill which included Kurt's girlfriend at the time and the friend who came up with the line.


What was Kurt's tattoo of?

Kurt's tattoo was of the letter "K." You may think that this was for the first letter of his name, but it was actually a logo of the record label K Records.


Is it true or false that Kurt was a representative for Generation X?

This is true. Kurt was placed as a representative of the generation and the song, "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was also a representation in the musical form.


Which song is about his time involved with the church?

Kurt said that this song was about turning to religion in a desperate time of need. When Kurt was young, he was introduced to the church by the Reed Family who attended it weekly.


What was Kurt's favorite album?

Kurt's favorite album was "Raw Power" by The Stooges. It made the top spot on Kurt's list of his Top 50 albums which also included albums by The Beatles and Pixies.


Which of the following bands was Kurt part of before Nirvana?

Kurt was part of the band "Fecal-Matter." The band unfortunately only lasted for a year and included members of the band the Melvins that Kurt liked.


What band was Kurt said to be rejected from?

Kurt was said to be rejected from the band The Melvins before he started his own band. This was proved to be false when Buzz came out to say that he had never held an audition for the band.


Is it true or false that Kurt Cobain used drugs?

This is true. Kurt was a known drug user who often overdosed and abused substances. One time, after his wife Courtney found him unconscious, she revived him.


Which musician did Kurt think of as a genius?

Kurt thought that Weird Al Yankovic was a genius. When Weird Al called him, Kurt was instantly on board to allow him to make the parody called, "Smells Like Nirvana."


What did Kurt want to join at one point in his life?

Kurt wanted to join the Navy at one point. He was so interested in it that he met with a Naval recruiter to discuss options and life in the Navy.


Which band was very fond of Nirvana?

Metallica was very fond of Nirvana. The band faxed them a message telling them that they loved "Nevermind" and that they wanted to meet up with them.


Which song by The Foo Fighters was written about Kurt?

"My Hero" was written about Kurt, as Dave Grohl, who later formed the Foo Fighters, had been friends with Kurt for years. The song spoke of his relationship with Kurt and some of the hardships his friend went through.


Is it true or false that Kurt was homeless for a period of time?

This is true. After being kicked out of his mother's house, he lived under bridges, crashed at his friend's places and couch surfed as he needed.


What did Kurt want to open?

Kurt wanted to open a petting zoo as he loved animals. He mentioned this after a performance from Nirvana on "Saturday Night Live."


What was Nirvana's best-selling album?

"Nevermind" was the band's best-selling album. It was also the album that included the band's best-selling song, "Smells Like Teen Spirit."


What was Kurt's favorite movie?

Kurt's favorite movie of all time was "Over the Edge." This was because he believed that the movie described himself and his personality very well.


What REM song was written about Kurt?

"Let Me In" by REM was written about Kurt after his death. Michael Stipe tried to aid Kurt in his last days but his attempts did not make it through, prompting him to tribute Kurt in a song.


Is it true or false that Kurt suffered from stage fright?

This is true. Kurt Cobain struggled with stage fright. He was often known to vomit before taking to the stage and putting on a great performance.


Who was Kurt Cobain in a relationship with that became the subject of many songs?

Tobi Vail of the band Bikini Kill was in a relationship with Kurt in the early '90s. She was part of the inspiration behind "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and the two worked on many musical projects together.


What does the sign to Kurt's hometown read?

The sign welcoming you to the town of Aberdeen where Kurt grew up says "Come As You Are." This was the name of a song off of the band's album, "Nevermind."


What did Kurt's father enroll him in?

Kurt's father enrolled him in wrestling. Although he was enrolled, Kurt refused to fight his opponents and it was said that he sat on the mat instead.


What was Kurt's father's occupation?

Kurt's father worked as a mechanic for a living. His mom worked as a waitress. His parents split when Kurt was a child and both found other partners.


When did Kurt form Nirvana?

Kurt formed Nirvana with Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic in 1987. They were only active as Nirvana until Kurt's death in 1994.


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