Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Japanese Auto Manufacturers?
How Much Do You Know About Japanese Auto Manufacturers?
By: Annette Parks
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They make some of the most efficient and safe cars in the world, but how much do you know about Japanese auto manufacturers? Fancy and fun, their cars revolutionize the industry, and now we're going to test your familiarity! So pour a cup of green tea and let's get started.

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What was the first Japanese car in the U.S.?
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Which of these is a top Japanese brand?
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Which of these is a popular place for Japanese cars?
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Which was the first Asian automaker to manufacture cars in the U.S.?
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Which is true about Japanese cars?
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What are the hallmarks of a Japanese car?
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What continues to be the #1 selling car in America?
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Which Japanese car manufacturer %0Dstarted out by making looms?
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Which of these manufacturers makes cars in the U.S.?
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Driving in Japan is ________?
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Which do consumers like for its longevity?
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Besides the U.S., where else are Japanese cars popular?
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By the mid-2000s, what design shift did we see in Japanese cars?
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What's another reason fewer people drive in Japan?
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In what year did Scion begin production?
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Who is making Japanese look-alike cars?
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What Japanese car reached 1,000,000 miles?
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What's the safest car for pets?
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In Japan, what is the meaning of a yellow and green symbol on a car?
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What revolutionized Japanese cars in 2002, 2003 and 2004?
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Where are racing cars manufactured in Japan?
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When did Honda begin making automobiles?
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Where did Isuzu come from?
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Who manufactured the lightweight A6M2 fighter planes that attacked Pearl Harbor‚Äč?
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What did Nissan start out as?
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Who is the world leader in hybrid cars?
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How many major Toyota production plants are on U.S. soil?
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Which is true about vintage cars in Japan?
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