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This classic gun is at every home-on-the-range, but do you know the history behind it? In this quiz, we'll explore the lever-action rifle. Shoot cans responsibly.

The lever gun is associated with _____.

Let's start this off easy. Can you imagine John Wayne without a lever gun in his hand? It was a staple in the Old West.

The lever rifle was originally​ used for _____.

The lever rifle was originally used for hunting. Over the years, it has faded in popularity.

The lever rifle was superseded by ____.

The lever rifle was upstaged by the bolt-action long ago. The bolt-action provided us with greater precision and power.

What was the first lever-action repeater?

The Henry was the first lever-action repeater. This amazing gun appeared during the Civil War.

What was the second installment of the lever-action?

The Winchester Model 66 came after the Henry. Soldiers and frontiersmen in the Old West relied upon this rifle.

The most popular lever was ____ barreled.

The most popular lever rifle was short barreled. This made it easy to ride with your rifle in your saddle scabbard.

The original levers were chambered with ____.

The original levers were chambered with blackpowder cartridges. After that, smokeless powder would become the norm.

Lever rifles have ____ magazines.

Lever rifles have tubular magazines. This type of magazine is usually loaded with spitzers instead of pointed bullets, because with pointed bullets there's a risk of more than one firing at once.

Were the early lever-action models designed for precision shooting?

Unfortunately, the early lever-action models were not designed for precision shooting. The trigger pulls were not quite comparable to bolt rifles.

The Model 88 Winchester had a ____ magazine.

The Model 88 Winchester finally had a box magazine, so you could load pointed bullets. It also had the same type of bolt lockup as a bolt action rifle.

The BLR is produced by _____.

Browning is the famous producer of BLR rifles. The BLR feeds from a box magazine and is chambered for high-velocity cartridges.

The Model 94 Winchester has been in production for _____.

The Model 94 Winchester has been in production for well over 100 years - since 1894. It was the first sporting rifle to sell over a million.

The John Wayne Winchester Model 1892 100th Anniversary Rifle costs how much?

The John Wayne Winchester Model 1892 100th Anniversary Rifle costs about $2,000. If you have a lot of cash and you want to feel like the Duke, there's your answer.

When was the Model 71 discontinued?

The Model 71 Winchester was never that popular. It began production in 1935 and was discontinued in 1957.

Who produced the ______ Model 336/1895?

The Marlin Model 336/1895 is considered to be a marvelous deer gun. This is about as good as you can get if you have bolt-action envy.

The Savage Model 99 was around for how long?

The Savage Model 99 was literally around for a century. It was made from 1899 until 1999. There were a number of different models to choose from.

America is said to be a nation of ____.

At heart, our nation is a nation of riflemen. Rifles have played an important role in our history, and they must be respected and used responsibly.

The lever-action appeared in _____.

Lever-action rifles first appeared in the mid-19th century. They served in the Civil War and the Indian wars.

Lever-action rifles are depicted in _____.

Lever-action rifles are depicted in so many forms of art. There are famous renderings of cowboys, Indians, soldiers, and mountain men displaying theirs.

Which is a "deer rifle"?

Both the Winchester and Marlin are synonymous with "deer rifle." Bambi is not a fan of either of these famous rifles.

A deer rifle has a ____-sided receiver.

The deer rifle is famous for its flat-sided receiver, which hangs comfortably in the hand. It also slides easily in and out of a saddle scabbard.

Did Winchester invent the lever-action?

Contrary to popular belief, Winchester did not invent the lever-action. In 1848, the Volition Repeating Rifle was the first lever to be patented.

What is “that damn Yankee rifle you load on Sunday and shoot all week!”

The Confederate soldiers famously said the Henry was “that damn Yankee rifle you load on Sunday and shoot all week!” The Henry was invented by Benjamin Tyler Henry.

Besides the Henry, which is a famous lever that came out in 1860?

The Spencer came into play after the Henry and the Volcanic. Because it was difficult to use, it saw little action in the Civil War.

What was the “Gun That Won the West?”

The Winchester Model 1873 was called the “Gun That Won the West." A larger model would then appear in 1876.

What was the movie named after a lever?

"Winchester '73" was a movie starring James Stewart. It debuted in 1950.

Which of these is a famous gun inventor?

John M. Browning is considered one of the best gunsmiths and inventors in American history. He formed a working relationship with Winchester that lasted 20 years.

What is the most poplar hunting rifle?

The Model 94 is considered one of the most successful hunting rifles in history. There were more than 7 million rifles made.

The Winchester 1873 is manufactured where?

In 2013, Winchester brought back the Model 1873. It was manufactured in the Kochi Prefecture of Japan by the Miroku Corporation.

Where is the head of the household required to own a gun?

In Kennesaw, Georgia, the head of each household is actually required to own a gun. Let's hope they own Winchesters. (The law exempts those who can't use a gun, can't afford one, can't legally own one or simply don't want to.)

The word "rifle" comes from what language?

The word "rifle" comes from the French word "rifler." It means "to graze or scratch."

Are Winchesters still produced?

Winchesters are still in production today! The Winchester Repeating Arms Company has been making them since 1866.

The original Winchester was known for its _________ construction.

The original Winchester was known for its rugged construction. It allowed the rifleman to fire a number of shots without having to reload.

The Winchester Repeating Arms Company was located in ______ .

The Winchester Repeating Arms Company was originally located in Bridgeport but then moved to New Haven. The company also produced​ the M1 Carbine.

Which gun did Theodore Roosevelt prefer?

Teddy Roosevelt was a huge fan of the Model 1876. He favored the rifle for his hunting expeditions in the West.

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