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Lego was just the start of your building career! Masonry is a trade that involves making beautiful walls or floors out of bricks, stones and other materials. It's an important job to perfect, as the goal is to make these structures last for years and years to come. If you think you know all about masonry, then this is the quiz for you!

Do you know what is used to make the bricks stick together? What do you know about damp proofing and its purpose? Do you know what veneer masonry is? If you can answer those, then tell us what the term "blending" means to a masonry professional! You'll need to know the fundamentals to get a good score on this quiz.

Do you know what the sides of each stone are called? Do you know the terms associated with the trade? What about the meaning of acronyms used in masonry? You've gotta talk the talk  to fully understand masonry as well!

Masonry is an important part of construction, as well as a form of art. If you think you know all about the trade, then what are you waiting for? Take the quiz to find out if you could make it in masonry!

Which of the following would not be used for building in masonry?

Ice blocks are not commonly used in masonry. It may be a good thing that they aren't used. Who would want their building to melt?! It may be good for building an igloo, however!


What does "CMU" stand for?

Concrete Masonry Units is measured in concrete blocks. These units are considered the standard for building brick walls. They also make things more efficient.


What is needed to keep masonry work intact for years to come?

With the use of strong foundations, masonry work can stay intact and strong for many years. If it was built on soft earth for example, it would be extremely detrimental for the whole building.


What title does someone who works in masonry take on?

A person who works in masonry is typically called a mason. There are other names as well that are more literal, such as brick layer or even a kind of architect.


Is it true or false that a template is used to create a brick?

This is false. A template is typically used or help with building a wall or floor. It gives details on how high and wide a building must be.


Aside from mortar, what else can make a wall strong?

Friction is another way that a brick wall can stay strong. The friction can be impacted by the placement of the blocks as well.


What term is used for a row of bricks?

Rows of bricks are called courses by masons. However, they only take on this name if they are laid in place. How many courses would it take to complete your house if it was made of bricks?


What can affect the final look of a brick wall?

The style of bricks will affect the final look of a wall. Generally, the style of brick would all depend on the preferences of the owner of the building and how they wanted it to look.


Which of the following materials is used so that you can somewhat see through the wall?

Glass blocks are used in this case. They not only have a very nice look to them, but you can often see through them as well.


Is it true or false that tread is the term used for the bottom step stone?

This is false. A tread is actually the opposite, as it is located at the top of each step. It is the surface you step on when going up the stairs.


What shape does ashlar masonry commonly take on?

Ashlar masonry is most commonly rectangular. Did you know that this type of stone is among the finest of all type of stone used in masonry work?


What does "rise" refer to?

The height of a stone is called the "rise." This is usually used in reference to one stone.What is the rise of your stone?


The term blending refers to what in masonry?

Blending refers to the look of the masonry. It is most noticeable through the pattern of the bricks used and how they look when placed together in the wall.


What keeps the blocks together?

It is extremely important to keep the material that you're building with together in masonry. Mortar is often used in between the material for this exact purpose.


Is it true or false that you should know the types of rocks if you work as a mason?

This is true. This is very important, as they all have their differences. These are materials that all masons will have to work with at one point in their careers!


What side of the stone is called a "face"?

The "face" of a stone is the part that you can see when looking at a wall. It makes sense to name it that, as the surface is in fact "facing" you!


What are gabions made of?

Gabions are made of a mixture of steel and stone. These are an alternative type of material used for building as well.


What is veneer masonry?

Veneer masonry is a form of masonry that is used to achieve a certain look. In order to achieve it, it compromises the structure of the bricks as it matters a little less in these cases.


What is the purpose of an anchor?

The purpose of an anchor is to provide security to the masonry work. Anchors come in a variety of different forms, such as wall ties.


Is it true or false that masonry can involve flooring as well?

This is true. Masonry is more than just building standing structures. It can include beautiful marble flooring or brick fireplaces as well!


What is the process of applying mortar called?

This process is known as buttering. If you've ever seen it in action, you'll understand why! Mortar is applied with a trowel, which looks a lot like a knife when used.


What does clean stone not have?

Clean stone doesn't have dust in it, making it a great choice for masonry. It's made from crushed stone, enabling it to be used for a variety of different purposes such as things like concrete.


What is bond stone used for?

Bond stone is used as an anchor, although it does have other purposes as well. Another thing it is used for is in veneers for the material that is already laid down.


Which of the following is not a type of finish?

"Friction" is not a type of finish. The other types listed, are all different types that look different once applied. For example, a brushed finish will often show where the bristles of the brush were.


Is it true or false that caulking is used in masonry?

This is true. Caulking is important in keeping the brick work or stone work sealed. It can keep the water out of the cracks of the work.


Damp proofing prevents what from entering?

Damp proofing is used to do just what it says – keep out the dampness and moisture from a building. It is also used in many other types of construction other than masonry for the same purpose.


What is the name of the stone used at the bottom of a window?

This is called the "sill," which will typically run along the entire bottom part of the window. The top stone is known as a "lintel" which is essentially the same, but it runs along the top.


Which of the following would be considered a "fissure"?

A "fissure" is a scratch on the surface of an object. It could be on the surface of a brick, but it will only affect the look of it as the scratch is small and shallow.


Where does the keystone go in an arch?

The keystone goes in the center of the arch, and it also is the last to be placed. It plays a huge role in the security and strength of the arch and wall itself.


Is it true or false that weather can affect masonry over time?

This is true. Weather can have a large effect on masonry work. Weather can cause it to erode or become more dull.


What does a dry wall not have?

Don't get it confused with drywall, another type of wall used in construction! Dry wall in masonry does not use mortar between the stones. Instead, the stones are stacked on top of one another in a strategic way.


What is often used in foundations?

Rubble is often used in the foundations of masonry. You might think of rubble after a building falls down, but this type actually helps it!


What can be used to repel water on masonry work?

Silicone is used for this purpose. It keeps the water away from the materials which keeps it looking and functioning its best.


What name is used for a pattern of stone that does not actually follow a pattern at all?

This is called a mosaic. These patterns come in all different ways, and are typically made up with an array of colored stones of different shapes and sizes that make the final product unique.


Is it true or false that masonry can eliminate damage from a fire?

This is true. Masonry work won't burn like most other parts of a structure. This makes it great for building and preventing more damage from fire.


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