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Movie stars are known for their on-screen presence and off-screen exploits. In the process of living bigger-than-life lifestyles, they earn alternate monikers. How much do you know about these movie star nicknames?

Which huge male star was often called The Governator?

From "Terminator" movie star to California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger has more than one famous nickname. But while he was in office, he was The Governator.


Which muscle-bound celebrity is known simply as The Rock?

With his scary-big biceps and ferocious eyes, Dwayne Johnson took his pro wrestling career and morphed into a movie star. He's The Rock.


Angelina Jolie was one half of the star couple nicknamed Brangelina. Who was her partner?

For a time, they were the most famous power couple on the planet. But then Brad Pitt and Angelina parted ways, ending the pairing called Brangelina.


Which major film star is often simply called J.Lo?

She's the pop music star slash movie icon. You could call her Jennifer Lopez, but everyone just refers to her as J.Lo.


Why was Tom Hanks given the nickname Tom Hankies?

Hanks is an emotional person. When he accepted his Oscar for Best Actor, he sobbed, making him Tom Hankies, for the hanky he needed to sop up his tears.


Which star sometimes goes by just Nick?

With his furrowed brow and thinning menacing glare, Jack Nicholson probably doesn't even need a nickname. He's "Nick."


What is Sylvester Stallone's most common nickname?

With his cockeyed grin and mischievous eyes, Stallone is Sly. He's the man who made the "Rocky" movies into Hollywood legends.


Which Hollywood actor is known as just D?

Denzel Washington oozes so much coolness that he doesn't even need a full nickname. He just needs a letter -- D.


What was Western star John Wayne's nickname?

With his stout demeanor and rugged onscreen presence, John Wayne was the Duke. His real first name? Marion.


Which Hollywood star is often called the Divine Miss M?

Bette Midler has a divine voice and the acting chops to make audiences weep openly in theaters. She is the Divine Miss M.


Why was tough guy Bruce Willis nicknamed Buck-Buck as a child?

Willis was tortured for his stuttering problem. His classmates nicknamed him Buck-Buck, but fortunately he outgrew that mean-spirited moniker.


Which actress was called Blonde Bombshell?

Jean Harlow went from virtual obscurity to become the biggest female box office star of the 1930s. But the Blonde Bombshell had a tragic end. She died from kidney disease when she was just 26 years old.


Meryl Streep is one of Hollywood's best actresses. What's her nickname?

Meryl Streep was born as Mary Streep. Her father actually gave her the nickname Meryl, which she hated, and it stuck for a lifetime.


What is Tom Cruise's primary nickname?

Cruise is one of the biggest stars in the past 50 years of Hollywood filmmaking. He's such a staple of the industry that he goes by just TC.


What was Katharine Hepburn's nickname?

Katharine Hepburn had a personal and professional independence that made her legendary both on and offscreen. She was The Great Kate.


Which actress was famously known as the Pin-Up Girl?

Betty Grable started acting before she was even a teenager. Her movies made millions, and she posed for a pin-up poster during World War II, making her the most famous pin-up girl of the era.


When Ben Affleck was dating Jennifer Lopez, what was his nickname?

Alas, the magical pairing of Ben Affleck and J.Lo wasn't meant to last. But while it did, they were called Bennifer.


What is Brad Pitt's common nickname?

We'll go ahead and throw this out there -- Brad Pitt, one of Hollywood's leading men, needs a better nickname. Pitt-bull doesn't quite cut the mustard.


Why was Lon Chaney called the Man of A Thousand Faces?

Chaney, a man who started during the days of silent films, was a makeup master. He could morph into very different looking characters with makeup and top-notch acting ability.


In the 1930s, Clark Gable was one of the biggest people in movies. What was his nickname?

Clark Gable was the King of Hollywood thanks to a string of box office successes. He was often called simply The King.


Thanks to a prominent part of her anatomy, which actress was called Sweater Girl?

Lana Turner had a five-decade movie career and often stood out on screen due to her tight-fitting clothes. Sweater Girl got married eight -- yes, eight -- times in her life.


How did Keanu Reeves earn one nickname, The Wall?

In his younger days, Reeves was a stout hockey goalie. He never let a puck get past him, because he was The Wall.


Which Hollywood bigwig is sometimes called Mr. Stench?

Depp is often called Johnny, Colonel" or Mr. Stench. That last one is an alias he created for when he checked into hotels.


Which movie star was sometimes called Mr. Mumbles?

Marlon Brando was one of the most talented actors of his generation. He sometimes slurred through his lines, earning him the nickname Mr. Mumbles.


Which older power couple were often known as Desliu?

In the 1950s, Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball were on fire. He was a famous musician, she was a hilarious comedian, and they starred together on a classic show. But adultery and disdain ended the pairing called Desilu.


Why is Matt Damon sometimes called Red Alert?

Damon's wife started calling him Red Alert because of his high-alert parenting style. He's attentive -- perhaps sometimes to a fault.


Tom Cruise was one half of the star couple called TomKat. Who was his partner?

When Cruise hooked up with Katie Holmes, the pairing seemed more like a public relations move than actual attraction. TomKat was destined for failure.


Which whimsical star is often called Johnny?

John Cusack is the star of "High Fidelity" and other famous movies. His friends weren't very imaginative -- he's just Johnny.


Leonardo DiCaprio obviously goes by Leo. But what other nickname does he have?

Leonardo DiCaprio is currently near the top of the "A" list in Hollywood. Some people call him Lenny D.


What is Harrison Ford's common nickname?

Call him Indiana or Han Solo, he won't mind. But most people call Harrison Ford Harry.


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