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To hardcore Porsche fans, the world is truly flat. Considering the automaker has made a huge legacy with that philosophy, that might have some truth to it.  Just about every young man dreams of one day turning the key on a Porsche, and this quiz will make you want to hit the road!

Porsche is a new brand, when compared to many of the other major automakers from Europe. While the founder was involved in the industry since the Victorian era, he wasn't able to launch his own brand until almost halfway through the 20th century. That said, the influence of Porsche has been monumental. 

While Porsches historically haven't had huge, intimidating engines, thanks to technological innovations and a little automotive wizardry, this little brand has been able to take the fight to some of the industry giants. Porsche has clinched plenty of impressive motorsports victories, proving to the world that thinking and designing smart is a good way to go. 

Traditionally a brand of sports cars and GTs, today Porsche has a more well-rounded lineup with a sedan and two SUVs. Still, it hasn't forgotten its performance roots, as evidenced by every model it makes. 

How much do you know about all this? Take the quiz now to find out! 

Who founded the Porsche brand?

Ferdinand Anton Ernst Porsche, who was called Ferry by friends, dreamed of building the perfect sports car. After working to create cars for other people, he finally was able to launch his own brand.


What was the brand's first SUV?

Debuting as a 2003 model, the Cayenne sent a shockwave through Porsche faithful and the automotive world, but it 's been credited with pulling the brand away from serious financial troubles.


When was the last air-cooled Porsche 911 offered?

The Porsche 993 was the final air-cooled version of the 911, with the 996 introducing controversial liquid cooling. Some Porsche enthusiasts have never recovered from the shock.


What was the Boxster credited with doing when it launched?

When the Boxster launched in 1996 it offended some fans, who thought it was too soft and modern, but the little sports car was able to generate enough revenue to put Porsche back in the black.


What was the first car to wear the Porsche badge?

In 1948, just three years after the close of World War II, the Porsche 356 was born, creating a legend nobody knew would become as big as it is today.


What was the birth year of the legendary 911?

Porsche had no idea what this rear-engined, rear-wheel-drive 2+2 fastback coupe would do when it replaced the 356. The design has largely remained the same throughout the years, which is truly amazing.


What Porsche has been affectionately nicknamed the "Pink Pig"?

This one-off race vehicle has also been called "Big Bertha" and "Truffle Hunter." The pink paintwork and labels used by butchers when carving up a pig make the "Pink Pig" name the most popular.


What's the correct pronunciation of the Porsche name?

This is a point of contention, even among automotive enthusiasts, but Porsche has gone so far as to release an official company video demonstrating the correct pronunciation of the name.


The first Porsche production model to have a front-engine configuration was what?

911 fans were immediately offended, a trend that repeated itself throughout the brand's history, but others found the 924 to be quite compelling.


What race did Porsche win for its class that gave it international notoriety?

Back in 1951, Porsche took a specially-tuned 356 SL to this famous race, clinching the top spot in its class and turning plenty of heads.


Who did Porsche turn to for help with the manufacturing of the Boxster before it launched?

These engineers from Toyota helped Porsche implement Toyota's famous "just-in-time" production approach, streamlining the production line so Porsche could offer the Boxster for an affordable price and still turn a profit.


One of the innovations used in the Porsche 956 was which of the following?

The monocoque chassis helped with rigidity and lightweighting, while ground-effect aerodynamics helped with high-speed stability and cutting edge electronic fuel injection squeezed out an astounding 640 horsepower from the 2.6-liter turbo engine.


Porsche designed what car with the plan to replace the 911?

With a hard-hitting, light alloy V-8 up front, the 928 was a more modern setup Porsche thought would be a worthy successor to the 911. Management was wrong.


What did Porsche call the 911 when it first launched?

Thanks to Peugeot laying claim to the 901 name, Porsche decided to switch to 911. The car would've been a success, no matter what Porsche called it.


Which Porsche model began as a Group B rally car?

Thanks to FIA homologation regulations, Porsche had to offer the revolutionary 959 as a production vehicle, although the numbers were quite limited.


Porsche first won the Paris-Dakar Rally using what vehicle?

The grueling and dangerous race proved a tremendous challenge, but in 1984 Porsche used a special 911 Carrera 4x4 to cream the competition.


What was one design shift introduced with the 997 to appease brand enthusiasts?

When the 997 launched in 2004 it didn't keep the strange-shaped headlights from the 996, and overall had a look that better resembled the original 911.


Porsche finally turbocharged the 911 for what production year?

Thanks to the oil crisis, Porsche like other automakers was looking for a way to squeeze more power out of engines without making them gas guzzlers, thus a legend was born out of necessity.


The first modern production hybrid Porsche model was called what?

Technically, Ferdinand Porsche made the first hybrid in the world with the 1899 Lohner-Porsche, but the 918 Spyder was far more advanced and proved hybrids could be fast.


What was the code name for the Macan when it was under development?

Porsche came up with the "Cajun" name by combining "Cayenne" and "Junior." The Macan name means "tiger" in Javanese.


What Porsche is named after a reptile?

Introduced as a 2006 model, the Cayman was given an aggressive name and dramatic styling that had some wondering if Porsche had outdone the venerable 911.


The 959 featured what kind of a turbo setup?

Before the 959, turbocharged Porsches were anything but smooth, but the company's engineers turned over a new leaf of refinement with this car.


What previous Porsche model inspired the design of the first Boxster?

While the 550 Spyder from the 50s was a source of inspiration, it was also the success of the Mazda Miata that got Porsche management thinking an affordable roadster could be a huge money maker.


The spoiler used on the original 911 Turbo and Carrera 3.0 RS was called what?

For the 1970s the whale tail was a highly aerodynamic design, but today 911 Turbos have an active rear spoiler that raises as the car increases speed.


The 911 GT3 originally stormed onto the scene in what year?

Enthusiasts might have been stung by the launch of the 996, but the GT3 helped console them considerably, at least those who could afford the hardcore race vehicle.


What was the first production year of the 550 Spyder?

Porsche saw plenty of motorsports victories with the 550 Spyder, which made it a popular car with young, performance-driven shoppers in Europe and America.


The first year of the Porsche 911 R was when?

Tipping the scale at under 1,800 pounds, the 911 R was a race car that boasted 210 horsepower, making it exceptionally fast back in the day.


Which of the following technological innovations did Porsche engineer into the 959?

Many declared the 959 to be the most advanced Porsche ever made, and some even went so far as to say it was the most advanced production car ever.


Porsche designed, engineered and marketed the 914 with the help of what automaker?

This mid-engine sports car debuted in 1969 at the Frankfurt Motor Show and hit the market with either a flat-four or flat-six engine.


When did Porsche finally introduce all-wheel drive for the 911?

For the 911's 25th anniversary, Porsche applied its knowledge of all-wheel drive to the 2+2, making people in areas with snow happy all year long.


How did Porsche describe the first 911 Targa?

The Targa, which has a cult following, was created as a way to provide the top-down experience while protecting against nasty decapitations that were a risk with old convertibles.


Porsche engineers used what car as the basis of the 959?

Just a casual glance at the 959 is all you need to see the 911 DNA in the car.


Where did Porsche decide to reveal the Carrera GT study?

While the Porsche Carrera GT is a wildly untamed performance car, the design study was such a work of art that management thought showing it off in a famous museum first was appropriate.


In 2013 the Porsche 918 Spyder was the first production car to log a lap time of under 7 minutes on what famous track?

Porsche shocked the automotive world when it announced the 918 Spyder had lapped the infamous Nurburgring in six minutes and 57 seconds, smashing the previous production car record by 14 seconds.


In 1991, Porsche launched what four-cylinder, front-engine model?

Porsche describes this car as the final development of the brand's four-cylinder transaxle models. Today, the 968 is becoming an increasingly hot collectors item.


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