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In in time when kings and queens saw their fleeting powers come and go with the changing of the seasons, she was a titan of the age. Even today, she’s so famous that historians have named the entire era after her. She was Elizabeth I, not just another monarch, but a ruler who created a timeless legacy. Enter the court of this regal quiz — what do you really know Queen Elizabeth?

Her life story is nothing short of epic, and it started with one of England’s most dramatic reigns. Not only was Elizabeth’s father a little unhinged, but he took numerous wives, one of whom gave birth to a little girl who would become princess. Do you know anything about Elizabeth’s earliest days and they affected her royal upbringing?

Her life and reign have inspired numerous movies and TV shows, and playing her is one of the bucket list items for any actress aspiring to the lofty heights of Oscar winner. Do it well, and you'll never audition for a part again.

Even as a young woman it was clear that Elizabeth was no idle child of the crown. Smart, skilled, and shrewd, she eventually became a world-famous ruler. Take this Queen Elizabeth quiz now!

Queen Elizabeth I was a ruler of which country?

Elizabeth I was the Queen of England from 1558 to 1603. Her lengthy reign is often regarded as a time of relative peace and prosperity.


What was a common nickname for Elizabeth I?

Elizabeth I never took a husband. She was "The Virgin Queen," renowned for her virtue.


Elizabeth was the daughter of which famous historical figure?

Elizabeth was born to Anne Boleyn, the second wife of the tempermental Henry VIII. Henry had Anne executed during his chaotic reign.


Why did Mary I imprison Elizabeth for about a year?

Mary I took the throne and had Elizabeth thrown in prison. Why? Mary was Roman Catholic ... and suspected Elizabeth of supporting Protestant dissidents.


How old was Elizabeth when she became queen?

Elizabeth was 25 years old when she rose to the throne. She leaned on her advisors for many of her earliest decisions.


What was one of Elizabeth’s first major actions as queen?

Elizabeth will always be noted for her links to Protestanism. She almost immediately established the English Protestant Church.


What was Elizabeth’s leadership style like?

Elizabeth a was a deliberate monarch, one who took her time with important decisions. And she was far more conservative than her half-crazed father, Henry VIII.


As a child, Elizabeth was noted for which trait?

After losing her mother to beheading as a toddler, Elizabeth was a reserved child. At a young age she was noted for her seriousness ... and her precocious nature.


In 1588, Elizabeth became renowned for a military victory against which country?

In 1588, Spain, a frequent rival of the English, sent a huge fleet of ships to defeat Elizabeth. The English won out against all odds ... and Elizabeth was deemed a hero.


True or false, did Elizabeth I ever have romantic relationships?

In spite of her "Virgin" label, Elizabeth did flirt with numerous relationships during her lifetime. But those courtships never culminated in marriage.


What sort of education did Elizabeth receive?

Elizabeth had private tutors in her formative years. She was fluent in at least four languages and understood at least four more.


How did England fare during Elizabeth’s reign?

Elizabeth’s leadership pushed England to a starring role on the stage of European politics. The Elizabethean Age was a good one, indeed.


Why did Elizabeth never marry?

No one really knows why the queen never married. But it’s very like that political considerations played into her decision making.


A much older man named Thomas Seymour tried his best to marry Elizabeth. What happened to him?

Thomas Seymour was the creepy old guy who showered young Elizabeth with far too much affection. Other leaders supected him of plotting to take the throne for himself ... and so had him beheaded.


How did Elizabeth’s father, Henry VIII, treat her?

Henry had a temper and could treat his opponents with extreme cruelty. But with all of his children he was seemingly a relatively nice and affectionate father.


How did Elizabeth approach foreign affairs?

Elizabeth approached foreign affairs with the same kind of caution she exhibited throughout her reign. She was especially careful with regard to Spain and France.


True or false, was Elizabeth mostly just a symbolic figurehead in English politics?

Many monarchs of the age were simply figureheads. Not Elizabeth. Not only was she a dazzling spectacle of royal splendor, she really was a shrewd and active politician.


The queen liked to live by this motto: "video et taceo." What does that mean?

Thoughtful and calculated, Elizabeth lived her life by certain principles, such as "video et taceo." That means, "I see but say nothing."


How did English citizens react when Elizabeth ascended to the throne?

After the oppressively Catholic leadership of Mary I, the English were thrilled at Elizabeth — an ally of the Reformation — taking the throne.


What was England's military like during Elizabeth’s early reign?

When Elizabeth took the throne, the country’s military was small and weak. That fact meant that the queen had to be an exceptionally wise diplomat.


In 1562, what challenge did Elizabeth face?

In 1562, the queen came down with smallpox and nearly died. She had no husband or heir ... facts that caused political strife following her recovery.


When it came to final decisions about the country, who really had ultimate power?

Many queens (and kings) of the era didn’t really have power to make big decisions. Not so with Elizabeth — she listened to her advisors, but ultimately she called the shots.


How did Elizabeth put her numerous high-profile courtships to use?

Elizabeth’s courtships caused a tizzy throughout the country because of their implications for the succession of power. The queen leveraged these bouts of national excitement to play her political rivals against one another.


How long was Elizabeth the queen of England?

In a time when other monarchs were deposed across the lands, Elizabeth held on to her crown. She was queen for an amazing 44 years.


Elizabeth’s emotional behavior on the throne could be described as what?

She was Henry VIII’s daughter, all right. One moment she’d be engaging and funny, the next, cool and unmoved. Elizabeth was a master manipulator.


What was Elizabeth like in public?

Elizabeth had full command of public situations. She was a fabulous public speaker and even spoke directly to troops heading into combat, all the better to whip them up for a fight.


What aspect of Elizabeth inspired a cult-like following during Elizabeth’s reign?

In a time when royal marriages were part of political manueuvering, Elizabeth was famous for her virginity. That aspect of her life became exalted as virtue and inspired a cult-like devotion from some followers.


What was Elizabeth’s approach to spending?

Elizabeth was fiscally conservative. But she did grow the size of her navy fleet to better protect against enemy ships.


Who succeeded Elizabeth I on the throne?

In 1603, Elizabeth’s long reign finally came to an end. Her successor? James IV of Scotland, a man whose mother died at Elizabeth’s command.


Where was Elizabeth buried?

Like other English royalty, Elizabeth had a major funeral procession. She was interred at Westminster Abbey.


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