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She was so influential that she had an entire era named after her. She was Queen Victoria, one of the most famous monarchs ever to ascend to the throne in the Western world. For decades, her powers waxed and waned as she maneuvered for political gain, public support and the expansion of her empire. In this diamond- and emerald-studded quiz, what do you really know about the woman who made her legacy as Queen Victoria?

As queens go, Victoria is actually a pretty recent one. We have many photographs of her 19th-century reign, which is the second-longest in English history. She oversaw a dynamic period of European history, one in which a powerful monarch slowly gave way to more democratic institutions. What do you recall about the political transformations that happened during this queen’s long life?

Stifled as a child, lonely as a young adult, the blossoming young woman despised many aspects of her royal upbringing. Still, she rarely lashed out. Instead, she dedicated her will toward positive goals, and as a result, her ascension to the throne found her many fans in her nation. What do you know about the queen’s legacy?

After a long and eventful reign – one that included one assassination attempt after another – the queen’s domination ended. Don the crown in this amazing Queen Victoria quiz!

From 1837 to 1901, Queen Victoria was the ruler of which nation?

Queen Victoria was the ruler of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 1837 to 1901. Her 63-year reign was the second-longest of any British ruler.


Victoria was 10 years old when she realized that she would be queen of the country. What did she say?

From a young age, Victoria was determined to be a virtuous ruler. When she first realized that she'd be queen, she said, "I will be good."


Queen Victoria is often associated with what trait?

Queen Victoria made good on her promise to be good. She was an advocate for positive virtue and upstanding morals, both traits associated with her reign.


Victoria's father had three older brothers … so how did she become queen?

In a stroke of terrible luck -- three times over -- all of Victoria's father's older brothers died. When she was 18, she ascended to the throne.


What was Victoria's childhood like?

Victoria's handlers kept her very isolated. The idea was to keep her away from any bad influences … and to give the adults more control over her life.


What was an obvious trait of Queen Victoria's physical appearance?

Victoria was very short, just 4 feet 11 inches tall. In her old age, she put on a lot of weight, which gave her a very disproportionate appearance.


What was the Kensington System?

The Kensington System was a strict -- and perhaps cruel -- set of rules used in the upbringing of Victoria. It left her alone, and lonely, during a childhood that she described as sad.


What was one reason Victoria decided to get married?

By royal rules, because she was unmarried, Victoria was required to live with her mother. She couldn't stand the arrangement … and so considered getting married, even though the idea didn't appeal to her.


In 1877, Queen Victoria became empress of which country?

In 1877, Queen Victoria became empress of India. But her political power was very limited in the country, even when she forced her hand.


True or false, did Victoria propose to her husband?

Victoria Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, the son of her mom’s brother. He was her first cousin -- and because she was the queen, by tradition, she had to propose marriage to him.


Why didn't the British public like Victoria's choice of a husband?

Albert was a prince … but he was a German prince, and the British public didn't like that arrangement. At first, he had no real political power, but later that changed.


How many children did Victoria have?

She's often called the "Grandmother of Europe." Victoria had nine children, and many of them wound up in powerful royal positions of their own.


How did Victoria feel about children?

The queen loathed everything about pregnancy and childbirth. She wasn’t terribly fond of children, either. But society's norms demanded that she have royal offspring.


How many assassination attempts did Victoria survive?

During her 60-plus years on the throne, Victoria survived eight assassination attempts. All of them lived long lives after their murder attempts … behind bars, or exiled.


What happened to the U.K.'s territory during Victoria's reign?

With Victoria at the helm, the U.K. doubled in size, adding places like India, Canada, and Australia.


How did Victoria address the idea of political power?

Victoria was very determined to hold onto political power. During her reign, the Crown became more of symbolic power rather than a force with true political strength.


In 1861, a tragedy struck Victoria's life. What happened?

In 1861, Victoria's husband Albert died, possibly from typhoid fever, at age 42. His unexpected death overturned Victoria's life in sad ways.


After Albert's death, what did Victoria do?

Albert's death shook Victoria's life into a permanent state of mourning. She wore nothing but black … for the rest of her long life.


In the wake of Albert's death, how did the Crown's reputation fare?

After Albert's death, Victoria secluded herself … and the monarchy's aura went into a period of serious decline. And when Victoria didn't come out of seclusion for years, things got even worse.


True or false, was Victoria actually attracted to her husband Albert ?

Victoria's letters revealed that she was truly infatuated with Albert. It was a marriage of actual love and not just one of convenience.


After she married Albert, what was Victoria's relationship with her mother like?

Once married, Victoria was estranged from her mother. The distant relationship would come to haunt her later in life.


How did Conservative Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli boost Victoria's reputation?

Conservative Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli was a favorite of the queen. That was in large part due to the fact that his public political maneuverings made it seem as though the queen's decision's were what doubled the size of the U.K. during her reign.


A man named John Francis tried to kill the queen _____ days in a row.

In 1842, a man named John Francis tried to shoot the queen as she traveled by carriage, but the gun misfired and he escaped. The next day, the queen baited him into trying again … and he tried, but was immediately arrested by a beefed-up patrol.


John Francis tried not once, but twice, to kill the queen. How did the queen treat him once he was captured?

After two attempts on her life, Victoria demonstrated radical compassion. She commuted Francis' death sentence and had him banished instead.


After Victoria's mother died, the queen went through her late mother's letters. What did she learn?

In her late mother's letters, Victoria realized that her mother loved her … a lot. She was heartbroken.


Every day, Victoria spent much of her time doing what?

Victoria was a prolific writer, one who cranked out thousands of words each day. She left behind many volumes of her thoughts and the events of her life.


Victoria died at age 81. What was one of her deathbed requests?

Victoria didn't like kids, but she loved dogs. She asked that her favorite dog be placed on her deathbed, because that's the kind of thing you do when you're a queen.


What is the Victoria Cross?

The Victoria Cross was named for the beloved queen. It is the highest honor for courage in the United Kingdom.


In 1882, why did a poet named Roderick Maclean tried to kill Victoria?

Roderick Maclean was the eighth and last person who tried to murder Victoria. And why? The queen didn't like the short reply he received after mailing one of his poems to the queen.


Victoria's reign is often known as the _____ era.

Victoria's six-plus decades as ruler left a permanent mark on Britain. It is simply called the Victorian Era.


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