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This animated sci-fi sitcom follows the misadventures of Morty Smith and Rick Sanchez through their household life and within their interdimensional exploits. Produced by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, this series was created for Cartoon Network’s late-night block called Adult Swim. 

Morty is the easily influenced grandson of eccentric, alcoholic and mad scientist Rick, who lives as a guest in his son’s house. Morty’s parents are Jerry and Beth, and his older sister is Summer. Infinite possibilities and realities exist when Rick and Morty venture to new dimensions, sometimes using Rick’s flying car or going through portals

The series has won several awards from various guilds for best-animated series and best comedy series. "Rick and Morty" aim to balance science fiction with everyday domestic life while facing both traditional and unconventional scenarios. With 31 episodes thus far, Rick and Morty show no sign of slowing down. The shows premise delves into such topics as anarchism, existentialism, and absurdism, with its characters realizing that nothing matters yet they still choose to live a life promoting science or indulging in unenlightened bliss. 

As fans await the 4th season of the show, we're testing your knowledge on all things Rick and Morty. Have you been paying enough attention to pass this quiz? Let's find out.

"Rick and Morty" is part of what programming block?

"Rick and Morty" airs on the Cartoon Network's beloved adult-programming block. Which is good, because you don't want to sit your preschoolers down in front of this.


"Rick and Morty" started out as a parody of which film?

The name "Morty" is a close cousin to "Marty (McFly)," which was the character played by Michael J. Fox in the time-travel movie. Rick started out as a version of the mad scientist played by Christopher Lloyd.


What does Rick use to access other parts of the universe (and multiverse)?

Rick has a "portal gun" that opens up acid-green, swirling portals wherever he aims and fires. This allows for an active, "run and gun" story structure.


What defunct product does Rick love and long for?

This was revealed on the Season Three premiere. The interest in Szechuan Sauce -- which had been a short-lived promotion for the film "Mulan" -- was so great that McDonald's announced that it would return to the menu in late 2017.


What does Rick do to one of Morty's classmates in the pilot episode?

When Frank is bullying Morty, Rick freezes him solid, assuring Morty he'll unfreeze the boy later. However, Frank falls over and shatters (in front of Summer), and later students are seen putting flowers and tributes at the spot. This should have warned everyone they weren't watching "The Flintstones."


What word appears in many episode titles?

"R&M" episode titles often adapt the title of a famous movie, book or TV show to use the name "Rick." For example, "The Gods Must Be Crazy" became "The Ricks Must Be Crazy."


What is Froopyland?

In the episode about "Froopyland," Rick and Beth go there to look for Beth's childhood friend. But the friend, Tommy, doesn't want to go back to the real world.


What is the name of the family dog?

We meet "Snuffles" in "Lawnmower Dog," in which Rick greatly enhances his intelligence. The title is a parody of "Lawnmower Man," a movie in which the same thing happens to a simple-minded human.


What does Jerry want his meeseek to help him with?

Typically, Jerry has a completely unambitious request of his meeseek. Even so, his creature -- and the ones that keep being conjured up to help -- cannot seem to make Jerry any better at golf.


Not counting Rick's, what's the family's last name?

Rick's last name is Sanchez. But because Jerry's last name is Smith, that's the one Beth, Summer and Morty share.


A "meeseek" is a creature that exists to do what?

The Smith family create meeseeks to help with problems in their lives. The meeseeks, when they can't fulfill a task on their own, create their own meeseeks, leading to considerable proliferation.


What line of work is Beth, Morty's mother, in?

Beth has inherited her father's brains. A running joke is that Jerry, who is genuinely dimwitted, tries to make her feel inferior because she treats horses, not humans.


What is the ultimate goal of a meeseek?

It's painful for meeseeks to be alive, so this motivates them to complete the one task they've been assigned by their creator. After the task is completed, they cease to exist. (Try not to think too long about the implications for humans).


What is the purpose of the Cromulon's appearance in earth's sky?

If Earth loses on the competition, it will be destroyed. No pressure!


What does Rick's catchphrase, "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub" mean?

Does this hint at the private pain the manic, arrogant Rick hides from the world? That's one fan theory.


What powers the battery of Rick's flying car?

Inside that universe, scientists have created another miniature universe to power *their* projects. It's all part of the great chain of being -- or using, however you view it.


What was the title of the third-season premiere episode?

In this episode, Rick has infiltrated the Galactic Federation and causes its collapse, freeing Earth from the Federation's domination. Is this enough to impress and soften up Jerry? Of course not.


What is the name of the mutant people Rick accidentally creates?

Though "Cthulhus" would be appropriate given the show's debt to Lovecraft, the mutants were named after the horror director David Cronenberg. A practiitoner of "body horror," he directed the famous mutation movie "The Fly."


On which episode does Rick become "Tiny Rick"?

"Tiny Rick" is a teenager who infiltrates Summer and Morty's high school. The title is a take-off on "Big Trouble in Little China."


Other than taking a year and a half to arrive, what was notable about Season 3's premiere?

Adult Swim has a history of April Fool's pranks, and launching "Rick and Morty" with no fanfare was one of them. Don't worry; in the age of streaming, fans who missed it had plenty of opportunity to catch up.


Which of these does co-creator Justin Roiland voice?

Roiland voices both of the show's title characters. Well, that's one way to ensure that there isn't bad chemistry between the leads!


Why does Rick make a clone of Beth?

Rick's intentions don't seen bad here. But Beth becomes concerned that she's the clone, which is admittedly a serious existential crisis.


What sci-fi/horror writer is heavily referenced in the show?

"Rick and Morty" follows in Lovecraft's tradition of "cosmic horror," in which humankind is insignificant and "gods" is more or less a term for "monsters." Lovecraft's work never caught on in his lifetime. Accolades (like the homages in "Rick and Morty") came posthumously.


Which character is seen as Rick's polar opposite?

Rick seems to have been driven around the bend by his understanding that humankind is insignificant and the individual life means nothing. Morty, Beth and Summer all absorb some of this viewpoint from him. But Jerry, the least perceptive, is also the happiest with his lot. He's like a version of John Stuart Mills's "satisfied pig."


The "Rickle in Time" episode featured what kind of cats?

"Schrodinger's cat" is a puzzle in quantum physics. It involves a cat in a kind of death trap inside a box (sorry, ASPCA!) and posits that while the box is still unopened, the cat is both alive and dead at the same time.


Who voices Beth?

Chalke is best known for her slightly-neurotic doctor character Elliott Reid on "Scrubs." She was also one of Ted's fiancees on "How I Met Your Mother."


According to a post-credits scene, how long would pass between seasons 2 and 3?

A minor character (we can't bring ourselves to use his name here) told viewers that "Rick and Morty" would return in a year and a half. This proved correct; the last Season 2 episode aired in October 2015, and the first Season 3 show premiered in April 2017.


What is the name of the animal hospital where Beth works?

Beth treats horses, so the hospital is "St. Equis." In the pilot, she operates on a vitally injured horse while a clueless Jerry drops by on an extended lunch break and tries to persuade her to put Rick in a nursing home.


Who/what is "Unity"?

Rick's sexuality is complicated. Perhaps the best example of this is his relationship with Unity, a hive mind voiced by "Mad Men's" Christina Hendricks.


Which more conventional sitcom did series co-creator Dan Harmon create?

Though "Community" is an NBC sitcom, you can see Harmon's influence in the meta-fictional humor. Like "Rick and Morty," "Community" often parodies tropes in film; it just does so without quite so much lewd humor.


Morty and Summer's high school is Harry _______ High.

Yes, like the STD. If you think that's bad, we're not even going to include the name of the principal in this quiz.


Which of these philosophers' ideas are most apparent in "Rick and Morty"?

"Rick and Morty" promotes a nihilist point of view, in which no individual life is significant (or civilization, for that matter). Or, as Morty says, "Everybody's gonna die. Come watch TV."


Who does Spencer Grammer voice?

If you're wondering about the last name, it's not a coincidence. Grammer is the daughter of actor Kelsey Grammer, of "Cheers" and "Frasier" fame.


Which pair of actors voiced Pat and Donna Gueterman on the "Wedding Squanchers" episode?

"The Wedding Squanchers" was about the wedding of Birdman, which, almost needless to say, went horribly wrong. Callis and Helfer, veterans of "Battlestar Galactica," were guest stars.


Which of these has NOT been a guest star on "Rick and Morty"?

The humor of "Rick and Morty" would probably have delighted Hartman, the former "SNL" and "NewsRadio" comedian. Sadly, Hartman died in 1998.


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