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"Steven Universe" is an American animated television series which first aired on Cartoon Network in the fall of 2013. The 11-minute show which is still being aired has been nominated for several Emmy, Annie and Kid's Choice Awards, and it is known for highlighting themes such as family life, body positivity, female empowerment, and LGBTQ issues. 

The show is centered around a carefree young boy named Steven Universe who happens to be the youngest member of the Crystal Gems, a group who have sworn to protect the world as they know it. Steven who is half-human and half-gem lives in the fictional town of Beach City with the other Gems and magical aliens Garnet the leader, the fun-loving Amethyst and the intelligent Pearl, who help him on his mission to take down the Evil Gems. 

How much do you really know about this cartoon? Will you be able to remember little details about specific characters, identify their family members or events that happened in the first season? Are you a die-hard fan or do you just watch the series in passing? The only way to test your knowledge is to take this quiz! When you're done, ask your fellow fan friends to take it so that you guys can compare results.

Where does Steven live?

Beach City is located in Delmarva, a fictional state. Though the state is fictional, it is still part of the United States.


Who founded Beach City?

Around 200 years before the show starts, William Dewey set out on his boat to find new land. However, he was almost killed by a sea monster before being saved by a Crystal Gem fusion.


Who was Captain William Dewey's first mate?

Buddy was an author who wanted to explore the world, discovering new places that he could share with others. Most of his writing is located in the Buddwick Public Library.


What is the first name of Steven's father?

Greg has a complicated relationship with the Crystal Gems. He was once in a relationship with one of them, and now, most of the Crystal Gems think he's a mess.


What business does Greg Universe run?

Steven doesn't live with Greg Universe. Instead, Greg lives in his van near his car wash by himself.


Who is Steven's mother?

Rose was once the leader of the Crystal Gems, which she founded herself. Engulfed in a rebellion, she helped defeat the Gem Homeland around 5,000 years before the show starts.


Which is a fusion of Rose and Pearl?

Rainbow Quartz has some amazing dance moves. She shows them off to Greg while filming a music video.


Where is the Luna Sea Spire located?

Inside the Luna Sea Spire is a shrine dedicated to the Moon Goddess. The Moon Goddess Statue, which is part of the shrine, possesses the ability to repair the entire structure when it is placed back on the pedestal.


Who's the owner of the Ancient Gem Colony Ship?

This is an old spaceship from Era 1 that has been damaged beyond repair. However, it still has functioning booby traps for whoever enters.


What is the Gem Warship shaped like?

The Gem Warship is capable of shooting a large blast from its extended index finger. This blast is able to vaporize whatever it hits, making the ship a dangerous weapon for whoever operates it.


What color is a Roaming Eye?

The Roaming Eye is a spaceship used for tracking. It has several unique abilities including light-speed travel and anti-gravity controls.


Who did Peridot betray before joining the Crystal Gems?

As her superior, Yellow Diamond tells Peridot to destroy the Earth, but Peridot has been mesmerized​ by Earth and wants to save it. Peridot is forced to make a decision, so she decides to turn against Yellow Diamond, sparing the Earth.


What group rules the Gem homeworld?

The Gem homeworld is ruled by female diamonds in a matriarchal form of rulership. The current rulers are Blue Diamond, Yellow Diamond and White Diamond.


Who runs the military of the Gem homeworld?

Yellow Diamond has a temper and is easily angered. She aims this anger at the organic life on Earth that she believes is inferior.


Besides Yellow Diamond, who oversees Steven's trial for shattering Pink Diamond?

Blue Diamond and Pink Diamond were extremely close before Pink Diamond was shattered. This tragedy left Blue Diamond saddened and depressed for centuries.


What color is the grass in Lion's Dimension?

The grass inside Lion's Dimension resembles the hair of a lion. The only way to exit the dimension is by traveling through the grass.


What does Steven have to hold while in Lion's Dimension?

There is no air inside Lion's Dimension. Since Steven is half human, he must hold his breath whenever he visits the dimension.


Who is trapped inside a bubbled gemstone in Lion's Dimension?

While in Lion's Dimension, Steven finds Bismuth's bubbled gemstone and accidentally pops it. Bismuth is released for the first time since she was trapped in there by Rose Quartz.


Where did Lars Barriga work?

During the series, Lars is killed after being taken to the Gem Homeworld. However, Steven is able to bring him back using his power to heal.


What color is Lars when he's brought back from the dead?

Lars gains special powers when he's brought back to life. One of these abilities allows him to open up dimensions to other worlds.


Who is an off-color Gem?

Flourite is a combination of six Gems, which are all unknown. She is well-respected among her peers for her wisdom.


Who did Rhodonite once belong to?

Rhodonite is a fusion of a Ruby and Pearl. She lives in an underground Kindergarten on Homeworld.


Where are Gems created?

There are two Kindergartens located on Earth. At these locations, new Gems emerge from holes carved into the Earth.


What is the name of the space station that's a zoo?

After Pink Diamond conquered Earth, she opened up this zoo to keep captured humans. Blue Diamond took control of the zoo after Pink Diamond was destroyed.


Who manages Pink Diamond's Zoo?

Holly Blue Agate is a very strict and demanding leader. She sees herself as better than humans, including Steven.


Where does Steven find parts to build a spaceship for Pearl?

All of the warp pads, used for space travel, have been destroyed on Earth. Therefore, the Gems have no way to leave Earth until Steven tries to help.


What happens to the spaceship Steven builds?

Steven and Pearl get the spaceship running. However, when it starts to break apart, Steven wants to bail out, but Pearl is too obsessed with reaching space to be reasoned with.


Where are cursed items destroyed?

The Burning Room is also the location of bubbled gems. These bubbles were created to trap Gems that were corrupt.


Where was the smoke monster trapped?

During the episode "Together Breakfast," the smoke monster escaped the Evil Spirit Scroll and absorbed the Together Breakfast. This gave the monster all the powers of breakfast.


What weapon does Amethyst carry?

This whip is quite the weapon. Not only does it have spiked balls on the end, but it also can cut straight through metal.


Who carries an electric whip?

Holly Blue Agate is extremely skilled with her whip. However, when Pearl cuts the whip with her spear, the electric current stops, leaving the whip almost useless.


Who is the fusion of Pearl and Amethyst?

Opal is capable of summoning the weapons of both Pearl and Amethyst. When she fuses these weapons, they form an energy bow.


Who is a fusion of Amethyst and Garnet?

Sugilite is a very powerful fusion Gem. She is known for going on rampages, destroying almost anything in her way.


Who does Steven first fuse with?

The fusion between Steven and Amethyst is known as Smoky Quartz. This fusion wields a large yo-yo, which can be used for ranged attacks.


Who lives in the Moon Base?

The Moon Base was built by the Great Diamond Authority when they were in the process of colonizing Earth. It was controlled by Pink Diamond until she was destroyed.


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