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 In the olden days, guys like Theodore Roosevelt, Davy Crockett, and Ernest Hemingway set out on safaris and day hunts with boots and big guns. Nowadays, hunters have a whole lot more equipment they can choose from before they chase down those 30-point bucks. Do you think you know all about today’s best tactical gear for hunting?

Tactical gear refers to the tools – simple or high-tech – that hunters deploy to plan, track, and kill their favorite prey. It starts with the right clothing and weapons and ends with the gear that you need to get your kill home quickly and efficiently. Do you know the kinds of tools you need to stay safe and dry during a hunt in blizzard conditions?

Whether you hunt pheasant, whitetail deer, duck, moose, elk, bear, turkey or any number of other game species, there are a plethora of products that make stalking and shooting easier than ever before – unless, of course, you’re simply a terrible shot.

No, you don’t need night-vision goggles for hunting (although it would be super fun). But tools of all kinds, from your smartphone to the right knife, can make a major difference in how your big day starts and ends. Lock and load, it’s time for you to take our hunting tactical gear quiz!

What's a primary way that hunters disguise themselves in an animal's natural environment?

A lot of animals immediately pick up on the human form, which is not always a common sight in their habitat. Camouflage clothing helps hunters disguise themselves and crash the party.


A good rifle scope is often essential for what sort of hunting?

Elk and other big game creatures are very good at keeping their distance from hunters. A quality scope drastically increases a hunter's range … unless, of course, he or she is a horrible shot.


How do some hunters prevent their body odor from scaring off prey?

Deer and other prey can easily smell humans and the soaps they use to wash themselves. Specially formulated scent killers help hide human scent.


If you want to conceal your presence in ONE location, what might you use?

Ground blinds come in all shapes and sizes, and they feature different types of camouflage. Hunters use them for many types of game, from deer, to turkey, to waterfowl and more.


What's a smartphone good for during a hunt?

Smartphones are an incredible tool for hunters. They have sophisticated mapping features and work with a countless array of hunting apps that make you a better hunter. And yes, you can play "Flappy Bird" while you're waiting around in the duck blind.


If you want to scale a tree during a hunt, what product might you use?

Climbing sticks are a simple ladder, helping you to scramble up the side of a tree. The most common climbing sticks reach to heights of 20 feet or so.


What's the purpose of shooting glasses?

Many, many hunters scoff at shooting glasses as an unnecessary tool for eye projection. Ask any guy whose had debris flung into his eyes during a hunt if shooting glasses are a silly frill -- he'll tell you "no."


If you're going hunting in low-light conditions, you simply must have _____.

Flashlight technology has evolved by leaps and bounds in recent years. Handheld torches are great, but nothing beats a quality headlamp, which frees up your fingers for other important tasks.


What's the purpose of a "wheeze call"?

Deer, especially during rutting season, will respond to various types of game calls. The wheeze call is just one of several calls that may attract deer.


What's the purpose of blaze orange hunting apparel?

Blaze orange hunting clothes serve one vital purpose -- they make you very, very visible so that other hunters don't shoot you. No matter where you hunt, blaze orange could possibly save your life.


True or false, can deer see your blaze-orange jacket?

Deer have what's called "dichromatic" vision, so they can only see bluish and greenish-yellow colors. They can't detect blaze orange, so you should wear this color to protect yourself from other hunters.


What's the purpose of a head net?

Ever been moose hunting in British Columbia during the height of a mosquito outbreak? You need a head net to protect yourself, or else.


If you shoot a deer and lose track of it, what's a tool you might use to find it?

You can use a blood-tracking light to follow a blood trail. But these lights aren't magic. You have to spray the area with a special chemical before you used the filtered light to follow a trail.


If you lose a blood trail in the green environs of a forest, which filter should you use on your blood-tracking light?

Most tracking lights have multiple color options. In a green-brown area, blue is your best choice for following a blood trail.


You definitely need camouflage apparel to hunt which species?

Turkeys have very good vision and they can pick out all sorts of colors that other animals can't. Almost all turkey hunters rely heavily on camouflage to take this prey.


Why might you need a "bow holder"?

Sometimes, it might be hours (or days) before game passes in front of your location. A bow holder keeps your bow at the ready so that you don't have to whip it around excitedly when that elk finally arrives.


What would you do with a "broadhead"?

Broadheads are arrowheads. Broadheads come a "broad" range of sizes and shapes meant for various hunting situations.


A bow or gun hoist is important during which activity?

Every year, a lot of hunters hurt themselves by trying to climb into a tree stand while carrying a gun or bow. A hoist made for your weapon greatly reduces the chance of injury.


Why would you ever want a trail camera?

Many hunters mount trail cameras near game paths prior to, or during, a hunting season. The motion-activated cameras help hunters understand prey behavior and find the biggest specimens for the walls of their man caves.


Realtree is a type of _____.

Realtree is one of the best-known names in camouflage products. Hunters can choose from a wide variety of patterns to match their hunting situation, whether they frequent deserts, mountains, or forests.


When would you really need the right "base layer"?

"Base layer" refers to the layer of clothing nearest your skin. In cold and wet weather, the way you dress may not only make your hunt more bearable, it might save your life.


What's the purpose of a ThermaCell unit?

In some areas, the mosquitoes are so thick they'll drive you mad, making hunting next to impossible. A ThermaCell unit is a proven device that drives away mosquitoes so that you can focus on the task at hand.


A hang-on ____ is perfect for deer hunting.

A hang-on tree stand quickly straps to the side of a tree and provides a high vantage point for hunting game like deer. They're light and cheap, with models selling for well under $100.


The "wrist vs. hand" debate refers to which hunting product?

Bow hunters often use mechanical hand releases to fire their weapons. Some prefer the wrist straps, while others like hand releases, but both options have their pros and cons.


When might you put a safety harness to use?

After sitting virtually motionless for hours in a tree stand, it's understandable that you might simply fall asleep. A safety harness will prevent that cat nap from stealing all nine of your lives.


3-9x40 is a specification that refers to what hunting gear?

If you're hunting big game like elk, you'll likely need a good rifle scope, like a 3-9x40 model. In this example, the "9" means the scope makes an object look 9 times bigger than with your naked eye.


True or false, with a 3-9x40 rifle scope, can you adjust the scope's power?

In this example, the 3-9 is the range of the scope, meaning yes, you can adjust a 3-9x40 scope's power. Scopes with a higher magnification range are more expensive than those with a fixed view.


Scopes are great for hunting, but for a long day of scouting, which tool is more appropriate?

Sure, you can do a lot of scouting with a scope. But a pair of really good binoculars will reduce eye fatigue and keep you sharper for the hunt.


Before you climbing into a blind or tree stand, you might want to use a ______ to measure distances around your hunting spot.

Once you're settled into a blind, it's often difficult to gauge distances. Using a laser rangefinder can help you mentally prepare for a shot before that big bear comes bumbling into view.


Why might you want a "space" blanket during hunt?

"Space" blankets, or survival blankets, look like big pieces of aluminum foil. In an emergency situation in the woods, they reflect your body heat and keep you a bit warmer, perhaps keeping you alive just long enough for a bear to find you and eat you.


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