How Much Do You Know About the Australian Jailbird Drama Wentworth?

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In prison, criminals keep right on doing what they do best -- plotting and scheming. And sometimes, their plans go horribly awry. How much do you know about the drama named "Wentworth"?

"Wentworth" is a drama that takes place mostly in which setting?

"Wentworth" is an Australian drama that takes place in a women's prison. It sometimes seems like a darker version of "Orange is the New Black."

The first episode follows a woman named Bea Smith, who is going to prison for which crime?

Bea's had some pretty serious relationship problems in her life. She's going to prison for the attempted murder of her own husband.

As the show starts, Bea is in "remand," which is what?'

Bea is arrested and charged with attempted murder, and then she's placed in remand -- basically detention before conviction.

Why did Bea try to kill her own husband?

Bea's husband is a violent rapist. So yeah, he probably deserved it.

Upon her arrival in prison, Bea meets a woman named Franky, who wants to use Bea for which purpose?

Franky is a high-strung woman who pushes Bea into working as a drug mule. It's a way for Franky to get meth into the jail.

A bigwig prisoner named Jacs suddenly reappears in the general population after a stint in _____.

Jacs has been in solitary confinement for misbehavior. Now she's back, and she's immediately ready to start stirring the pot again.

The prison warden, Meg Jackson, wants to stem the tide of drugs coming into the prison. What happens to her?

Meg wants the prison drug trade to stop. During a scuffle, she mysteriously winds up dead in a prison hallway.

Robbie Magasiva plays the part of Will. Why is Will distraught?

Will Jackson is a correctional officer at the prison, but then the prison warden, who also happens to be his wife, is murdered. His emotional state goes into a downward spiral.

Doreen is another prisoner. She's mostly worried about what issue?

Doreen is a mother, and her daughter Kaiya often spends time with her at the prison. She's terrified that she may lose custody of her little girl.

After Meg's murder, Will tells Doreen that she must help him find the killer. Otherwise, he'll do what?

After his wife's murder, Will is hellbent on finding the killer. He leverages his authority over Doreen, threatening to take away her daughter if she doesn't help him.

Debbie is a major character. Who is she?

Debbie is Bea's young daughter, and she's very angry with Bea for going to prison. Bea does everything she can to maintain contact with her beloved child.

What happens to Vera after Meg is murdered?

Vera is the wallflower deputy warden, and she's promoted to the top spot after Meg's death. But she can't handle the responsibility, so she's almost immediately demoted.

Will can't get a grip on his life after his wife Meg dies. He develops which problem?

To kill the pain, Will starts snorting cocaine. It almost immediately causes him problems at work.

Jacs has an intense rivalry with which person?

Jacs is a domineering inmate who is constantly clashing with Franky. The two women lead factions that plot against each other.

Why is Franky in prison?

Franky was a guest on a reality TV cooking show, and she lost her temper. As the cameras were rolling, she threw a pot of boiling oil at the host. There was no defense lawyer getting her out of that mess.

A prisoner named Ronnie cajoles her daughter, Amy, into smuggling ____ into the prison.

Ronnie twists Amy's arm and tells her to smuggle heroin into the prison. But the heroin packets break open inside Amy's body, and she goes into cardiac arrest.

Why does Franky decide to completely sever her relationship with her estranged father?

Franky's father abandoned her when she was just a child. She's never gotten over the feeling of loss and longing.

Liz chugs some homemade alcohol and then blabbers about her past. Why is she in prison?

It's a sad story. Liz accidentally killed her mother-in-law with a tractor, and now she's in the slammer for it.

Jacs orders her minions to attack Franky. Bea tries to convince her to stop the attack. What does Jacs do?

Jacs is devoid of empathy. When Bea protests the attack, she has Bea assaulted instead. The results are not pretty.

Jacs' son Brayden purposely starts a relationship with Bea's daughter, Debbie. What does he do to Debbie?

Jacs sends her son on an evil mission. He introduces Debbie to heroin and then kills her with an overdose.

What does Bea do after she learns of Debbie's death?

Bea's life is shattered when she learns of Debbie's death. She tries to hang herself, but Liz saves her at the last moment.

Vera sleeps with Matt and then learns that he was doing what?

Vera finally has intercourse with Matt and then immediately finds out that he was having a relationship with the late Meg ... and that she got pregnant and had an abortion.

Jacs stokes Bea's anger about Debbie's death. What does Bea do?

Bea is infuriated that Jacs may have had something to do with Debbie's death. She grabs a pen and jabs it into Jacs' neck ... and she dies.

What happens to Bea after she kills Jacs?

Bea, unfairly convicted to begin with, now has to serve 12 more years after killing Jacs. She has a long, long wait for freedom.

Bea's husband, Harry, visits Bea and asks for a divorce. Why does Bea refuse?

Bea tells Harry to shelve the divorce papers until he helps her kill Jacs' son Brayden. She wants revenge for Debbie's death.

Bea lures Brayden into visiting the prison, and then she tries to kill him. What happens?

Bea's cold-blooded attempt on Brayden's life fails. And as revenge, he starts a plot to murder Bea as she languishes behind bars.

Vera's elderly mother has a terminal illness, so Vera decides to ____.

Vera, tired of the suffering and the burden associated with her mother's illness, gives her an overdose of morphine, and she dies.

Doreen has a major life event. What is it?

Doreen starts an affair with a correctional officer. Then she becomes pregnant and struggles to hide her condition.

Maxine is plagued with which health problem while behind bars?

As if being imprisoned isn't bad enough, Maxine develops breast cancer, too. She undergoes a double mastectomy to combat the condition.

How does Allie play a role in Bea's life?

Allie is a new inmate who starts a relationship with Bea. The two get along fabulously, but their happiness won't last for long.

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