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From Toyota to Tesla, car manufacturers love to tout their sales numbers. But some cars clearly sell better than others. How well do you know history's best-selling cars?

Which company created the first car that sold in huge quantities?

Henry Ford's assembly line process made car assembly much more efficient. That's why, at the beginning of the 20th century, Ford Motors was able to make the first best-selling vehicles.


Which early Ford model became one of the best-selling cars ever?

Ford found a huge winner in its Model T. The company made its Model T from 1908 until 1927.


What is the best-selling car in history?

The Toyota Corolla isn't exciting, but it's dependable and fuel efficient. More than 43 million of these little cars have been sold since the model was introduced in 1966.


Ford stopped producing the Model T in 1927. For how long did the car retain the record for the best-selling vehicle?

The Model T died in 1927 and then kept right on selling. No other car could match its sales numbers for 45 years, even as the world's population increased and manufacturing capabilities became more advanced.


Which company produces the popular sports car named the 911?

As far as fast sports cars go, the Porsche 911 has hit significant sales numbers. The company has so far sold around one million of these zippy little cars.


Which truck has sold more than any other in the United States?

If you're an American, you know that the Ford F-Series is easily the best-selling truck in the U.S. The F-Series began way back in 1948, and more than 40 million of them have been sold.


True or false, has the Toyota Corolla's design essentially remained the same since its introduction in the 60s?

The VW Beetle is startlingly similar no matter which model year you choose. The Corolla? Not so much. Modern versions are completely different than those produced just a couple of generations ago.


Which of the following car models has sold in the greatest numbers?

The trusty Honda Accord first hit the scene in 1976, and it's never looked back. Honda has sold more than 17 million of these practical vehicles.


Which country produced a legendary model called the Lada?

A Russian carmaker began producing the Lada in 1970, and to date, 20 million of them have been sold. The Lada is both loved and loathed in Eastern Europe.


Which of these Ford models has had the strongest sales?

Ford has only been making the Focus since 1998, but it's proved to be an exceedingly popular model. Thanks to its fuel-efficiency and reliability, the company has sold more than 18 million of them.


The Russian Lada has been sold since 1970. Until 2012, the Lada's design ______.

It seems borderline crazy, but the Lada's design hardly changed at all from 1970 to 2012. It was meant to be a simple, budget-priced vehicle for a population that was often strapped for cash.


What's the name of the Russian car company that makes the best-selling Lada?

Russian car maker AvtoVAZ manufactures the Lada. WIth more than 20 million of these (sometimes rickety, sometimes reliable) cars, the AvtoVAZ name is very familiar to Eastern Europeans.


Which popular Honda car has outsold even the best-selling Honda Accord?

The Honda Civic is even smaller than the Accord, but it's still smashing sales records. More than 18 million of the reliable Civics have been sold around the world.


In 2017, Toyota unveiled the Corolla iM. What's special about it?

A hatchback version of the Corolla sedan has been sold around the world for years. Now that hatchback is in America, and it's called the Corolla iM.


The best-selling Russian Lada borrowed its design from another car manufacturer. Which manufacturer was it?

The Lada wasn't exactly a unique beast. The manufacturer based the Lada on the Fiat 124 ... but the Lada was ruggedized so that it could handle tough Russian roads and weather.


Which car company makes the best-selling 3 Series?

BMW has been selling its popular 3 Series for more than four decades, to the tune of more than 14 million sold. It's a BMW experience for people who otherwise might never have the money to buy one of the company's more expensive models.


The Renault Clio has been sold more than 12 million times since its 1990 introduction. It's made by a company based in which country?

France is known for its successful Renault-branded cars. The Clio is renowned for its affordability and fun performance.


Which car company is known for making a best-selling model called the Uno?

Fiat has been building the Uno since 1983 and has sold around nine million of the little cars. The Uno was built for more than 20 years before the company opted to end the name.


Chevy has sold the most of which of the following models?

Chevy's been selling its popular Impala since 1958. It's always been a full-size car featuring plenty of room for family and cargo, and the formula has worked, with sales exceeding 14 million.


Depending on where you buy it, the best-selling Nissan Sentra may also be known as the _____.

The Nissan Sentra (or Sunny) has been around since 1966, and it goes by other names, too. No matter how you say it, the Sentra's been sold roughly 16 million times since its introduction.


Which foreign car maker builds the best-selling Corsa?

Opel's Corsa is one of the world's most popular cars ... but not in America. More than 18 million of the little cars have been sold, mostly in Europe.


Which car company is known for its best-selling Passat model?

VW started selling its Passat back in 1973, and since then, the company has sold more than 15 million of the model, which almost always receives good reviews.


The Fury was an incredibly popular car from which American car maker?

From 1959 to 1978, there were few cars as stylish as the Fury. Plymouth sold around 3.6 million of the model before pulling the plug and investing in new nameplates.


After 45 years, which car model finally toppled the Model T as the all-time best-selling car?

It's hard to overstate the popularity of the VW Beetle. In 1972, Volkswagen eagerly announced that the Beetle had topped 15 million sold, but things changed a bit once Ford corrected its records to reflect 16.5 million Model Ts sold. Still, it wasn't long before the Beetle grabbed the crown outright.


Which company sold an incredibly popular model called the Escort?

Ford started selling its American version of the Escort in 1980. It was meant to replace the Pinto which had, shall we say, a rather spotty record. Ford sold more than 18 million Escorts before doing away with the name.


The VW Beetle toppled a giant -- the Model T -- in terms of sales. How many Beetles have been sold?

The VW is easily one of the best-selling cars in history, with more than 23 million sold. The car's fundamental mechanics and design have changed very little in its more than 65-year history.


Volkswagen is famous for its best-selling Type 2, which is what sort of vehicle?

The Type 2 is the best-selling van ever. You've seen long-haired hippies driving them everywhere, because VW sold more than 12 million of these iconic vans.


The VW Beetle took away the Model T's claim as the best-selling vehicle. Which model then nabbed the crown from the Beetle?

The Beetle reigned for a few years. But the Toyota Corolla took the market by storm, and in the late 1990s it took the crown as the best-selling vehicle.


Volkswagen often makes the list of best-selling cars. What's the company's top-selling model ever?

After VW killed off the Beetle, it relied on the Golf to keep its factories afloat. The small Golf delivered, and more than 30 million of them have been sold since 1974.


Ford produced its popular Model T for nearly two decades. How many Model Ts did the company sell?

During the Model T's nearly 20-year run, Ford manufactured about 16.5 million of its most famous car. The population of America in 1928, when production ceased? About 120 million. Everyone knew someone who had a Model T.


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