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Guns, guns, the deadliest flutes, the more you build, the more shoot. The world is swimming in locks, stocks and barrels -- how much do you know about the most numerous firearms in history?

What was one of the best-selling guns of the Old West?

In the 19th century, Samuel Colt innovated the mass production of revolvers, including the Colt Single Action Army. It quickly became one of the most common guns on the frontier.


The AR-15 is what sort of firearm?

The AR-15 is an assault rifle that's exceedingly popular around the world. It's spawned an entire industry dedicated to AR-15 customization.


The Gewehr 98 was designed and built in which country?

First made in 1898, the Gewehr 98 is a German bolt-action rifle. It was adopted as the standard service rifle in the German Army.


Germany's Gewehr 98 saw plenty of infantry combat in which war?

The Gewehr 98 was Germany's primary combat rifle in World War I. It was a very accurate rifle at long ranges, but the barrel was so long that it was terrible for any sort of trench fighting.


Which gun has been manufactured more than any other?

The iconic AK-47 is the most-produced gun in the history of humankind. First designed for the Soviet army, it has proliferated around the world in staggering -- and deadly -- numbers.


What type of firearm is the AK-47?

The AK-47 is an assault rifle that can fire hundreds of rounds per minute. The standard 30-round magazine means that shooters can unleash dozens of rounds without reloading.


What sort of gun is the Winchester Model 1866?

The Winchester Model 1866 is a famous lever-action rifle common in the Old West. It's in a family of guns noted as "The Gun that Won the West."


What sort of action does the Mosin–Nagant rifle use?

The Mosin–Nagant is a bolt-action rifle that first appeared in the 1890s. It was created for the Russian Army.


The M1 Garand originated in which country?

The M1 Garand is a famous rifle from America that made a huge impact during World War II. Its semi-automatic action gave Allied troops a speed advantage over slower Axis rifles.


When was the AK-47 first produced?

The AK-47 was first manufactured in the wake of World War II. It became a Cold War fixture in the Soviet Union … and then it spread around the globe, built by numerous companies in varying degrees of quality.


The Lee–Enfield rifle was the standard service rifle for which military?

The Lee–Enfield is a bolt-action rifle designed and deployed for the British military. More than 17 million of these rifles were constructed starting in the late 1890s.


What sort of cartridges does the M1 Garand fire?

The M1 Garand is a .30-caliber rifle that uses an 8-round clip. More than 6 million were manufactured, primarily for the Allied WWII effort.


The AR-15 is also known as the _____.

The AR-15 is a very common American assault rifle. The military version is called the M16, which became a staple of the Vietnam War.


Which of these famous guns used a lever action?

The Winchester Model 1873 was one of the most popular rifles on the American frontier. Hundreds of thousands of these guns were manufactured, and it was produced until the early 1920s.


The IMI Uzi originated in which country?

The IMI Uzi hails from Israel. With its distinctive snub-nosed design, this little machine gun has been manufactured by the millions and made its way into many Hollywood action scenes.


What sort of weapon is the FN Browning M1900?

The FN Browning M1900 is an extremely common single action, semi-automatic pistol designed in the 1890s. It was the first mass-produced pistol to feature a slide.


There may be as many as ______ AK-47 rifles around the world.

The AK-47 has been in production since 1949. It's cheap and easy to make, one of the reasons that there are as many 150 million of them around the globe.


Which country built the Type 99 rifle?

Japan unleashed the Type 99 rifle by the millions during World War II. These bolt-action rifles deteriorated in quality as the war dragged on and Japanese manufacturers lowered their quality standards in an effort to speed up production.


What's the effective firing range of the famed Lee–Enfield rifle?

The Lee–Enfield is effective to around 500 yards. It fires a .303 cartridge and uses a 10-round magazine.


The Mosin–Nagant is a very common military weapon that's still used in combat despite its age. About how many were manufactured?

The Mosin–Nagant is an accurate and reliable bolt-action rifle, and it was manufactured by millions. Nearly 40 million were produced from the early 1890s to the 1960s.


The AK-47 is officially known as the _____.

The AK-47 was designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov in the late 1940s. It's often called the Kalashnikov, or just "AK."


The SKS is semi-automatic carbine created in which country?

SKS stands for Samozaryadny Karabin sistemy Simonova … and as you can probably guess, it's a weapon that arose in the Soviet Union. More than 15 million of these classic rifles were produced beginning in the mid-1940s.


The Remington Model 870 is the most-produced shotgun in American history. About how many have been built?

The Model 870 is probably the most iconic American shotgun. Remington has manufactured upward of 10 million of these popular pump-action scatterguns.


The Mossberg 500 is a very popular type of _____.

The Mossberg 500 is a common shotgun. Made in America, more than 10 million have been manufactured since 1960.


True or false: The SKS was widely used during World War II.

The Soviet SKS was just coming into play in 1945, as the Third Reich began crumbling. Very few of these weapons played any sort of role during the conflict.


The Russian Mosin–Nagant has a magazine that stores how many rounds?

The Mosin–Nagant is a bolt-action rifle with a 5-round magazine. Unlike so many rifles, this one uses an internal magazine.


How many rounds per minute can a typical Uzi fire?

Standard Uzi configurations can fire around 600 rounds per minute. These little machine guns have an effective range of around 200 meters.


What was the official name of the "Peacemaker," a popular gun used to settle disputes in the Old West?

The Colt Single Action Army was often called the Peacemaker. Often, its mere presence was enough to de-escalate Old West conflicts.


The Walther P38 was born of which conflict?

During WWII, the Nazis made more than a million Walther P38 pistols, which were meant to replace an expensive Luger model. It was produced until 1945, when the Reich fell.


What sort of firearm is the Winchester Model 1897?

Designed by John Moses Browning, the Winchester Model 1897 was a very common shotgun after the turn of the century. It became very useful for close-quarters combat in numerous wars, from the Philippine–American War to modern-day conflicts.


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