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The Bible Belt is found in the Southern United States and it gets its name from the large population and heavy influence of religion in the area. The Church is very important in the area, and a majority of people do attend regularly. Religion affects almost all aspects of life. What do you know about the Bible Belt?

Do you know all of the different names used to refer to the Bible Belt? What about the city known as the "Buckle of the Bible Belt?" Do you know who came up with the term "Bible Belt"? The area has made a name for itself due to the unique way of living and thinking of the people who live there.

Can you name some of the people who have been and still are important to the region? Do you know how the area handles things like education or social issues? What about the type of organizations that you would find in the area? Keep in mind that the area is dominated by religion, but that doesn't mean that everyone there is religious!

So, if you know your stuff when it comes to the South and how its influenced by religion, you've got this. Take the quiz to see how well you truly know the Bible Belt!

What area of the United States is the Bible Belt typically associated with?

The Bible Belt is typically associated with the South. Although it doesn't have an exact, defined area, the Southern States are typically the ones associated with it.


Which city is called a "buckle of the Bible Belt"?

Nashville is the often called the "buckle of the Bible Belt." This is because of its large number of religious organizations and churches, and the amount of people who practice their faith.


Which of these states would not be considered as part of the Bible Belt?

Alaska is not considered part of the Bible Belt. Even though there are no true defining outlines for the belt, Alaska is not in the South and the area has a low number of people who consider themselves religious.


Who came up with the term "Bible Belt"?

H. L. Mencken came up with the term "Bible Belt" for the area. He first used it in 1924, years after the formation of the belt in an article he wrote in the Chicago Daily Tribune.


What is more present in the Bible Belt than anywhere else in the country?

There are more churches in areas inside the Bible Belt than in other places around the country. Since religion is an important part of daily life, it only makes sense to have many facilities to practice it.


Is it true or false that the Bible Belt had an influence on music?

This is true. The Bible Belt influenced both country music and gospel music that would often intersect with each other as well. It's easy to hear the influences of both genres.


What type of views do many people in the Bible Belt hold?

Many people in the Bible Belt hold conservative views. They are typically heavily influenced by the Bible and try follow the teachings presented in the book.


Which phrase is common to hear in the area?

"It's not Christian" is a common phrase used in the Bible Belt. In short means that it's not something that is right to be doing.


Who wrote the book "Southern Churches in Crisis"?

Samuel S. Hill Jr. was the author of the book "Southern Churches in Crisis." The book was published in 1967, and spoke of the social obligations that Southern churches should feel a responsibility to support.


If you turned on the radio in the Bible Belt, what are you likely to hear?

There are an abundance of Christian radio stations in the Bible Belt. The area has a demand for these types of stations due to the high population of religious people.


Is it true or false that religion dictates a large part of daily lives in the Bible Belt?

This is true. In the Bible Belt, religion is one of the most important parts of life. It affects everything from social lives to private lives.


What religion are most people in the Bible Belt?

The Bible Belt is mostly made up of people of the Protestant religion. Religion is a big factor on life as a whole within the Bible Belt, dictating much of the way that people live and think.


Religious people in the Bible Belt have likely embarked on what?

Mission trips are common events in the area of the Bible Belt. A mission trip is something that members of the church do, where they travel and help people in need.


What day are businesses likely to be closed in the Bible Belt?

Many businesses in the Bible Belt are closed on Sunday. This is because Blue laws enforce the idea that Sunday is a day of rest.


What is very high in the Bible Belt?

Teen pregnancy is very high in the Bible Belt compared to other places. This is often explained by the lack of sexual education in the area.


Which of the following is looked down on in the Bible Belt?

Abortion is looked down upon in the Bible Belt. This can be attributed to many factors such as beliefs, social pressure and even sexual education.


What is often asked upon meeting someone in the Bible Belt?

In the Bible Belt, it is very common to be asked what church you attend upon meeting someone. It is a common assumption in the area, as religion and God are a major part of everyone's lives in the belt.


Which of the following is low in the Bible Belt?

Education in the Bible Belt is quite low. This may not have anything to do with religion, but rather than much of the Bible Belt area is economically distressed.


When did the Bible Belt start to form?

The Bible Belt started to form in the 1800s. It was an area that didn't experience as much immigration as the Northern states did, which made Protestantism thrive.


People in the Bible Belt follow the teachings of what?

The people who live in the Bible Belt follow the teachings of God and the Bible. Of course, this does not apply to every person in the area, but a large majority.


Is it true or false that churches in the Bible Belt advertise their services?

This is true. They use many methods of advertising to promote their services such as billboards, signs and even flyers in the mail to recruit new members.


Another term used for the Bible Belt is what?

"The Deep South" is another term used for the Bible Belt. The term is commonly used to define states such as Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi, where the Bible Belt is also considered to be.


What is typically limited in the areas of the Bible Belt?

Sexual education is usually limited in the areas of the Bible Belt. Most classes believe in teaching abstinence, and some may not teach it at all.


The Bible Belt is typically made up of what types of areas?

A large chunk of the Bible Belt is made up of rural areas. There are, of course, more populated areas as well that fill the belt, such as a buckle, Nashville.


Some places in the Bible Belt refuse to sell what?

Some places in the Bible Belt refuse to sell alcohol. They are typically referred to as "dry areas" and it is up to the county to decided whether or not alcohol is permitted.


Before being known as the Bible Belt, what was another word that was used to describe the region?

Another name used for the Bible Belt was the Confederate States. These were the southern states that fought in the Civil War.


The Bible Belt has a high rate of what?

The Bible Belt has a very high divorce rate. There are a few reasons that this area has a high divorce rate, which includes early marriages.


Is it true or false that there are Bible Belts in other countries?

This is true. The United States isn't the only country with a Bible Belt. These belts can be found in places such as Canada and even Europe and Australia.


Churches in the Bible Belt were what, until the late 19th century?

Churches in the Bible Belt were segregated until the late 19th century. The church was not the instigator of segregation, as many aspects of daily life in those times involved racial segregation.


Which of the following books would you not find in the Bible Belt schools?

"The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" by Mark Twain is not a book that would be found in most schools in the Bible Belt. This is due to its criticism of Christianity.


What is a term used for social conservatives in the Bible Belt?

Christian Right is another term for Social Conservatives. Social Conservatives are commonly found in the Bible Belt and their politics are commonly influenced by their religion and beliefs.


What do many kids in the Bible Belt do during the summer?

Kids that live in the Bible Belt will typically go to church summer camps. These camps can be found elsewhere as well, but they are more prominent in the Bible Belt.


Is it true or false that the Bible Belt is the only belt in the United States?

This is false. There have been more than one belt in the United States, with the Bible Belt being just one of them. Other belts include the Cotton Belt and the Tornado Belt.


Which city is one of the most Bible-minded cities in the country, according to the American Bible Society?

Chattanooga is one of the most Bible-minded cities in the country according to the American Bible Society. Two cities in the state of Tennessee made the Top 5 on the list.


Who was the "Father of National Prohibition"?

Morris Shepherd was the "Father of National Prohibition." The Bible Belt had a large effect on his success because of their beliefs.


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