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Throughout its long history, Boston has been a team of both ups and downs, with many storied moments and many moments that fans would rather forget about. Are you a fan of the team? Could you pass a quiz on the Red Sox and their history? Here's your chance to find out! 

The Boston Red Sox have been around since the early years of baseball, before the modern era of the game, before the rise of Babe Ruth in the live-ball era, even before their own stadium, which is the oldest in baseball. This is a team that has done it all. They've produced star players, made it to and won World Series, set records and attracted thousands of fans. It's hard not to appreciate a team with a history like that. 

Can you recall everything that makes the Red Sox so great? Do you know the players and managers who led the team through the different eras? Why not take this quiz and find out? That's if you're up for a challenge, because this quiz isn't for anyone. Only true Red Sox fans will be able to answer all of these questions correctly. If you're up for the challenge, get started and prove your knowledge! 

What year did the Boston Red Sox franchise start?

The Red Sox were originally owned by Charles Somers. However, the team was sold twice between 1902 and 1904.


The Boston Red Sox were originally called what?

The Red Sox were renamed by owner John Taylor. He chose the name after the 1907 season.


What was the name of Boston's first stadium?

Huntington Avenue Grounds was home to the Red Sox from 1901 until 1911. The stadium held over 11,000 screaming fans.


The Red Sox are part of which league?

The American League was once the Western League. It was renamed when the league declared Major League status in 1901.


What is the name of the Red Sox stadium?

Fenway Park is the oldest park in Major League Baseball. It's famous for the "Green Monster," which is a large wall on the left side of the field.


The award for best pitcher each year is named after which former Red Sox player?

Cy Young played his entire career at pitcher. He was part of the Red Sox from 1901 until 1908, including a stint as manager in 1907.


When did the Red Sox play in their first World Series?

The Red Sox, or the Americans at the time, beat the Pirates in eight games in the 1903 World Series. The series went back and forth in the first few games, but Boston won four straight and the title.


How many World Series have the Red Sox won?

No team has won more World Series than the Red Sox' rival, the Yankees. Currently, the Yankees have 27 titles.


How many AL pennants have the Red Sox won?

For years, the Red Sox broke the hearts of fans by reaching the World Series but failing to win. Two of the most evident cases were in 1946 and 1967.


What was Tris Speaker's nickname?

Tris Speaker played center fielder for the Red Sox. He holds multiple records on the defensive side of the ball, including assists and double plays.


When did Babe Ruth sign with the Red Sox?

Babe Ruth was a seven-time World Series champion. He won three of those with the Red Sox.


What position did Babe Ruth primarily play while with the Red Sox?

Babe Ruth was known more as a hitter than as a defensive player. Over the course of his career, he hit 714 home runs.


Which team did the Red Sox trade Babe Ruth to in 1919?

After the trade, the Red Sox wouldn't win another World Series until the next century. The decision became known as the Curse of the Bambino.


Who purchased the Red Sox in 1916?

Harry Frazee was a theater producer and director. Many people speculate that he traded Babe Ruth to finance a play on Broadway.


Who managed the Red Sox from 1913-1916?

Bill Carrigan was a player-manager for the Red Sox. He played catcher while on the field.


Who did the Red Sox play in the 1915 World Series?

The Phillies won game 1 of this series. However, they lost the next four and the World Series 4-1.


How many games did the 1916 World Series last?

The Red Sox defeated the Brooklyn Robins in the 1916 World Series. The first three games of the series were close, but the Red Sox proved too much in the final two games, winning by a combined seven points.


What position did Harry Hooper play?

Harry Hooper was part of the Golden Outfield, which also consisted of Tris Speaker and Duffy Lewis. This is regarded as one of the best outfields in the history of baseball.


Where did Lefty Grove play before joining the Red Sox?

Lefty Grove was a two-time World Series winner and six-time All-Star​. He played for Boston from 1934 until 1941, during an era where the team was trying to rebuild.


What's the worst record Boston's ever had?

Boston posted a record of 43-111 during the 1932 season. This was after nearly a decade of declining play.


Who bought the Red Sox in 1933?

Tom Yawkey owned the team for 44 years. For his role in rebuilding the Red Sox, he was elected to the MLB hall of fame in 1980.


What year did Ted Williams sign with the Red Sox?

During his playing time, Ted Williams received the nickname "The Greatest Hitter of All Time," as he set multiple records. He still holds the record for the highest on-base percentage.


What position did Ted Williams play?

Ted Williams' career was interrupted by World War II and the Korean War. He left baseball for a time to serve in both wars.


How many Triple Crowns did Ted Williams earn during his career?

Ted Williams won just about every offensive award imaginable during his playing time. For his play, he was elected to the hall of fame in 1966.


Who did Boston lose to in the 1946 World Series?

This was a seven-game series that went back and forth between the two teams. However, the Cardinals managed to win the final two games, with a 4-3 victory in game 7.


What name was given to the 1967 season for the Boston Red Sox?

No one believed the Red Sox would make it to the 1967 World Series, yet they did. However, they lost again to the Cardinals, continuing the Curse of the Bambino.


How many games did the 1967 World Series last?

This was another long series between the Cardinals and the Red Sox that saw the Cardinals go up 3-1 in the series only for Boston to storm back and tie the series 3-3. However, the Cardinals dominated the last game and won the World Series.


Which Red Sox player was named the AL Rookie of the Year in 1975?

Fred Lynn had an outstanding rookie season playing with the Red Sox. Aside from his Rookie of the Year award, he was also named the AL MVP.


Which Red Sox player received the AL MVP in 1986?

Roger Clemens won more Cy Young Awards than any other pitcher in baseball. He was also an 11-time All-Star and won two World Series.


Who did the Red Sox play in the 1986 World Series?

The Red Sox went into the 1986 World Series as huge underdogs. They managed to push the series to seven games, but lost the final game 8-5.


Who did the Red Sox play in the 2004 ALCS?

This series saw one of the greatest comebacks in playoff history. After going up 3-0, the Yankees lost four straight, and the Red Sox advanced to the World Series.


Which pitcher had the "Bloody Sock"?

The "Bloody Sock" will forever live in Red Sox lore. The event happened in game 6 of the ALCS in 2004 against the Yankees, where Curt Schilling pitched a game while his foot bled from stitches.


When Boston won the 2004 World Series, how long had they gone without a title?

After 86 years, the Curse of the Bambino was finally over. The Boston Red Sox were World Series champions once again.


Who did Boston defeat in the 2007 World Series?

The Red Sox followed up their success three years later by winning another World Series. This time they swept the Rockies to win the title.


Who was the MVP of the 2013 World Series?

David Ortiz became a Boston legend after winning three World Series with the team. For his accomplishments, the Red Sox retired his number 34.


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