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Close to a century ago, pro hockey was in its infancy in North America. Then, six teams started scuffing the ice, and professional sports would never again be the same – one of those teams was the Chicago Blackhawks. Back then, though, they weren’t known as the Blackhawks … do you know what the team was called?

Some of the first teams immediately excelled, while others fell flat. Do you recall how long it took the Blackhawks to win their first Stanley Cup? And did you know that the team has endured more than one long title drought, the likes of which have been matched by only a few other pro sports clubs?

With their long history, the Blackhawks have been home to numerous iconic players. Can you name any of the young men who drove the team to glory? Can you remember any of the star players who suffered through long, lean years of losing?

How well do you know the modern club? Do you even know the arena where they play their home games? And can you name the players who have taken Chicago fans on a wild series of recent title runs?

Face off with our icy hockey quiz right now!

The Chicago Blackhawks play in which pro sports league?

The Blackhawks are one of the most popular teams in the National Hockey League. They've been playing since 1926.


How many Stanley Cup titles have the Blackhawks won?

The Blackhawks have won the Stanley Cup six times, most recently at the end of the 2014-15 season. Three of those Cups have come since the turn of the 21st century.


True or false, are the Blackhawks one of the NHL's "Original Six" teams?

It's true, the Blackhawks are one of the NHL's legendary "Original Six," the first teams in the league. The other five are Detroit, Toronto, Montreal, Boston and New York.


The Blackhawks play in which NHL division?

If you know your geography, you know that Chicago is in the Midwest. The Blackhawks play in the Central Division of the Western Conference.


What color uniform do the Blackhawks wear for home games?

At home, the Blackhawks don their bright red jerseys. All the better to the disguise the color of their enemies' blood.


Who is the current team coach?

Since 1996, Joel Quenneville has been head coach, and he's enjoyed an incredible run of success -- he's won three Stanley Cups since 2010.


Where do the Blackhawks play their home games?

The United Center is home to both the Blackhawks and the Bulls (of the NBA). The arena has been open since 1994, but the Blackhawks didn't play their first game there until 1995 due to a league lockout.


True or false, did the team win the 1992 Stanley Cup?

In 1992, the Blackhawks made the Finals for the first time in two decades, and Chicago fans were thrilled. But the team was beaten by an ultra-talented Boston Bruins squad.


In the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals, the Blackhawks took on which team?

Chicago eagerly awaited the 2010 Finals, as it was the first time in a long time (1992) that the team had made the title series. They won the championship in six games over the Flyers.


Why did the team change its name from "Black Hawks" to "Blackhawks" in 1986?

Team officials stumbled across original franchise paperwork featuring "Blackhawks." To make the name sit right with the original intent, the name was changed to the updated version.


True or false, did the Blackhawks win their division in 2017?

The Blackhawks regularly contend for the division title, and they did win it in 2017. Since the turn of the century, they've won the division three times.


Stan Mikita was one of the best _____ ever to play hockey.

During the 1960s, Mikita was probably the best center in all of hockey. It wasn't always that way, though -- as a young pro he was one of the most-penalized players in the NHL.


The Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup in 1961. How long was it before the team won another NHL title?

Chicago found early success during its title runs … and then started coming up empty. After a 1961 title, the team wouldn't win another until 2010.


Where does the team's name come from?

The team's name is based on the "Blackhawk Division" from World War I. That division borrowed its name from a Native American warrior who lived in the area of Illinois in the 1830s.


Which team did Chicago beat to win the 2015 Stanley Cup?

In 2015, the Blackhawks faced off with the Tampa Bay Lightning and fell behind two games to one. Then, they won the next three games to win the series in six.


What position does Blackhawks star Patrick Kane play?

Chicago selected right wing Patrick Kane with the first pick of the 2007 draft. It's no coincidence that the team has won three titles since Kane's arrival.


The Blackhawks fired their first coach after his first season. What did the disgruntled coach do?

Pete Muldoon was incensed when he was fired, so he "cursed" the team, saying they'd never finish first. Although the curse was clearly fictitious, the team won only seven games the following season while losing 37.


What distinction did the Blackhawks receive in 2004?

In 2004, the team was a laughingstock of not just the league, but in pro sports in general. ESPN called them the worst team in all of pro sports.


What role does Stan Bowman have with the Blackhawks?

Bowman's been with the team since 2001, always in a business capacity. He's currently the VP and GM, responsible for bringing in championship-caliber players.


Keith Magnuson was a defender who also spent a lot of time ______.

Magnuson was a stellar Blackhawks defender in the 1970s. He served way too many penalty minutes, though, in part because he was always fighting as an enforcer.


True or false, has Blackhawks star Patrick Kane ever led the NHL in scoring?

During the 2015-16 season, Kane was on fire. He led the entire league by scoring 106 points (46 goals and 60 assists) and went on to win the league MVP award.


How many games did Chicago need to beat Boston in the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals?

Chicago won a triple-OT thriller in the first game of the 2013 Finals … and then dropped the next two. Then, they roared back to win the series in six games.


In 1976, which famous player did the Blackhawks trade for?

In '76, the Blackhawks got their hands on Bobby Hull, one of the NHL's biggest stars. But Hull was plagued by injuries at the end of his career and only managed a couple of dozen games in a Chicago uniform.


What was goalie Ed Belfour's nickname?

Ed Belfour is third all-time with 484 wins. But he was known as a loose cannon who earned the name "Crazy Eddie."


The Blackhawks won the 1934 Stanley Cup by beating the _____.

The Blackhawks made their first Cup appearance in 1931 but lost. Three years later, they found hockey glory when they defeated the Detroit Red Wings for the title.


Max Bentley was the first Blackhawks player to do what?

Bentley was a center who started his NHL career back in the 1940s. He became a scoring sensation and he was the first Blackhawk to win the Hart Award.


What was special about the Blackhawks' 1938 championship season?

The '38 Blackhawks stunk, with a regular season record of 11-25, which nearly put them out of playoff contention. Somehow, they managed to pull things together for a miraculous title run.


In 1967, the Blackhawks executed a famous trade with the Bruins, trading three Chicago players for three from Boston. Who won the trade?

Few hockey trades have been so lopsided. Chicago received Pit Martin, Jack Norris and Gilles Marotte, while giving up Phil Esposito, Ken Hodge and Fred Stanfield, who would go on to help the Bruins dominate the league and win two Stanley Cups.


Can you name one team that Blackhawks star Denis Savard did NOT play for during his career?

Savard played from 1980 to 1997, and he became a star as a center for the Blackhawks. He also spent time with Montreal and Tampa Bay before retiring.


On March 23, 1952, Bill Mosienko scored a hat trick versus the Rangers. How long did it take him to score three goals?

Mosienko went on a scoring rampage against the Rangers during one legendary performance. He scored three goals in just 21 seconds.


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