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Do you live, eat, and breathe classic cars, especially those from Europe? If you haven't heard of the Donington Historic Festival, you're about to be in for the treat of a lifetime. 

Europeans, in general, love to celebrate their rich automotive history. After all, it's where the automobile was born and first took to the streets. Britain quickly took to the car scene, including holding races in venues throughout the island nation. One way people in the country, and from all over Europe, celebrate this heritage is through this annual festival. The fame of this event has only been increasing with each passing year as it continues to grow in size and influence. 

Quite a few racers head to the Donington Historic Festival each year, which is usually held in the late spring. They also come with a classic car or motorcycle, because that's what organizers allow to race. As you can imagine, this is quite the treat for anyone who likes old cars. Even better, spectators show up with their classic rides as well. 

How much do you know about this gearhead gathering? Take the quiz now and find out! 

Where is the festival held each year?

Donington Park is located in Castle Donington, which is situated in Derby. If you're not aware, that's in England.


What does it cost to enter the paddock as a fan?

Any and all spectators can enter the paddock without paying a thing, which means seeing your favorite cars and drivers is within your budget.


What does the festival contain in the infield?

Car clubs can register for space in the infield, allowing members to display their vehicles for all to ogle.


From what decade are the oldest cars at the festival?

Racers compete in different classes, representing vehicles from the 1920s all the way to the 2000s, making for quite the spectacle.


What is the so-called Mad Jack race?

One of the fan favorites, the Mad Jack race might not be the fastest, but it certainly comes packed with loads of history.


What rally competition is a big crowd pleaser?

The crowd really enjoys seeing the Group B cars hit the track, commemorating when Donnington Park was an RAC Rally stage and Group B races were held there.


What other types of vehicles are present at the festival?

Each year, vintage airplanes do flyovers at the festival, treating visitors to a fun and unique sight in the sky.


Each year, what event from April of 1993 is commemorated?

Formula One car demonstrations are held on the track during the festival and the cars are put on display for people to walk around, all in commemoration of when Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, Damon Hill, and Alain Prost battled it out on the same track.


What is the new Garage 39?

Garage 39 was part of several new changes for the venue, that were opened just in time for the festival in 2018.


To gain access to the classic parking area, how old must a vehicle be?

If you show up in your classic car, you get to park in this special area located in the infield, making it part of the festivities.


How many days of racing are included in the festival?

Qualifying takes place all day, followed by two days packed with racing for all classes, making for plenty of excitement.


What do people do with their pets at the festival?

Only guide dogs are allowed at the event, so nothing in the festival centers on animals.


What do festival organizers call the infield portion of the track during the event?

With hundreds of classic cars on display for people to walk among and look at, it really is like an open-air museum display of fully-functioning vehicles.


What era of cars are represented in the HRDC Touring Greats race?

The touring cars featured in this invite-only race include classics from around Europe, like Volvo Amazons and Austin A35s.


What was the first year of the festival?

Within this relatively short period of time, the festival has become a magnet for historic racing in the UK and Europe in general, with its fame spreading quickly.


What model year range is included in the Coys Trophy racing?

This is a really wide range of cars, considering everything from Ford Mustangs to Mini Coopers line up and compete against each other, creating plenty of interesting matchups.


What's one qualification criteria for the Historic Touring Car Challenge?

Not only do the cars need to have been built before 1991, they're also all British or European, and, of course, are tourers.


At lunchtime what goes on during the festival?

The various car clubs will parade their vehicles around the track, creating quite the spectacle for visitors to admire when there's no racing.


When are all the cars in the U2TC grid made?

Perhaps the most popular of the cars in this race is the Ford Lotus Cortina, which competes against vehicles like the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA and BMW 1800 TISA.


What do festival organizers charge car clubs to set up a stand?

Organizers actually encourage car clubs to set up displays with flags, banners, marquees, etc. to make more of a spectacle in the track's infield.


For a GT car to compete for the GT & Sports Car Cup, how old must it be?

While the GT cars need to be built before 1966, sports-racing cars must be built before 1963, matching what was used in the World Endurance Championship from back in the day.


What kinds of cars compete for the HSCC Derek Bell Trophy?

More specifically, the cars must be 1967 to 1979 Formula 5000 and Formula 2 single-seaters.


What was the basis for the original track?

It was motorcycle racer Fred Craner who convinced the owners of the estate to use the existing roads for motorsport races, giving birth to the new track.


The Stirling Moss Trophy is for what kind of vehicles?

Only purpose-built sports-racers that are from before 1961 can compete for the same cup Stirling Moss won in the 1955 British GP.


Donington Park was closed during what major event?

The British Ministry of Defence used the track as a military vehicle depot throughout the war.


After Donington Park reopened, what feature was added to the track?

This new loop was constructed to increase the overall length of the track, making it possible to host Grand Prix motorcycle events.


Where is the Trade Village situated?

The Trade Village is always a fixture of the event, allowing people to buy clothing, model cars, books, art, photos, and car items of all types.


What famous museum is located at the track?

Opened in 1973 by Tom Wheatcroft, who brought the track back into use for motorsports, the museum has the largest collection of Grand Prix cars anywhere.


What types of vehicles can participate in the races?

Of course, the different events have their own set of restrictions, but there are events for cars and motorcycles, so fans of both can enjoy the festival.


From where did Donington Park get its name?

Donington Park was part of the Donington Hall estate, which today includes 1,100 acres in Castle Donington.


What era of vehicles is represented for the Royal Automobile Club Woodcote Trophy?

People involved in classic car racing are well aware of this event, because it has a reputation for being the premier 1950's competitive race.


What size engines are allowed for the Super Touring Car Challenge?

This competition includes Super Touring Cars from the 1990s vehicles and Group A cars from before 1990, like the Honda Accord and Peugeot 406.


Where is a popular place for festival-goers​ to camp?

You can rent camping spots at the Farmhouse, which is right across the street from the track, but it's managed by another group.


How many playgrounds are at Donington Park?

Donington Park isn't a park like what you find in a neighborhood, but instead is a racing circuit, so all the fun is sticking a turn just right.


What brand gets its own competition at the festival?

Jaguars from before 1966 compete in the Jaguar Classic Challenge, showing off the proud heritage of the brand.


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