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Are you a "Golden Girls" aficionado? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of the show.

Even if you did not watch "The Golden Girls" when they were first on television, you may have been interested enough to look them up because of the wealth of internet memes spawned by the ladies of Miami. Betty White, the only living Golden Girl and former Playboy Bunny (didn't know that, did you?), continues to garner laughs online and on television. And Dorothy's savage dry humor, as played by Bea Arthur, is fodder for the numerous memes using her lines from the show.

But here's a little background. Read carefully - some of this just might be on the quiz. "The Golden Girls" was a television sitcom that first aired in the fall of 1985. The show ran for seven seasons and a total of 180 episodes. The stellar cast included Bea Arthur, who (as we already mentioned) played Dorothy Zbornak; Betty White, who played Rose Nylund; Rue McClanahan, who played Blanche Devereaux; and Estelle Getty, who played Dorothy's mother, Sophia Petrillo. Interesting factoid: Estelle Getty, who played Bea Arthur's mother in the show, was actually a year younger than Arthur.

So, you think you've got what it takes to hang with "The Golden Girls"? Take this quiz to find out.

Where do the Golden Girls live?

The ladies lived in Miami, Florida.


What happened when Rose tried to find employment?

Rose had many job interviews but was unable to find a job because of her age.


What was really happening to Blanche when she thought that she was pregnant?

Blanche was experiencing menopause. She was just as horrified when she found this out, as she was when she thought that she was pregnant!


When protesting to save a 200 year old tree in their neighborhood, Rose tells another woman to "Drop Dead". What does the woman do?

After Rose told her to "drop dead", the woman collapsed and died. Rose felt an overwhelming guilt after the incident.


Why was Blanche upset about her father's choice to marry a widow?

The widow that Blanche's father wanted to marry was younger than Blanche. It made Blanche upset that her father wanted to marry someone so young.


What did Dorothy do for Sophia as a surprise gift for her birthday?

Dorothy brought Sophia's sister over from Sicily as a surprise without realizing that they had been fighting for 30 years. It didn't turn out to be the surprise that Dorothy had hoped for!


When Dorothy has her eye on a man named Frank, what does she find out that stops her from pursuing him?

Dorothy found out that Frank was a priest, and therefore decided to just be friends with him. But Frank decided that he would leave the church for Dorothy!


What happened after the girls neighbors were suspected to be jewel thieves?

The ladies allow the policemen to stay at their house for a few days while they investigate. They aren't too pleased with their new roommates!


Which of Rose's treasured items did Blanche give away to a little girl?

Blanche gave Rose's treasured teddy bear, Fernando, away to a little girl who was helping out the ladies. Rose walked in a few seconds later looking for Fernando!


What did the girls have to do in order to get $100,000?

Rose's uncle left $100,000 behind for her if she took care of his pig, Baby, until it passed away. The girls jumped on the opportunity upon hearing how much money they could make!


What was Rose's insomnia caused by?

Rose's insomnia was caused by drinking tea. She offered some to Dorothy and they realized that drinking it was the problem!


Why did Blanche go with Rose to Spanish class?

Blanche went with Rose to Spanish class to try and meet smart men after thinking that she would never have another date in her life.


Why did Dorothy end her friendship with her new friend Barbara Thorndyke?

Dorothy realized that Barbara was not a good person and extremely snobby. She ended the friendship after Barbara showed her true colors by talking down on Dorothy's friends.


What TV superhero did Rose start dating?

Rose dated Mr. Terrific, a television superhero who was on a show similar to Sesame Street.


What does Sophia do everyday?

Sophia goes to the market to buy a nectarine everyday. The other girls think it's a sad life but Dorothy is thankful that her mother is still able to go out.


What does Dorothy start again after she gets stressed out that she hasn't done in 15 years?

Dorothy started smoking again. She confessed to her mother and friends and thought that she had caused the fire that burnt down their pizza stand. It turned out that it wasn't caused by her at all.


What is Rose addicted to?

The girls find out that Rose is addicted to pills. They noticed that she became easily irritated.


What is the announcement that Dorothy's boyfriend makes?

Her boyfriend wants to leave his job as a lawyer to become a clown. He doesn't want to work 70 hours a week in a job he doesn't like anymore.


Why did Dorothy's son Michael show up unexpectedly at the girls house?

Michael showed up at the girls house because he was fired from his band gig for not wanting to wear a tie.


What did Blanche do to attract men?

Blanche put an ad in the paper to sell her Mercedes. It was really a plan to attract men, and it backfired when the men were more interested in the car than they were in Blanche!


What did Dorothy and Sophia enter at Shady Pines?

Dorothy and Sophia entered a mother-daughter beauty pageant at Shady Pines. They were the runner-up!


Which President did the girls find out was coming to Miami?

The girls found out that President George H. W. Bush was coming to Miami to dedicate a retirement home.


What town was Rose from?

Rose was from St. Olaf, Minnesota. She has many wild stories from her town that she tells throughout the series.


With which women is Stan moving on from Dorothy?

Dorothy found out that Stan was moving on with her sister, Gloria. Dorothy was mad, but she eventually made-up with her sister and they were happy again.


What did Dorothy and Stan have to do after violating the city housing codes by letting bugs infest the building?

Dorothy and Stan were sentenced by a judge to live in their building with the bugs until they were exterminated. Dorothy didn't want to spend time with the bugs, but mostly she didn't want to spend time with Stan!


What happened when Blanche took Dorothy to the Rusty Anchor?

Dorothy became the center of attention when she started singing which made Blanche jealous!


Who's wake did Sophia host?

Sophia hosted her own wake, although it didn't turn out like she had planned!


What does Rose do after winning a free honeymoon to Paris?

Rose proposed to Miles in order to keep the free honeymoon to Paris!


Who got married in the last episode and moved out of the house?

Dorothy got married in the last episode and moved out of the house leaving the girls behind. This marked the end of another comedy classic.


Who didn't Dorothy want to attend her daughter's wedding?

Dorothy didn't want Stan to come to her daughter's wedding. She ended up giving in and told her daughter to invite him. She kept the peace at the wedding, but later confronted him!


What did Blanche's sister want when she visited the girls?

Blanche's sister needed a kidney. Blanche decided to be a donor for her sister but it was later revealed that she was unable to donate her kidney. Her sister did end up finding a match and all was well.


What happened to the girl's home while they were at a Madonna concert?

The girl's house was robbed. They were scared that the robbers were still there when they arrived. Dorothy quoted Dirty Harry in hopes of scaring the robbers off!


Which Shakespeare play did Blanche audition to be in?

Blanche auditioned for Macbeth. She auditioned for the part of Lady Macbeth, but ended up getting the part of Witch #3!


What did Blanche's father do so that he could live his dream of becoming a country music singer?

Blanche's father sold his mansion to have some extra money to become a country singer. Blanche was blown away by his decision and called it non-sense.


What do the girls do after watching the movie Psycho?

The girls started to talk about how they met, and came to live together. Each one had a story of how they met each other.


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