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Hailing from the Rust Belt, the Pittsburgh Steelers are renowned for their toughness and glory on the NFL gridiron. How much do you really know about this star-laden team?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are an NFL team that plays in which conference?

The Steelers play in the American Football Conference (AFC) rather than the NFC. For decades, they've managed major runs of success.


The Steelers are the _____ in the AFC.

The Steelers are the oldest franchise in the entire AFC. The team was established back in 1933, long before the World War II era.


Art Rooney is a major figure in Steelers history. Who is he?

Art Rooney was the team's original owner. Unlike most NFL teams, the Steelers are a family-owned enterprise and are still operated by the Rooneys.


Ben Rothlisberger is one of the stars of the Steelers. He plays which position?

Rothlisberger is the tough-as-nails drama queen who plays quarterback for the Steelers. He loves the spotlight, and that's where he performs best.


Steelers fullback Franco Harris was an integral part of a play so famous that it has its own nickname. What's the name of that play?

During a 1972 playoff game, the Steelers were trailing the Raiders and time was running out. Harris grabbed controversial deflected pass and scored a touchdown -- it was the "Immaculate Reception."


In the '70s, Joe Greene was a famous defensive tackle for the Steelers. What was his nickname?

"Mean" Joe Greene tore apart offensive lines for more than a decade. The irony? Off of the field, he was regarded as a very nice person.


In the early days, they weren't called the Steelers, they were the _____.

These days, Pirates refers to the city's baseball team. But in the '30s, the football team used the Pirates name. Pittsburgh's hockey team is the Penguins, proving that there is a plethora of prolific alliteration in Pittsburgh's professional sports paradise.


The Steelers have hosted more AFC championship games than any other NFL team. How many have they hosted?

It almost goes without saying that hosting a championship game gives a team an incredible advantage in advancing to the Super Bowl. The Steelers have hosted this high-stakes game 11 times, more than any other team.


Le'Veon Bell is a star running back for the Steelers but has been in trouble numerous times over which issue?

Bell is capable of running for more than 1,200 yards per year, a clip that's virtually unheard of in today's pass-heavy league. But he's been busted for drug issues more than once in his short career.


To get pumped up during big games, what do Steelers fans wave in the air?

The "Terrible Towel" is a Pittsburgh tradition. Fans wave these towels wildly in the air to whip up a frenzy and possibly dump the beer of the guy standing next to them.


The Terrible Towel is almost always created in which colors?

The Towel borrowed the team's colors -- black and gold. Steelers fans are convinced that if they twirl the towels hard enough, they can will the team to a touchdown.


Antonio Brown is an unstoppable wide receiver for the Steelers. He was selected in which round of the draft?

Every other team in the league overlooked Brown, who fell to the sixth round of the draft. He's evolved into one of the most prolific receivers in the modern NFL.


At ____, the Steelers share the record for most conference championship games played.

The Steelers are exceedingly successful compared to most teams. They've played in 15 conference championship games, tying them with San Francisco for the most all-time.


Who is the current head coach of the Steelers?

In 2009, at age 36, Mike Tomlin became the youngest head coach ever to win a Super Bowl. And he's also only the 10th black head coach in NFL history.


Terry Bradshaw was the first NFL quarterback to win ____ Super Bowls.

Bradshaw, the QB who made male-pattern baldness look good, was the first QB ever to win three -- and then four -- Super Bowls.


The Steelers play on which field?

The Steelers made famous a legendary place called Three Rivers Stadium. But they've been playing on Heinz Field since 2001. Unlike many modern fields, it features natural grass.


Where did the Steelers get that funky logo on the side of their helmets?

The logo is borrowed from the steel industry. It's almost an exact replica of the Steelmark logo made by the American Iron and Steel Institute.


Rod Woodson played 10 of his 17 scintillating seasons with the Steelers. What was his specialty?

Woodson was a hard-nosed cornerback, blowing up plays and throwing down ball carriers with extreme prejudice. He had 71 interceptions in his long career.


The '70s-era defensive line was famously stout. What was it's nickname?

In the '70s, the stout Steelers defense became known as the Steel Curtain, repelling offense like so many flies. When the offense struggled, the Steel Curtain came to the rescue.


Lynn Swann is a famous Steelers player who excelled at which position?

Swann was one of the most graceful wide receivers in NFL history. His sticky hands, paired with Terry Bradshaw's accuracy, helped the Steelers win multiple Super Bowls. Swann has four to his credit.


At one point, the Steelers combined teams with the Eagles, becoming the "Steagles," and we aren't kidding. Why would they do such a thing?

During World War II, there weren't enough football players to go around. So Pittsburgh and Philadelphia combined teams for a short time, playing as the "Steagles."


The Steelers sometimes play in "throwback" jerseys that make them look like _____.

In 2012, the Steelers began intermittently wearing jerseys from the '30s era. The jerseys feature yellow stripes, making the players look a bit like giant angry bumblebees.


Former Steelers QB Terry Bradshaw won many big games. What was his career passer rating?

Bradshaw rarely wowed fans with his statistics, due in part to his yawn-inducing 70.9 passer rating. But he was clutch when it counted.


True or false, did the Steelers win their most recent Super Bowl game?

The Steelers last played in the Super Bowl in 2011, which was against the Green Bay Packers. Green Bay jumped out to an early lead and won, 31-25.


The Steelers are one of the few NFL teams without cheerleaders. Why were the cheerleaders fired in the '60s?

In the '60s, a time of tumult throughout the land, the "Steelerettes" wanted to up the ante in terms of their uniforms by going skimpy. The Rooney family responded by simply firing the entire squad.


How did head coach Chuck Noll help change the fortunes of the Steelers in the '70s?

Noll had a gift for picking amazingly talented players in the draft. He helped in the selections of Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Lynn Swann and other legendary NFL stars.


The Steelers have a heated rivalry with which team?

Pittsburgh and Baltimore are rivals that both play in the AFC North. In a game that's already violent, some Steelers-Ravens contests turn into downright bloody brawls.


The Steelers have a long history of taking a stand on which social issue?

The Steelers have a notable history of colorblindness. They started the first-ever black quarterback, hired the first black coaches and essentially awarded jobs based on merit, not race, even before it was fashionable to do so.


The Steelers have sold out every home game since what year?

When the Steelers winning bandwagon took off in the early '70s, there was no looking back. The team has sold out every single home game for more than four decades, going back to 1972.


True or false, have the Steelers won more Super Bowl titles than any other NFL team?

It's true, since the formation of the official Super Bowl, no other team has won more of those big games. Pittsburgh has six titles to its credit.


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