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Hunting is a time-honored tradition, both in the United States and abroad. In fact, it dates back to the history of our species. In this quiz, we're going to test your knowledge of hunting, in all of its rich, historical glory.

True or False: Hunters give back to the environment.

Hunters give back a lot, in fact. Billions of dollars have been contributed via taxes through the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act, which was passed in 1937.

How much does the average hunter spend per year on the sport?

On average, hunters spend about $2,500 a year on the sport. That ain't no cheap pastime!

The fastest growing market in sport shooting is ______ .

Believe it or not, teenage girls are the fastest growing market in the sport. As long as they're safe, let's encourage these girls to thrive!

How many days per year does the average hunter go out and shoot?

Each year, the average hunter shoots for 21 days. That amounts to a combined 282 million days a year for all hunters.

Lawful hunting is different from _____ .

Poaching is something that lawful hunting most definitely is not. Poaching is illegal killing and capture of the hunted species.

What is being hunted is referred to as ______ .

What is being hunted is either referred to as game or prey. This is usually a mammal or a bird.

Hunting is an intended means of _____ .

Hunting is an intended means of pest control for wildlife management. Extinction and extermination are not the goals, but they are a reality for some species that are hunted.

True or False: Foraging is a part of hunting.

Foraging is not a part of hunting. It's considered a different practice. Just think of hunting and gathering, ya'll.

Hunting may predate the rise of the species _______ .

Hunting may well be older than the species Homo sapiens, which is us. Some believe that hunting occurred more than 2 million years ago.

How many American hunt and fish?

Well over 38 million Americans hunt and fish each year. As Americans, it's very much part of our culture.

Who pays the most for fish and wildlife conservation programs?

Through license sales and taxes on equipment, hunters and anglers pay for most of the conservation programs in this country. Let's just set the record straight on that.

Which is practiced more in the US?

Did you know that there are more Americans who hunt and shoot than there are who play baseball? But, can you eat apple pie while you shoot?

True or False: After animal domestication, there was no need for hunting.

Humans definitely continued to rely on hunting after animal domestication. In fact, it was an important source of meat, bone, fur, feathers and leather.

Who are still predominant hunters today?

The Inuit are a great example of people who still hunt today. They hunt and trap animals for clothing, skin and food.

Animal-aided hunting became possible with the domestication of _____ .

With domestication of the dog, animal-aided hunting became possible. Also, domestication of birds of prey and the ferret were key first steps.

How many US jobs do hunters and anglers support?

Hunters and anglers support a whopping 680,000 jobs, or more. The hunting industry is quite large, as you can see.

In terms of top-selling sports goods, hunting gear is ______ .

Hunting gear is the third most popular sporting goods product in this country. Exercise equipment is first, and golf gear is second.

Hunting as a "sport" began in the _____ classes.

Hunting as a sport began in the upper classes of society. When hunting was no longer needed to survive, it became an expensive pastime.

Common among early hunting was to ride horseback or on ______ .

Common among early hunting was to ride either horseback or on a chariot. These were also used in tournaments and manly sports.

Robin Hood and other outlaws were charged with hunting the King's _____ .

Common in medieval Europe, the lower classes were not supposed to hunt the King's deer! Robin Hood did it anyhow.

True or False: Dogs can survive independently of humans.

Dogs truly can survive independently of humans, such as the case with feral dogs. However, throughout history, dogs have deferred to human control in exchange for food and shelter. Smart puppies.

Waterfowl are commonly hunted using _____ .

Retrievers are the most popular breed for hunting waterfowl. These include Labradors, goldens, and Chesapeake Bay retrievers.

In 2012, hunting brought in more revenue than _____ .

Statistics show that in 2012, hunting brought in more revenue than Google or Goldman Sachs Group. The revenue for that year was $38.3 billion.

In pagan religions, hunting was steeped in _____ .

In pagan religions, hunting was a big deal. There were rituals conducted both before and after the hunt.

Hindu scriptures state that hunting is a sport of the _____ .

Hindu scriptures state that hunting is a sport of the kingly. Divine figures are described to have engaged in hunting.

Buddhism believes that hunting is _____ .

OK, Buddhists aren't that crazy about hunting. "All fear death; comparing others with oneself, one should neither kill nor cause to kill.”

The United Kingdom is most associated with _____ hunting.

The United Kingdom is most closely associated with fox hunting on horseback. Of course, hounds would always be used, as well.

Britain's most popular game bird is ______ .

The most popular game bird in Britain has always been pheasant. These are traditionally shot with shotguns for sport.

North American hunting ______ the United States.

North American hunting predates the United States by thousands of years. Pre-Columbian Native American cultures relied on it.

Hunting is mostly regulated by _____ .

Hunting is primarily regulated by state laws. Additional regulations are imposed by United States environmental law.

There are no hunting regulations for ______ .

There are no hunting regulations for vermin or varmints. You can feel free to hunt as many as you like. Enjoy.

When hunting big game, you need a ______ .

When hunting big game, a tag is required. There will need to be one tag for each animal harvested.

Big game include ______ .

These are all examples of big game. Some others are mule deer, elk, caribou, boar and bison.

Baiting involves the use of ____ .

These are all examples of things used for baiting. Even scent is used to bait an animal.

What are the most dangerous animals in the world to hunt?

The Big Five in Africa are considered the most dangerous animals in the world to hunt. These include rhino, lion, leopard, African elephant and cape buffalo.

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