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You know the American Navy SEALs, but there is a good chance you know very little about Britain's covert special forces, the SAS (Special Air Service). Originally adopted in 1941 during World War II to fool Axis forces in a disinformation campaign and then into a special raiding squadron in 1943, the SAS is considered one of the most elite and least known special forces in the world. But that doesn't mean you don't know anything about this special warfare group. This is the quiz to test your intelligence network and see how much you know about the SAS. 

For starters, do you know the SAS motto? Or, how many troops make up a SAS squadron? Do you know which in war the SAS called in SCUD missile air strikes, or in which war they called in the air strikes against Serbian tanks? The SAS is trained to handle any situation in any environment from sea and air to mountains and desert. Their members train foreign armies and work alongside covert and special operation units from other countries. But they also handle other responsibilities, such as CP and CRW. Do you know what CP and CRW stand for? 

How covert do you think your intelligence is? Take this test to see what you know about the SAS!

The SAS is Britain's most renowned ______ unit.

The SAS is the British Army's most renowned special forces unit. They're often compared to the US SEALs.


What is the SAS motto?

The SAS motto is "Who Dares Wins." The motto has become popular in British culture.


How many men are in an SAS squadron?

There are roughly 60 men per SAS squadron. 22 SAS was made up of four sabre squadrons.


Each squadron of the SAS is made up of how many troops?

There are four troops per SAS squadron. These include the Air Troop, Boat Troop, Mobility Troop and Mountain Troop.


The Air Troop is skilled in _______.

The Air Troop of each squadron is highly skilled in parachute insertions. This includes HALO, HAHO, static line, etc.


The Mobility Troop is most adept at _______.

The Mobility Troop is most adept in the use of vehicles. They are masters of operations using a wide variety of vehicles.


The Mountain Troop is characterized by _______.

The Mountain Troop contains expert mountaineers who are trained in arctic warfare. That sounds pretty darn awesome.


21 and 23 SAS are staffed by _______.

21 and 23 SAS are staffed by civilians and form two reserve regiments. A number of brave heroes came from these famous regiments.


Who is the most famous SAS alumnus?

Chris Ryan is perhaps the most famous SAS alumnus. He is an author and famous member of the Bravo Two Zero patrol.


The Special Air Service was born during which war?

The SAS was born during WWII in the African desert. Since then, it has carried out many operations.


Which of these has the SAS excelled at?

The SAS has excelled at these operations and so much more. Their squadron in Iraq was known as Task Force Black.


Entry into the SAS is immensely _______.

Entrance into the SAS is immensely competitive. Most who enter into the selection process are turned down.


SAS training is described as _______.

The SAS soldiers are always training and learning new skills. They also work to hone existing skills.


How many Sabre Squadrons are responsible for counter-terrorism duties?

Only one Sabre Squadron is responsible for counter-terrorism duties at a given moment. The four squadrons rotate through this role every six months.


What is "hard routine"?

"Hard routine" is the behavior that is required when lurking and concealed. It means no talking, no smoking, no cooking, etc.


Each SAS team has which of these?

Each SAS team has an air controller who can call in air strikes from the ground. Sometimes a laser designator is used to paint the target.


The SAS called in air strikes against Scud launchers during which war?

The SAS called in air strikes against Scud launchers during the 1991 Gulf War. This bad to be done with precision and care.


The SAS called in air strikes against Serbian tanks in what country?

The SAS also called in air strikes against the Serbian tanks in Bosnia in the '90s. The same procedure was done in Afghanistan in 2001.


True or False: The SAS operated in the European theatre in WWII.

It's true that the SAS operated in the European theatre during WWII. Their mission in the war began in North Africa.


Which of these can the SAS destroy?

The SAS can go deep into enemy territory. They are adept at destroying fuel dumps, communication lines, bridges and railway lines.


What are CP duties?

CP duties involve Close Protection. The SAS are master bodyguards.


What does CRW stand for?

CRW stands for Counter Revolutionary War. The CRW wing provides VIP protection.


True or False: The SAS are adept at CP work, and they also provide all of these services in the U.K.

Although SAS are adept at close protection, these days, most of this work is done by specialized military police units. Nonetheless, the SAS have the training.


The SAS frequently train ______.

The SAS frequently train foreign militaries of friendly nations. We wish that they would train the Queen.


The SAS weapon arsenal can be described as ______.

Pardon the cursing, but there's no better way to describe the SAS arsenal. They definitely have access to a wider range of weapons than the average U.K. squaddie.


What is the reason why the SEALs are more famous than the SAS?

The reason why the SAS isn't as famous as the SEALs largely comes down to cultural differences. The U.S. loves to glorify its heroes, whilst the U.K. is a bit more hush-hush.


Who came first?

The SAS actually predates the SEALs. If it weren't for the Special Air Service and Special Boat Service, our military might not excel as it does today.


The SAS was founded as a regiment of the Army known as ______.

The SAS was founded as a regiment of the Army known as L Detachment. This code name was meant to fool the Germans.


After WWII, the SAS was ______.

After WWII, the SAS was actually disbanded. One year after being disbanded, they were reformed as a new regiment.


The SAS abducted several IRA leaders from where?

The SAS abducted several IRA leaders in Northern Ireland during the upheaval. They dumped the leaders across the border so that they could be arrested.


Military special forces tend to _____ tell the public about the training regimen.

Military special forces tend to never tell the public about the training regimen. This is also the case for the SAS.


The SAS trainees are forced to trek a _____ mile endurance march.

The SAS trainees are forced to endure a 26 mile endurance march in Wales. They do this while carrying heavy gear, sometimes in harsh weather conditions.


How long is the SAS selection process?

The SAS selection process is a grueling 5 months long. There is roughly a 10% passing rate.


True or False: SAS trainees have died in training.

It's true that SAS trainees have died in training. This was during the training march and due to brutal weather conditions.


SAS soldiers were paid as much as _____ pounds a day as bodyguards in the wake of the Iraq war.

SAS soldiers were payed as much as 1,000 pounds a day to work as bodyguards in the wake of the War in Iraq. Clearly, they commanded a premium price.


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