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If you were a '70s and '80s sitcom fan, you probably watched "The Jeffersons." Take this quiz to find out just how much you remember about the show.

"The Jeffersons" was a television sitcom that aired from 1975 to 1985, for a total of 11 seasons and 253  episodes. The characters of George and Louise Jefferson originally appeared on "All in the Family." "The Jeffersons" is an "All in the Family" spinoff. 

George owned a successful dry cleaning business that enabled him to move his family from the "All in the Family" neighborhood of Queens to a high-rise apartment in the sky of Manhattan. The show is hailed as one of the longest running sitcoms with an African-American cast, and although the show did remain true to its comedic roots, it also responsibly tackled the serious issues of racism, alcoholism, gun control and suicide. The show was also notable for featuring the first interracial television couple, the Jeffersons' neighbors, Tom and Helen Willis, played by Franklin Cover and Roxie Roker, respectively. George and Louise Jefferson were played by acting greats Sherman Hemsley and Isabel Sanford.

This Jeffersons quiz will test your knowledge on all things "The Jeffersons."

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Who is the father on "The Jeffersons"?

George started dating his future wife, Louise, when they were teenagers. They married when he got out of the Navy.


Of what show was "The Jeffersons" a spinoff?

During their time on "All in the Family," the Jeffersons lived next door to the Bunkers. In fact, George Jefferson and Archie Bunker were similar in their rude and opinionated​ behavior.


What business did George Jefferson run?

George was raised in Harlem. After his father died, he was forced to drop out of school to take care of his mother.


Who was George Jefferson's wife?

Louise was quite the opposite of George. Her calm demeanor balanced out his loud, over-the-top behavior.


How did George get money to open his dry cleaners?

When George was younger, he was involved in a rear-end​ collision. He received a settlement from the crash and started his first business.


Where was the Jeffersons' deluxe apartment in the sky?

The theme song to "The Jeffersons" discussed the family moving up in the world. In fact, the title of the song is "Movin' On Up."


Which president did George try to get to stay at his house?

George caught word that Jimmy Carter stayed at the homes of ordinary people. Excited at the opportunity, George made a call to the White House, but it didn't turn out as he intended. He was soon visited by members of the Secret Service, who weren't happy with him.


Where did the Jeffersons live before moving to Manhattan?

Before moving to Manhattan, the Jeffersons lived in a neighborhood in Queens. This is the same neighborhood they lived in while on "All in the Family."


Who was George's brother?

Henry was a major character in "All in the Family." When "The Jeffersons" started, his character was put aside and rarely mentioned.


What did George do before opening several dry cleaners?

Before moving to Queens, George lived in Harlem with his wife. While there, he worked as a janitor.


How many children did the Jeffersons have?

Mike Evans played the role of Lionel Jefferson early in the series. However, his schedule forced the show to re-cast the part for several years before Mike Evans came back.


What did Florence Johnston do for a living?

Florence Johnston was the Jeffersons' housekeeper. She was known for her sassy attitude.


Why did George and Tom go up and down in the elevator over and over again in "And Up We Go"?

After their wives left for a spa trip, George and Tom were bored. What do you do when you're bored? You try to break a record, so the two of them went up and down in an elevator over and over again.


What was Olivia Jefferson's relationship to George?

Olivia appeared to be a nice old lady. However, she secretly made life a living hell for Louise.


What did George constantly point out about Helen and Tom Willis?

George had a negative view towards interracial couples. He constantly let that view be known when talking about Helen and Tom.


Who contemplated suicide?

Florence struggled to maintain a romantic relationship throughout her life. For that reason, she thought about committing​ suicide, but the Jeffersons talked her out of it.


What does Helen constantly call George?

Helen and George weren't known for liking one another. In fact, Helen often called George "shorty."


At what publishing company does Tom work?

Tom was both an author and the president of Pelham Publishers. He was often made fun of for being overweight.


Where does Louise get a job when George won't give her one?

Louise was tired of her boring life living in a luxury apartment, so she applied for a job. Turns out, the person who hired her ran a rival dry cleaning business.


What were George's ancestors believed to be?

George doesn't care much for his family's history. That's until he learns that his ancestors might have been kings in Africa.


For what was George arrested as a kid?

George was blackmailed by an old friend, Monk Davis, who showed up asking for money. Monk threatened to expose George's childhood secret if he wasn't paid.


Who was mugged in the episode "A Dinner for Harry"?

Helen tried to keep the mugging a secret from Tom. She believed Tom would move the family out of New York City if she told him.


Who faked a fall to get attention?

Olivia was ignored when she came to her son's house for a visit. To get some attention, she pretended to injure herself during a fall. That's one way to start a conversation.


Who was George's navy buddy?

Wendell and George were good friends in the navy. However, when Wendell came to visit, he had his eyes set on Louise, and George wasn't happy about it.


From where was Harry Bentley?

Harry was George's next door neighbor. He was known for telling stories about his childhood that no one was interested in.


What was Harry Bentley's job?

Harry was known for showing up at the Jeffersons' front door, asking for something. Occasionally, he would ask George to walk across his back to help cure his back spasms.


Who was Tom and Helen's daughter?

Jenny was the second of Tom and Helen's two children. She had an older brother who was rarely around, causing their relationship to suffer.


Where was Allan Willis before he returned home?

Jenny was angry at her brother, Allan, because he was able to pass as a white person while she couldn't. When he returned, she wished he had stayed away.


Who does Lionel marry?

Jenny and Lionel dated for years while Jenny attended college. George despised their relationship because Jenny was from a mixed family.


Why did George refuse to hire Emily Bates as a manager?

George needed a new manager after the old one quit. However, he refused to hire Emily Bates, who sought the position, because she was both a woman and white.


Where did Lionel get a job offer?

In Season 2, Lionel obtained his college degree in engineering. Near graduation, he stressed himself to the point that he developed a drinking problem.


What was the name of Jenny and Lionel's daughter?

Jenny's relationship with her brother, Allan, was eventually repaired after they reconciled. She even asked her brother to be Jessica's godfather. That's quite the honor.


What did Jenny write her thesis paper about?

Jenny went to Harlem to gather information for her thesis paper on street gangs. While in Harlem, she met a 12-year-old boy who was already an experienced gang member.


Who got divorced?

After being married for years, Lionel and Jenny decided they weren't meant for each other anymore. Once they make the announcement to the family, everyone started blaming each other.


Who was offered a record deal in exchange for money?

Florence was heard singing gospel music by a supposed music producer. If she raised $1,200, he was willing to help her make a record. However, this didn't sit well with George, who thought she was being ripped off.


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