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In the tragic wake of the failed marriage between Prince Charles and Princess Diana, all of the world’s inhabitants shuffled in misery and sadness. But wait, on the horizon, a glimmer of hope for the British Empire and its glorious monarchy! Prince William found a beautiful woman and then, after years of market testing and public relations jousting, decided that it was true love. Then, he and Catherine Middleton tied the knot in front of millions of adoring peasants. In this quiz of the Crown, how much do you really remember about the fantastic wedding of William and Kate?

In an age when the monarch is fading thanks to a public preference for apathy and/or democratic tyranny, the royal wedding was a blast from the past – a grand event in which no expense was spared to celebrate the love of two social elites. From the flowers to the throngs of security, and of course, the dress, the cameras loved every bit of the spectacle. What do you recall about the details of this amazing marriage ceremony?

Do you remember the traditions that William and Kate used during their big day … and the ones that they eschewed for more modern touches? And why did people pay so much attention to Pippa? Cut the cake of this royal wedding quiz now!

What year did Prince William and Catherine Middleton get married?

It was a date which shall live in infamy. Uh, wait, wrong line. It was one of the most celebrated events in modern British royal history -- the 2011 wedding of William and Kate.


The famous wedding took place in which city?

The queen would've fainted if the ceremony had been held anywhere near the Eiffel Tower. The marriage ceremony was, of course, completed in London.


What color was Kate's wedding dress?

Kate went for the full traditional look on the day when half the world was watching. Her dress, of course, was white.


True or false, is William first in line to the British throne?

William's father, Charles, is first in line to the British throne. But Charles will never, ever be king because his mother, Queen Elizabeth, is never, ever going to die.


Who was William's best man?

William chose his brother, Harry, to be his best man. Harry is sixth in line to the throne, and thus, unlikely to ever have any real power.


How many people were included on the wedding guest list?

And you still got left out. Hmppfh. But 1,900 other people got to say that they were officially invited to the "wedding of the century."


When did William and Kate start dating?

The two began their relationship in 2004. Seven years later, their courtship ended with a marriage ceremony for the ages.


Where did Kate and William meet?

William and Kate met while they were both attending St. Andrews University. Both of them were studying the same thing: mechanical engineering. Just kidding, it was art history.


Where did William propose to Kate?

William flew Kate to the top of Mount Everest in his personal helicopter, where he proposed to her in the most romantic way possible. Just kidding, they were in Kenya at the time.


How did Kate keep her veil in place during the ceremony?

If there was duct tape, it didn't show. Katie used (yawn) a diamond-encrusted Cartier tiara to keep her immaculate veil in place.


How did the royal couple arrive at the abbey for the wedding?

Typically, royal couples take a carriage to the wedding. But William and Kate decided to go more modern -- they took a car.


Kate's wedding ring was made from gold from which area?

It is a true tradition in the British family. Each new bride's wedding ring -- like Kate's -- is made from Welsh gold.


What role did Sarah Burton have in the wedding?

Sarah Burton, of Alexander McQueen, was the dress designer. And as well all know, the dress was the real star of this ceremony.


About how much did the wedding cost?

Suffice it to say, the couple wasn't too worried about choosing between a cheesy DJ or wilted flowers. They spent about $30 million for their lavish affair. Don't worry, it all went on dad's credit card.


What sort of military qualifications does William have?

William received helicopter flight training. He's also worked with the air force's search-and-rescue group. So if he and Kate are ever surrounded by a mob of angry peasants outside the castle gates, they'll have a way to escape.


What happened to the couple in 2007?

In 2007, William and Kate "took a break" from their courtship. Some people blamed white-hot media attention for causing the short-term rift.


What did the couple do immediately after the wedding?

Right after the wedding, the couple took part in another long-standing tradition. They went to Buckingham Palace and made their first public appearance.


About how many people watched the royal wedding on TV?

Only about 37 million people watched this wedding. That's a far cry from the 750 million who tuned in to watch the doomed soap opera of Princess Diana's big day.


Who was Kate's maid of honor?

Kate chose her sister Pippa as her maid of honor. And as it turned out, Pippa attracted quite a lot of attention during the proceedings.


Why did Kate's sister receive a lot of attention during the ceremony?

Pippa Middleton wore a very tight dress in her duties as maid of honor. Her appearance made headlines for months afterward.


About how much did the couple spend on flowers for the wedding?

Really, I mean, you need the freshest flowers for a royal wedding. And those flowers will set you back about $1 million.


What function did Fiona Cairns perform on the wedding day?

Fiona Cairns was the royal baker who made the cake. You can order cakes directly from her website, and they are cheaper than Dairy Queen's ice cream cakes.


What did the couple do during their public appearance at Buckingham Palace?

The two made quite a show of their first appearance as a couple. They shared one (tastefully brief) kiss. And then they shook hands.


Which famous musician performed a song for the couple's first dance?

As the couple shared their first dance, Marilyn Manson rocked out to "The Beautiful People," and an impromptu mosh pit shook the floor. Actually, Ellie Goulding sang "Your Song."


The wedding was broadcast live in about how many countries?

Although TV viewership was down compared to Diana's wedding, it was still a made-for-television event. It was broadcast in about 180 countries.


How did the Empire State Building mark the event?

U.S. officials took note of the wedding. One of the most conspicuous symbols was the Empire State Building in New York -- it was illuminated in red, white, and blue lights.


Following the wedding, what official title did Kate Middleton receive?

After the two joined their fates, William became Duke of Cambridge, Earl of Strathearn. Kate was magically transformed into Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge, and she gazed upon her subjects with more than a twinge of glee.


What sort of cake did William request for his groom's cake?

William wanted a family recipe for his groom's cake. So the designer put together his favorite chocolate biscuit cake for the big day.


About 32 million people watched William and Kate's wedding. By contrast, how many tuned in for Harry and Meghan's 2018 wedding?

Because no one cares about the guy who's sixth -- yes, sixth -- in line for the crown. Only 18 million people watched Harry and Meghan's wedding. That's what happens when you're the little brother.


What sort of wedding ring did William receive during the ceremony?

William didn't want a wedding ring. Because he's the prince, and are you really going to argue with the prince, Kate?


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