Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the SEC?
How Much Do You Know About the SEC?
By: Brian Whitney
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About This Quiz

The SEC, or Southeastern Conference, has long been legendary in the college sports world. There are currently 14 teams competing in the conference in a variety of sports. . Many of the teams that don't do well in the conference are still some of the best in the country.  It isn't unusual in SEC football or basketball to have a team that is 5th or 6th in the conference, that is still ranked in the top 20 nationally. Their sports teams are what legends are made of. Whether you think of Alabama Football and all of their championships where Bear Bryant was at the helm, all the incredible success that Kentucky basketball has had over the years, or even all those times that LSU came out on top as winner of the College Baseball World Series, there is no doubt that the SEC is one of the very best sports conferences in history. SEC Football has claimed 38 championships and there have been 11 national championships in basketball. 

Do you think you have the skills to take this quiz and impress us with your knowledge of SEC sports?  You don't have to be from the south  and you don't have to be a Commodore, an Aggie or a Razorback, but it sure would help a little bit. Take this quiz and let us know how much you know about the SEC.

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How many football teams are in the SEC?
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When did the SEC form?
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Which of the following is not a sport in the SEC?
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Which school was a founding member of the SEC?
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What SEC team has won the most national baseball championships?
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MLB baseball legend Frank Thomas played at Auburn. What was his nickname?
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How many former Kentucky basketball players made the NBA?
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Alabama had a legendary football coach named Paul Bryant. What was his nickname?
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Which player was not an SEC football star?
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Which famous Manning family member didn't play in the SEC?
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How many people does University of Tennessee's stadium hold?
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Former SEC and now New Orleans Pelicans Basketball star Anthony Davis has a bit of a unibrow. What is his nickname?
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What was former SEC quarterback and NFL legend Joe Namath's nickname?
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How many national Basketball championships has the SEC won?
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Which SEC team has won the most basketball championships?
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Which of these schools is not in the SEC?
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What is the team nickname for the University of Alabama?
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When did the first black athlete play in a game in the SEC?
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What NBA Legend and Basketball analyst starred for Auburn?
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What is the football record for single season pass completions in a year?
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What bowl game won by an SEC team in 1935 gave them a national championship?
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Which of the following isn't a woman's sport in the SEC?
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Which of the following isn't an SEC team nickname?
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What enormous basketball player used to star for LSU?
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What is the team nickname?
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What is the name of a Florida State player who went on to join the Bulls?
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Which of the following is the most popular SEC sport?
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What band that sang "Brick House" has the same name as Vanderbilt's team?
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What is the women's team called at Tennessee?
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How many national championships have %0D been won by Tennessee's women's basketball team?
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Which legendary baseball player from Mississippi State later played for years in MLB?
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What is the nickname of Texas A&M?
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Adolph Rupp won 876 games at the head coach of Kentucky Basketball. How many years did it take him to do it?
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Which player won the Heisman trophy in 2007, played quarterback for the Denver Broncos, and now plays minor league baseball?
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