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The SEC, or Southeastern Conference, has long been legendary in the college sports world. There are currently 14 teams competing in the conference in a variety of sports. . Many of the teams that don't do well in the conference are still some of the best in the country.  It isn't unusual in SEC football or basketball to have a team that is 5th or 6th in the conference, that is still ranked in the top 20 nationally. Their sports teams are what legends are made of. Whether you think of Alabama Football and all of their championships where Bear Bryant was at the helm, all the incredible success that Kentucky basketball has had over the years, or even all those times that LSU came out on top as winner of the College Baseball World Series, there is no doubt that the SEC is one of the very best sports conferences in history. SEC Football has claimed 38 championships and there have been 11 national championships in basketball. 

Do you think you have the skills to take this quiz and impress us with your knowledge of SEC sports?  You don't have to be from the south  and you don't have to be a Commodore, an Aggie or a Razorback, but it sure would help a little bit. Take this quiz and let us know how much you know about the SEC.

How many football teams are in the SEC?

That's a lot of teams! The SEC has so many teams in football, they had to break it down into two divisions, East and West.


When did the SEC form?

The SEC is a great conference with a long history, although the '30s wasn't that great of a decade in America. You know, with the Great Depression and WW11 and all.


Which of the following is not a sport in the SEC?

Football was the first one in. What do you expect from the South?


Which school was a founding member of the SEC?

Alabama was one of the founding schools in the SEC. Yale? Not so much.


What SEC team has won the most national baseball championships?

LSU State owned College baseball for a while. They won 6 national titles between 1991 and 2009.


MLB baseball legend Frank Thomas played at Auburn. What was his nickname?

Frank Thomas was one of the best hitters in major league baseball history. He put a hurting on the pitchers.


How many former Kentucky basketball players made the NBA?

Kentucky has a serious basketball program. Some of the players that have made it are Anthony Davis, John Wall, and DeMarcus Cousins.


Alabama had a legendary football coach named Paul Bryant. What was his nickname?

Bear Bryant is one of the most famous football coaches of all time. He won 6 national championships.


Which player was not an SEC football star?

The SEC has a ton of famous ex players. This makes sense as the whole conference is football crazy.


Which famous Manning family member didn't play in the SEC?

Talk about talented. Father Archie and his two sons all made a big mark in the NFL.


How many people does University of Tennessee's stadium hold?

At 104,000 it is the third largest in college football. Some call it the best stadium in the country.


Former SEC and now New Orleans Pelicans Basketball star Anthony Davis has a bit of a unibrow. What is his nickname?

The only thing Anthony Davis is known for more than his playing ability is his one brow. Some people think it looks kind of cool.


What was former SEC quarterback and NFL legend Joe Namath's nickname?

"Broadway" Joe Namath took New York City by storm back in the day.


How many national Basketball championships has the SEC won?

21 championships is a ridiculously high number. No wonder so many former SEC players makes the NBA.


Which SEC team has won the most basketball championships?

Kentucky is so good almost every year that many players just play one year before going on to the NBA. Some teams have 5-6 guys that make it.


Which of these schools is not in the SEC?

All of the teams in the SEC are from the South. Vermont is a great state, but it is in New England.


What is the team nickname for the University of Alabama?

Alabama has a legendary football team. They have been called the "Crimson Tide" since 1907.


When did the first black athlete play in a game in the SEC?

Amazing as it seems 50 years ago black athletes couldn't play in a lot of sports leagues, whether professional or amateur. We are all glad that has changed!


What NBA Legend and Basketball analyst starred for Auburn?

Although he never won an NBA championship, Barkley is one of the best players ever. You can see him regularly now on TNT.


What is the football record for single season pass completions in a year?

Tim Couch set the record in 1998. That's a lot of passes!


What bowl game won by an SEC team in 1935 gave them a national championship?

Alabama beat Stanford for the honor. It was the first of many championships for them.


Which of the following isn't a woman's sport in the SEC?

While most attention is placed on mens sports, the women have it going on in the SEC too. It is one of the most competitive conferences in the country.


Which of the following isn't an SEC team nickname?

There are some really original names in the SEC. Except for the Bulldogs. Close to 50 college teams have that name.


What enormous basketball player used to star for LSU?

Shaquille O'Neal was one of the best basketball players in history, both at the collegiate and professional level.


What does SEC stand for?

The Southeastern Conference used to be called The Southern Conference. Most of its teams have been in the conference since it was formed.


What is the team nickname?

The Razorback is a type of hog. The razorback hog is known to be tough and ruthless.


What is the name of a Florida State player who went on to join the Bulls?

Joakim Noah is one of the all time best Florida Gator Players. He is known for his rebounding.


Which of the following is the most popular SEC sport?

The SEC fields teams in numerous sports, including Equestrian, softball, and Cross Country. Football will almost certainly always be the most popular.


What band that sang "Brick House" has the same name as Vanderbilt's team?

The Commodores were a hugely popular band. Other than "Brick House" another big hit was "Night Shift".


What is the women's team called at Tennessee?

They are usually known as the "Lady Vols". They have been quite successful nationally, winning numerous championships.


How many national championships have %0D been won by Tennessee's women's basketball team?

Connecticut has an amazing women's basketball team winning 11 national championships. The next most successful ever is Tennessee with 8.


Which legendary baseball player from Mississippi State later played for years in MLB?

Palmeiro won the triple crown in college in 1984. He later became a huge star in professional baseball, finishing with 569 home runs in his career.


What is the nickname of Texas A&M?

The Aggies used to be "Farmers" then started being called "Aggies" around 1920. That's better. I guess?


Adolph Rupp won 876 games at the head coach of Kentucky Basketball. How many years did it take him to do it?

Adolph Rupp was a legend in Kentucky Basketball. He has the 5th most wins by a coach in NCAA history.


Which player won the Heisman trophy in 2007, played quarterback for the Denver Broncos, and now plays minor league baseball?

Tim Tebow was a star in college, and a first round draft pick for the NFL, but he was a bit of a flop. Now he is playing at the AA level in minor league baseball.


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