Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Tanks of WWI?
How Much Do You Know About the Tanks of WWI?
By: John Miller
Image: The Great War

About This Quiz

In 1914, a Serbian political fanatic assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. The killing ignited a firestorm that gathered into World War I, which quickly devolved into industrialized murder. Can you survive no man’s land in our tanks of World War I quiz?

Wielding high-tech killing contraptions, like long-range artillery and machine guns, the Great War’s leaders too often relied on outdated battlefield tactics. Soon, they started digging trenches to protect their troops, and a deadly stalemate descended. They required new technologies to defeat the trenches … and tanks were the answer. Do you know which side designed the first tanks?

Today's tanks are technological marvels, capable of doing everything from calling in artillery to launching satellite-targeted precision munitions. But the tanks of WWI were much simpler beasts.

As the Allies scrambled for answers, they stumbled upon a way of moving tanks across the cratered landscape of the front. Do you know which method they devised?

Initially, tanks weren’t exactly cutting-edge machines. Do you remember which parts of these armored vehicles were particularly challenging to perfect?

From Schneider CAs to Mark IVs, the tanks of World War I crushed barbed wire and altered trench warfare in many ways. Let’s see if you really know the tanks of the Great War in our battle-scarred quiz!

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