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The "Star Wars" stories take place in the vastness of space, and as such, the characters need clever vehicles for transportation and survival. How much do you know about the vehicles of "Star Wars"?

Han Solo is famous in part due to his ship, the Millenium Falcon. How did he get the ship from Lando Calrissian?

As the legend goes, Lando owed Han a lot of money due to a gambling debt. To pay him off, he gave Han his beloved Millenium Falcon.


It served as both a vehicle and a weapon of destruction for the Empire. What was it called?

The Empire loved the Death Star concept -- a nearly planet-sized ship capable of blasting entire civilizations with one zap from its primary weapon. Fortunately, the rebels were able to destroy both Death Stars before they annihilated the Rebel Alliance.


Which spacecraft was vital to the attacks on both Death Stars?

The Millennium Falcon is probably the most famous ship from all of "Star Wars." As Han Solo's baby, the ship played major roles in the destruction of both Death Stars.


In "The Phantom Menace" young Anakin Skywalker enters a race that features what sort of vehicles?

Anakin is extremely fast in his podracer. The small, agile craft zooms across the planet's surface. It's not the kind of activity that most small children enjoy.


How do "Star Wars" characters travel around Bespin's Cloud City?

The planet of Bespin is famous in part for its floating Cloud City. Segmented floating cars -- Cloud Cars -- were often an orangish color and topped with bulbous cockpits.


What's a notable trait of the Imperial Shuttle?

The Imperial Shuttle is the ship that transports important Empire icons like Darth Vader. These shuttles have unique folding wings that somehow add to their menacing aura.


Which of the following was the biggest?

The hulking presence of the Imperial Star Destroyer was enough to send many wise creatures scurrying for cover. The Destroyers were more than 5,200 meters long and brimming with enough weaponry to defend the ship from many rebel fighters.


The huge AT-AT vehicles lurched towards the rebels on the planet Hoth. The rebels called the ominous machines ____.

The enormous AT-AT war machines were harbingers of death and hard to bring down. The rebels called them "Walkers."


What's the name of the Rebel Alliance headquarters frigate?

The Home One was the gigantic frigate that the Rebel Alliance used for its headquarters. During the Battle of Endor, it was Admiral Ackbar's flagship.


Rebels called them Walkers, and the Empire called them AT-ATs, which stood for what?

The AT-AT (All-Terrain Armored Transport) Walkers have long legs that let them march over difficult terrain. The rebels, however, have been known to use those ungainly legs against the Empire.


What was the ominous name of Darth Vader's flagship?

Of course Darth Vader would have a flagship named the Executor. He was never really into subtlety.


Which of the following is a NOT a spacecraft often used by the Rebel Alliance?

Sure, the alliteration would have been nice, but there was no W-Wing. Both the X-Wing and Y-Wing fighters though were very important to the Rebel Alliance.


Darth Maul had a little black Sith Speeder that was in the shape of a ______.

Darth Maul's horseshoe-shaped Sith Speeder was small but very fast. He used it to chase down more than one do-gooder.


In "Return of the Jedi," Jabba the Hutt takes victims to the sarlacc pit using which vehicle?

Jabba's sail barge is weathered and topped with two large sails that seem unnecessary in propelling the floating craft. It's just big enough to serve as a walking plank for victims being fed to the sarlacc.


What sort of vehicle does Darth Vader pilot in "The Empire Strikes Back"?

Darth Vader is not a mere idle observer. In "The Empire Strikes Back," he leaps into a TIE fighter and begins hunting rebels in earnest.


In "Return of the Jedi," during the battle on Endor, Chewbacca takes control of which Empire vehicle?

The AT-ST (All-Terrain Scout Transport) is a smaller cousin of the AT-AT Walker. On Endor, Chewbacca knocks some stormtrooper heads and commandeers an AT-ST and uses it to the advantage of the rebels.


What is the purpose of Landslashers that were used on Peekoine?

Landslashers like those found on Peekoine served a vital purpose -- they carved the canals that diverted water to areas that really needed the precious liquid.


In "A New Hope," R2-D2 and C-3P0 are held captive on a Jawa vehicle. What sort of vehicle was it?

The little Jawas might be short, but they're vicious, and their sandcrawler vehicle is huge. Fortunately, both droids survived their experience with the ferocious scavengers.


What sort of ship did Yoda fly during the Clone Wars?

During the Clone Wars, Yoda flew a modified Jedi starfighter. The very small fighter still had room for a droid like R2-D2.


Luke Skywalker visits the swampy planet Dagobah, where he promptly gets his ____ stuck in the muck.

Luke is only on Dagobah for a few moments before his X-Wing is mired in the muck. He must learn to use the Force to extricate the ship from Dagobah's slimy, swampy grip.


What's one notable trait of the Millenium Falcon?

The Millenium Falcon has had a succession of owners who -- often for illegal reasons -- needed a whole lot of speed. So in spite of the craft's weathered appearance, it has a lot of horsepower.


Which vehicle does bounty hunter Boba Fett fly?

Boba Fett is one of the edgiest characters in all of "Star Wars." It's appropriate that he flies the Slave I, which looks a little like the iron you'd use to get the wrinkles out of your bounty hunter pants.


Count Dooku had an impressively large ship called a Solar _____.

Count Dooku's Solar Sailer was a huge (and pricey) ship. For interstellar travel, it unleashed its gigantic solar sails and set forth into the stars.


In "Return of the Jedi," Luke Skywalker swoops around the forest of Endor on what sort of vehicle?

On Endor, Luke swoops and zips around the huge trees of Endor on his speeder bike. They're also called hover bikes or jumpspeeders.


Which organization drives huge Super Star Destroyers?

Both the Empire and Rebel Alliance had forms of Super Star Destroyers. Some of the biggest were nearly (cough) 12 miles long.


On the planet Hoth, which vehicles did the rebels use to tie up the legs of the fearsome AT-ATs?

The rebels attacked the AT-ATs in vain and then realized that the huge machines were vulnerable thanks to their clunky legs. Using their Snowspeeders, they wrapped cables around the legs of the AT-ATs and brought them to their knees.


The Naboo Royal Starship looks a lot like ______.

The Naboo Royal Starship is a sleek, seemingly chrome-plated ship that looks a whole lot like an American SR-71 Blackbird, a retired Cold War-era spy plane.


In "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope," Luke Skywalker operates an X-34, which is a type of ______.

Luke drives a variety of landspeeders in the "Star Wars" movies. The X-34 hovered just above the ground and zipped along thanks to three sizable thrust turbines.


Why does Luke Skywalker sell his precious X-34 Landspeeder?

Luke is desperate for a new adventure away from home. He pawns off his landspeeder so that he'll have the money to pay Han Solo for a trip to Alderaan. And then the fun really begins.


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