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The Bible is not exactly a bloodless book. It's full of disease, famine, plague and war. From Moses to Goliath, how much do you know about famous Bible battles?

At the Battle of Jericho, the Israelites attacked the _____.

The wayward Israelites set off to conquer Canaan. When they arrived at Jericho, they realized that the Canaanites had a large fortress that seemed impregnable.


Who was in charge of Israelite forces at the Battle of Jericho?

Joshua was an assistant to Moses and set off to capture Jericho. But when his men arrived near the city they were stumped on how to attack the formidable walls.


How did Joshua and his men eventually destroy the city of Jericho?

Joshua ordered his men to play their trumpets loudly while marching around the walls of the city. The immense sound was so loud that the walls came tumbling down.


What did Joshua do to the people of Jericho once the city walls fell?

Seeing as how this is the brutal Old Testament, Joshua showed no mercy to Jericho's inhabitants. He killed everyone, save for a prostitute who assisted the city's destruction.


In the Battle of Aphek, the Israelites were fighting which group of people?

The Israelis had a history of bad blood with the Philistines, so at Aphek, both sides decided to throw down. There may have been roughly 30,000 troops on both sides, ensuring some ample bloodletting.


What object did the Philistines hope to win at the Battle of Aphek?

In a plot that would make Indiana Jones green with envy, the Philistines wanted to take the Ark of Covenant from the Israelis. The battle would turn out to be an epic confrontation.


The Israelis were confident that they'd win the Battle of Aphek. Why?

The Israelis set off with the Ark of Covenant, certain that they could beat back any enemies. Why? They had God on their side. Or so they thought.


What was the outcome of the Battle of Aphek?

The Philistines slaughtered almost all of the Israelis and took the Ark of Covenant for themselves. It would be many long centuries before Dr. Jones caught up to long-lost Ark with the Nazis hot on his tail.


At the Battle of Socoh, a young man named David attacks and kills _____.

Armed only with a sling, David flings a stone at a massive soldier named Goliath … and he falls down dead. It was the beginning of David's legend, one that would survive for centuries.


At the Battle of Socoh, David refused to wear armor into combat. Why?

David's rationale was that armor simply caused exhaustion -- better to be quick and nimble against larger but slower opponents.


In his duel with Goliath, why did David choose a sling and stone instead of a spear or other large weapon?

A sling and stone don't sound very dangerous by modern standards, but in biblical times they were indeed quite threatening. In the right hands, slings could zip sizable rocks at enemies with fatal force.


Moses led his people from slavery at the hands of the Egyptians. How did the Egyptian Pharaoh respond to this march?

After ten plagues, the Pharaoh agreed to let Moses and the Israelis leave Egypt. But as they were heading down the path, the Pharaoh changed his mind and decided to pursue them.


Moses and his people ran from their Egyptian slave masters but were stopped by which obstacle?

The Israelites were pinned by the Egyptians on one side and the Red Sea on the other. They were surely doomed.


How did Moses and the Israelites escape the Egyptians?

God parted the Red Sea, leaving dry land and a path for the Israelites to escape. The Egyptians unwisely pursued … and God collapsed the waters of the sea, killing them all.


The Battle of Siddim is also sometimes called ______.

In the early 2nd millennium BC, the Battle of Sidim became a legend for the ages. It's also sometimes called the War of the Nine Kings.


In the Battle of Siddim, the Northern forces pushed Southern forces backward into a valley. What was in the valley?

There would be no quarter for the Southern forces on this fine day. They were driven back into a valley strewn with tar pits -- and many unfortunate soldiers met their ends in the sticky mess.


Following the Battle of Siddim, what happened to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah?

To the victors go the spoils. Once the Northern forces won out, they entered the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and took their riches.


At the Battle of Mount Zemaraim, the Israelis battled people from _____.

The Battle of Mount Zemaraim found the Israelis fighting the Kingdom of Judah. As the story goes, more than 1 million men fought in this epic clash.


After the Battle of Mount Zemaraim, how many Israelis were dead?

The Battle of Mount Zemaraim was reportedly a horrific and bloody ordeal. Supposedly, half a million Israeli troops were slaughtered in combat.


What did the king of Judah attempt to do after winning the Battle of Mount Zemaraim?

Following the Battle of Mount Zemaraim, the king of Judah set out to unify Judah and Israel. But he failed … and the two sides would ultimately fight time and again in subsequent decades.


At the Battle of Gibeon, Joshua and the Israelites crossed into the Promised Land and found the Canaanites already occupying the place. What did the Canaanites do in response to the Israelis?

The Canaanites had no intention of stepping aside for the Israeli wanderers. They grabbed weapons and prepared for war.


What tactic did Joshua deploy in fighting the Canaanites at the Battle of Gibeon?

Joshua led his men through the night and they surprised the Canaanites while they were sleeping. The battle was a rout.


During the Battle of Gibeon, Joshua's troops chased and killed all enemy troops. What happened to the few survivors?

As if watching their comrades get slaughtered wasn't enough, the few remaining Canaanite troops rain straight into a hailstorm sent by God. Talk about a rough Monday!


In the Battle of Refidim, the Jews were attempting to reach which area?

As the Battle of Refidim took hold, the Jews were on their way to the Promised Land. What happened next is chronicled in the Book of Exodus.


Who was in charge of the Jewish forces at the Battle of Refidim?

Moses commanded the Jewish army. As the legend goes, when Moses raised his arms toward the sky, the Jewish forces surged forward. When his tired arms failed, the enemy had the upper hand.


Which side won the Battle of Refidim?

The long-suffering Jews finally came out ahead in combat. They won the battle … and the Amalekites would essentially vanish from history.


At the Battle of Michmash, the Israelites fought which force?

At the Battle of Michmash, Israelites once again found themselves fighting the Philistines. Thousands of men clashed in this biblical beatdown.


Who was the leader of the Israelites at the Battle of Michmash?

Jonathan, the son of King Saul, commanded the forces of Israel in the Battle of Michmash. They fought with swords, javelins and chariots.


Which side was victorious at the Battle of Michmash?

The sneaky Jonathan and his men killed the Philistines before they could react. This day belonged to the Israelites.


During the Battle of Michmash, which natural disaster struck, causing confusion in the ranks of the Philistines?

As the Israelites attacked, a powerful earthquake struck, causing bewilderment among the Philistines. The few survivors hastily fled from King Saul's army.


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