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Baseball’s best sluggers are the guys who get the biggest hits when it counts most. During their careers, they’ve tallied up RBIs, bulky batting averages and towering home run numbers that mere average players can only dream of. Do you really know anything about the Major League Baseball sluggers in this quiz?

As with so many aspects of baseball, slugging is actually denoted by a statistical formula. The so-called “slugging percentage” tracks how effective a batter is at the plate, and gives added weight for extra-base hits and home runs. Do you know the players who’ve leveraged the slugging percentage to their advantage during their careers?

Let’s get to the heart of the matter — in the end, sluggers are defined by their ability to hit home runs when their teams really need them. Guys like Babe Ruth, Roger Maris, Andre Dawson and Johnny Bench all had a sixth sense for when they really needed to smack a big one ... and then they’d go to the plate and do just that. Do you recall some of the biggest slugging moments in MLB history?

Can you name the teams and statistical performance that really make the sluggers in this quiz worthy of the Hall of Fame? Wind up and throw whatever heat you think you can muster — you need it to dodge the bats of these hero sluggers!

Which slugger had the nickname "The Sultan of Swat"?

Ruth wasn’t just "The Sultan of Swat," the guy who hit 714 HR during his career. He was also a prolific pitcher during his MLB days.


True or false, did Mark McGwire play his entire MLB career with the Oakland Athletics?

McGwire shot to fame during his 12 seasons with the Athletics. He ended his career with a five-season run in St. Louis.


The famed Mickey Mantle played every season of his career with which team?

Mantle was 20 years old in 1951, the year he first took the field with the Yankees, the team that accounted for his whole career. That year, in 341 at-bats, he hit 13 HRs, a number that would drastically improve later in his career.


What position did Willie Mays play?

Mays is often ranked as perhaps the best centerfielder ever to play pro baseball. He was so good that pro scouts were watching his games when he was just 15 years old.


Which team drafted Reggie Jackson in 1967?

In 1967, the Athletics landed one of the best players in team history, Reggie Jackson. He played there for nine years before heading off to Baltimore.


Harmon Killebrew owns the AL record for consecutive games with a HR against the same team. Which team did he make suffer during that streak?

Killebrew hit HRs in nine straight games versus the Kansas City Royals. Joe Adcock owns the NL record — also nine games — which he earned against the Dodgers.


What was slugger Mike Schmidt’s nickname?

Schmidt played his whole 18-year career with the Philies, and his teammates often called him "Iron Mike." He finished with 548 total HRs for his career.


Slugger Ted Williams played his whole career with which team?

Williams was a dynamo who played 2,155 games for the Red Sox. He had 2,654 hits and 521 HRs during that span.


Who was the first player ever to appear in 2,000 consecutive game?

During his MLB, Gehrig earned respect due to the fact that he worked harder than anyone else. His consistency was evident in the fact that he was the first player ever to appear in 2,000 straight games.


Willie Mays played almost his whole 22-year career with the _____.

Mays started with the Giants in 1951 and played there until 1972. His last two seasons were with the Mets.


In 2001, who was NOT one of the sluggers who took part in a season-long HR race?

Mel Ott was a slugger who played from ‘26-‘47. In 2001, Bonds, Sosa and Mark McGwire all went on a HR tear, each man trying to best the other, game after game.


How old was Jimmie Foxx when he made it into the big leagues?

Foxx was incredibly young when he became a pro ball player. He was just 17. He wound up pitching for 20 years, from 1925 to 1945.


Which player was often called "Bad Henry"?

With his powerful swing, "Bad Henry," or Hank Aaron, blasted 755 HRs in his 23-year MLB career. When he retired, those 755 homers were the league’s all-time record.


In 2007, which player passed Hank Aaron for the most HRs in MLB history?

In 2007, the controversial Barry Bonds passed Aaron for most HRs ever. He hit 762 total; Aaron had 755. Bonds was also tied to one steroids scandal after another during his career.


Mickey Mantel hit upward of _____ HRs during his 18-year MLB career.

Mantle was consistently one of the best sluggers of ‘50s and ‘60s — in ‘61, he hit a career-best 54 HRs. Altogether, he tallied 538 career HRs.


What was Harmon Killebrew’s nickname?

In 1962, Harmon Killebrew became the first of only four sluggers to send a home run flying over the top of the left field roof at Tiger Stadium. No wonder they called him "Killer."


In 1961, Willie Mays hit _____ HRs in a single game, a number that’s still tied for the best single-game HR record.

On April 30, 1961 Mays went wild, hitting four HRs in a single game. That feat has been duplicated only six times in MLB history.


Which player owns the record for most HRs in a single season?

In 2001, Bonds hit an incredible 73 HRs, which stands as the all-time single season record. But his links to banned steriods will forever tarnish his legacy.


How many home runs did Mark McGwire hit during his career?

McGwire was part of the historic (and steroids-stained) home run race of 1998, during which he hit 70 HRs. He finished his career with 583 HRs.


What did Frank Robinson do the year after he was traded away by the Reds?

That’s a trade the Reds wish they could’ve had back. In ‘65, Cincy gave up Robinson to the Orioles ... and there, he won the Triple Crown, leading in RBIs, HRs, and batting average over the course of the season.


Jimmie Foxx did NOT play for which of the following teams?

Foxx had his best years with the Athletics and the Red Sox, and he also had stints with the Cubs and Phillies. He didn’t play for the Braves.


Mickey Mantle was the first _____ to join the 500 Home Runs Club.

A number of players had already topped 500 HRs when Mantle finally accomplished the feat in 1967. But before Mantle, no one had nabbed 500 HRs as a switch hitter.


Slugger Ted Williams was a combat pilot during which war?

Williams was 34 years old when he was called to active duty in Korea. He flew dozens of combat missions and had numerous close calls. And before that, of course, he was one of the best hitters in baseball history.


Ken Griffith, Jr. was so famous during his career that people just called him _____.

Griffith was often called the "Kid" or "Ken." But en route to 630 career HRs, everyone knew who you were referring to if you brought up "Junior."


Who was the first baseball player ever to be featured on the front of a Wheaties cereal box?

Gehrig was so popular that he recorded all sorts of first in his career ... including in 1934, when he was the first player ever pictured on a Wheaties box.


How many pro seasons did Joe DiMaggio miss due to World War II?

DiMaggio missed out on three prime playing years due to WWII. Twice in his career, he won the MLB batting championship; in 1939, his batting average was .389.


How many teams did Jose Canseco play for during his 17-year career?

After eight years with the Athletics, slugger Canseco bounced around the MLB. In the end, he played for seven teams before retiring in 2001.


If you’re referring to a slugger nicknamed "Big Daddy," you’re talking about which player?

At 6’3 tall and 240 pounds, Cecil Fielder was an imposing figure when he stepped up to the plate. His best seasons were during the ‘90s in Detroit.


Lou Gehrig played every year of his ____-season career with the Yankees.

Gehrig played 17 seasons with the Yankees. He retired in 1939 after amassing 493 HRs in 8,001 at bats.


In ‘61, Roger Maris broke Babe Ruth’s HR record (60) by hitting how many home runs?

In ‘61, Maris fittingly hit 61 HRs, enough to break Ruth’s record by a single home run. It was a legendary moment for an iconic slugger.


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